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Investigation of KHJ
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Rabu, 07 Agustus 2013

[Video] [Eng Subs] City Conquest Ep 00 part1

 credit: saengieluv

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[NEWS] Compilations of upcoming KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ News Articles

Translation by:  @heavenly606

[NEWS] Compilations of upcoming KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ news.

**E-Daily – as at 1041am KST

Im Su-hyang to be Kim Hyun Joong’s woman as Ga-ya..Expected female lead for ‘Inspiring Generation’

**MyDaily – as at 1118am KST

Im Su-Hyang, to collaborate with Kim HyunJoong as lovers in ‘Inspiring Generation’

**Newsen – as at 1128am KST

Im Su-hyang, confirmed to be the female lead for ‘Inspiring Generation’, a pair with Kim Hyun Joong. Other casts are still under discussion.

**Starnews – as at 1139am KST

Kim Hyun Joong.Im Su-hyang collaboration in ‘Inspiring Generation’, increasing the anticipation. Actors such as Jeong Ho-bin, Park Cheol-min and Son Byeong-ho have been decided to cast in the drama. ‘Inspiring Generation’ expected to air after ‘Secret’ in November.

**Starnews – as at 1152am KST

Kim So-Eun as the female lead for KBS’s ‘Inspiring Generation’ collaborating with Kim Hyun Joong and Im Su-hyang for the 24-episodes drama. After the final decision for the casts have been set, script practice is expected to start around next week. Overseas filming locations such as China and Japan expected to start around November.


KBS, Kim So-Eun’s guesting in ‘Inspiring Generation’? Yet to be confirmed. Final cast descision to be announced after this week.

**TVDaily – as at 1343pm KST

Im Su-hyang and Kim So-Eun’s guesting in KBS’s ‘Inspiring Generation’ with Kim Hyun Joong.

**TVReport – as at 1429pm KST

Kim So-Eun to cast in ‘Inspiring Generation’ as Yoon Ok-ryeon. First filming date expected to fall on August 24th, and first overseas filming at China will be after Chuseok.

**Nocutnews – as at 1431pm KST

Im Su-hyang to cast in ‘Inspiring Generation’, collaborating with Kim Hyun Joong. A representative from KBS Drama broadcast station revealed that Im Su-hyang is still under positive reviewing discussion to be the female lead for ‘Inspiring Generation’. The cast is expected to be finalized in early August and filming crews will be heading to Shanghai for filming. Expected to take up to 3-months of location filming, ‘Inspiring’ Generation’ will be a 24-episodes drama.

**StyleM – as at 1812pm KST

Im Su-hyang and Kim Hyun Joong to collaborate in drama ‘Inspiring Generation’

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Spills that Bae Yong Jun is the King of Cellphone Games

Dishing out on his agency CEO, Kim Hyun Joong spilled that Bae Yong Jun is the king of cellphone games.
On August 6, Kim Hyun Joong appeared as a guest on SBS’ Incarnation, showcasing his hilarious 4D personality.
When asked about his hallyu star CEO, Kim Hyun Joong said he talks to Bae Yong Jun on a regular basis and sees each other at least once a month. Bong Tae Gyu, who is also in the same agency, stated that he heard that Bae Yong Jun and Kim Hyun Joong talk about work for two minutes and talk about women for two hours.
Kim Hyun Joong nodded, saying Bae Yong Jun is also a man.
Adding an extra detail about his CEO, Kim Hyun Joong said Bae Yong Jun is good at cellphone games, particularly Anipang.
“He’s always at the top of scoreboard,” said Kim Hyun Joong. “I think he has a special talent for it.”
Photo Credit: SBS

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Says SS501 Reunion is Realistically Not Easy

Taking a cool swim in the hot and humid summer weather, Kim Hyun Joong talked a bit about his future and SS501 with style magazine, High Cut.
In a special video released through theHigh Cut application on August 5, Kim Hyun Joong swims freely inside a pool, surprising everyone with his impressive swimming skills.
He revealed that as a young child, he was traumatized after watching the movie Jaws, making him fear water. Even so, he earned six scuba diving licenses, perhaps in an attempt to get over his fear.
“I want to build a cabin in Jejudo and open up a scuba shop,” said the singer on his plans at age 40. “I don’t want to appear like an environmentalist, but when you look at the ocean from the outside, it’s beautiful, but on the inside, it’s disgusting. I want to get together with scuba divers and create a good culture where we can clean the ocean.”
Also during the interview, Kim Hyun Joong touched upon the future of SS501.
“I think about it, but it’s not that simple realistically,” said Kim Hyun Joong. “And fans can start getting false expectations based off of words that I simply threw around. Even though feelings might get hurt, I think it’s right to face reality.”
Photo Credit: High Cut

