Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Senin, 25 Maret 2013

[Highlights] [25.03.2013] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Day 2 at Hiroshima

By: @lafone0606

You hv to go out so that you meet shut who may confess love to you. Don't stay at home.

I tell you 4 the first time that I dedicate this song 