[Photos] Hyun Joong For Justin Davies Sunglasses

credit: @ Nameless0606
# Kim Hyun Joong # Justin Davis and co-brand the first sunglass collection in early August sales outlets in Japan. Both men and women can wear sunglasses, a teardrop-shaped, square, round and other specifications, earloop site is also engraved with Kim Hyun Joong’s icon. A total of five models of the three colors, price range 24,150 to 26,250 yen (1,500-1,600 RMB)

[Photos + GIF] More Hyun Joong From Hi-Cut Vol. 107 (Digital Version)

credit as tagged +

Isn’t he simply divine, getting out of the water staring directly at you!
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[Scans] Round 3 Album Photos

Credit: MurdererQ +KHJEan14 + Hyunniespexers
2013 KORMini Round3 012013 KORMini Round3 02
2013 KORMini Round3 012013 KORMini Round3 022013 KORMini Round3 03a
2013 KORMini Round3 03b2013 KORMini Round3 042013 KORMini Round3 05
2013 KORMini Round3 062013 KORMini Round3 072013 KORMini Round3 08
2013 KORMini Round3 092013 KORMini Round3 A12013 KORMini Round3 A2
2013 KORMini Round3 A32013 KORMini Round3 A4

[News] Kim Hyun Joong ‘Your Story’ #1 Two Weeks in a Row at Soribada

김현중이 정상자리를 굳건히 지켰다.
온라인 음원 서비스 업체 소리바다(대표 양정환,는 김현중의 ‘Your Story’가 7월 5주차(7월 29일~8월 4일) 주간차트 정상에 오르며 2주 연속 1위를 달성했다.
썸머 핫 아이콘 f(x)의 2집 정규앨범 3곡이 20위권 안에 진입하며 순조로운 출발을 보였다. 타이틀 곡 ‘첫 사랑니’는 중독성 있는 팝 댄스 곡으로 2위에 안착. ‘Goodbye Summer’는 12위, ‘미행’은 18위를 차지했다.
3 위는 브라운아이드걸스의 ‘KILL BILL’이 올랐다. 이어 뒷심을 발휘하고 있는 크레용팝의 ‘빠빠빠’가 지난 주보다 3계단 상승한 4위를 기록했다. ‘빠빠빠’는 싱글 발매 46일이 지났지만, 직렬 5기통 춤으로 화제를 모으며 인기를 얻고 있다.
걸스데이의 여름 노래 ‘말해줘요’, 보아의 ‘ACTION”, 티아라?다비치의 ‘비키니’가 5~7위에 랭크 됐다. 윤하의 ‘그 거리…’와 산이(San E)의 ‘아는사람 얘기’가 나란히 8, 9위를 차지했다.
그 밖에 쿨의 ‘이별 앞에 서다’, 빅스의 ‘대.다.나.다.너’, 파이브돌스의 ‘짝 1호’, 강승윤의 ‘Wild and Young’이 주간차트 20위권에 진입했다.
소리바다 관계자는 “f(x)의 신보 3곡이 상위권에 랭크 되며 썸머 아이콘으로 자리 매김했으며, 크레용팝의 ‘빠빠빠’가 음원 발매 한 달이 지났음에도 상승세를 유지하며 4위를 차지한 점이 인상 깊다”고 전했다.
최정아 기자

[Endorsement] Kim Hyun Joong shares skincare must-haves and reveals manly new look

We caught up with Korean actor Kim Hyun Joong of Boys Over Flowers fame, and ambassador of The FaceShop, at the brand’s 10th anniversary party in Seoul, where he revealed his skincare must-haves and more.
Since portraying the character of Yoon Ji Hoo in K-drama Boys Over Flowers back in 2009, actor Kim Hyun Joong has been known to the world as the quintessential Prince Charming – the man of every girl’s dream.
But if you’ve always been a fan of his porcelain white skin, his “flower boy” image and his gentle and soft-spoken demeanour – his new image may throw you for a loop (well, in the best way possible).
If you’re a fan of his buff, toned physique that he showcased while promoting his last album Break Down,  you will continue to be bowled over with his manliness.
Appearing on stage with the current batch of The FaceShop’s TOP Girls from around the region at the brand’s 10th anniversary celebrations, Kim looked nothing like Yoon Ji Hoo, but greeted the media with a very cropped hair do, tanned skintone and buff physique.
One thing that was consistent though, was his megawatt smile.
Kim appeared to be in a jovial, light-hearted mood as he chatted with the media and updated us on his upcoming plans.
Q: Hi Hyun Joong, how you have been doing lately?
KHJ: I’ve been resting for a while but I’ve mostly been busy preparing for my next album too.
Q: It’s your second time gracing the TOP GIRL event by The FaceShop, how is it different from last year’s?
KHJ: Yes, it’s my second time attending the TOP GIRL event. Last year, it happened at Fradia, right on the river and this year it’s at this museum in Cheongdam. Like last year, the party looks just great and I’m so happy to be here especially when The FaceShop is celebrating its 10th anniversary with TOP GIRLS 2013.
Q: What is it like to meet the TOP GIRLS of 2013 in person?
KHJ:They look gorgeous like last year’s TOP GIRLS. I heard that there were more than 40,000 applicants this year, so it must have been really competitive. I can already feel their passion and enthusiasm just by looking at them!

Q: What do you think is the most attractive part of yourself?
KHJ: Unlike how I look, I am actually quite manly! [laughs] In fact, no matter how tight my schedule is, I always work out to keep in shape. And because of my upcoming album this month, I had my hair cropped shorter and this helped me to look even manlier.
Q: How do you feel to be the brand ambassador of The FaceShop (TFS)?
KHJ: I feel really honoured to represent and be the face of TFS. I feel really proud to be able to take part in many global promotions with TFS and being able to meet all my fans through it. It’s great to know that both TFS and I are growing together!
Q: As an actor, you always have to apply makeup in order to look good onscreen – do you use makeup when you’re not filming? If so, what are your must-have products?
KHJ: I don’t usually put on makeup when I am not shooting. I don’t like the feeling of my skin being clogged up by the makeup. But when I have outdoor shoots, I put on my favourite FACE it Power Perfection BB Cream which protects my skin from UV rays and covers up my skin imperfections. I heard that there is a men’s version of the CC cream which was just launched. I would like to try it soon!

Q: What are some of The FaceShop products that help you relax after a long day?
KHJ: When I’m really tired, I use sheet masks a lot – especially the lemon one. It brightens up and refreshes my skin. It smells really nice too! I also put on The Faceshop moisturisers before going to sleep too. My skin looks healthy and moisturised even until the next morning.
Q: What can you say about the TOP GIRLS? What qualities make them suitable to be the faces of The Face Shop?
KHJ: I think what T.O.P stand for do really fit the TOP GIRLS here. They all seem to be really talented, open-minded and passionate. They have gone through tough auditions to be here so I hope they can showcase their talent and pursue their dreams through The FaceShop.

Kim Hyun Joong with Singapore’s TOP GIRL Sheena Phua
Q: There will be a photo shoot with all nine of the TOP GIRLS in a studio tomorrow. How do you feel about it?
KHJ: I’ve done countless photo shoots but it is still really exciting to work on a shoot with these nine TOP GIRLS. I hope that we will have a good time too! TOP GIRLS please do not eat too much tonight, or your faces might look swollen tomorrow. [Laughs]
Q: What are your future plans?
KHJ: As I will be releasing my new album soon, I’m focusing on the preparations, so please continue sending your love and support to me.

[Info] Cast for Kim Hyun Joong’s new drama is out

Still not confirm yet... :)

Credit: Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 – U:zoosin

tweet updates regarding CAST confirmation of KHJ’s upcoming drama:
cr:@thecityconquest on twitter

1) Please be advised that the casts for KHJ’s new drama released today are unconfirmed. There are no clear sources to where it came from.Please wait for further announcements. Thank You.
2) HOWEVER! The casts released today are most likely the confirmed casts! Don’t get excited, we will confirm this asap! ^^
3) Apparently, the casts’ respective managers already sent their support message for the drama ‘Insipiring Generation’ including KHJ’s.
4) Looks like the drama’s staff and crews are already working on as of last week. Expect headlines news by tomorrow if the casts will confirm.

[News] ‘Barefoot Friends’ begins their songwriting project with an audition

Repost from
Fresh off a grueling diving challenge, the cast of ‘Barefoot Friends‘ were soon confronted with an entirely new challenge with its own set of problems: a songwriting project!

The brainchild of Kim Hyun Joong, who had always wanted to write his own song, the new task was met with shock and awe from everyone, especially from those cast members who were none too musically inclined.

As the first step in the songwriting challenge, the individual cast members stood in front of some harsh judges — including Epik HighDuble Sidekick, and Dynamic Duo – and competed against each other to be ‘casted’ under one of the three powerhouse producers to help compose their songs.

Check out the full episode below!

[Tweet Updates] KIM HYUN JOONG on BAREFOOT FRIENDS Episode 16

Repost from hyunniespexers blog

Credit  entertainmentSBS

Tweete Updates:   
  • 김현중 ” HD hyung, you look like when you in front of the 5m diving board for the first time”
  • HJ was surprised they have to have an audition lol
  • BF members just expected they would do with a karaoke box but there was a real stage and real judges waiting for them
  • oh.. so the judges will cast (work together) them after the audition?
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋHJ “his eyes lost their focus” when SY started a song
  • KHJ “i am sweating” when SY starts gangnam style ROFL HD shouted “plz cut it now”
  • HJ “SY, full of ambition!”
  • now HD threatened the panels b4 starting the song lol
  • YJS asked honest and bold critiques for HD lol poor HD
  • Epik high decided to cast HD. poor Tablo.. lol
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 By the way, SY’s real name is Dong Goo lol
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 wow Dynamic Duo decided to cast YJS
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 kya! HJ’s turn!
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 HJ looks a bit nervous heh
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 kya!! UBKB!!!
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 too good / professional !!! lol
  • ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 HJ “I’ve never had an audition, this is the first one for me. I will do my best”
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 Dynamic Duo decided to cast our HJ. I will love Dynamic Duo forever.
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 So, HJ and JS together with Dynamic Duo
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 UEE going to visit his father (her song will be related to her father, he’s a baseball coach)
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 HJ said he’s not good at rapping, worried it would sound like ‘Goloom’
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 When he didn’t have much confidence he kept looking at the floor. He asked if he could wear shades.
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 At first HJ didn’t have a not good response, none of panels wanted to cast him but HJ wanted to show
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 HJ wanted to show more crazy side of him. Dynamic Duo loved that craziness and decided to cast him.
  • 김현중 No1 on NAVER TRENDS Again lol ‘ Naver 실시간 1위
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 Kim Hyun Joong twice a day, tops NAVER TRENDS LOL
  • 김현중 맨발의 친구들 KHJ, I am proud of you! Being honest is the best way to be bold!
  • [VIDEO] 김현중은 “그룹… RT  [맨친]김현중 “SS501 시절 래퍼? 골룸 수준이라 생각해”
Credit:  @nanet302 of LKHJ

I’m streaming…..
- each member has to sing and perform a dance. Ji won and UEE have done their bits.
- one of the judges is Tablo??
- eun hyuk is not in today’s epi.
- Si yoon is auditioning now. He did a rap.. then He danced gangnam style. So funny. :lol:HJ was totally in stitches.
- HD is up next. He’s singing. Not sure what genre this is.
He’s doing another song…rap this time.
- HD went back to his seat happy. The comments must have been good. I wonder why? :lol:
- JS next. Looks like HJ is last.
- JS too funny while singing. I don’t understand what he’s singing. It seems a happy song.
- HJ next. He’s dancing to Unbreakable. Awesome!! So he’s 1st comeback stage was in BF. :lol:
- he sang a song of one of the judges… I think.
- HJ performing to Unbreakable.

  • So HJ had his first comeback stage in BF instead of Inkigayo! He’s performing Unbreakable :D
  • BF KHJ’s nickname ‘Kim Dog or Cow’, “Sometimes I’m like a dog and sometimes I’m like a cow.”
  • HJ’s cool pose with his team for “My Story, My Song” project (with Dynamic Duo & Yoon JongShin)



Credit:  Asia Torrents


김현중 Rock Audition

Credit:  Cheezeemelt FiveOone

Credit:  HyUnEE couple 김현중♥유이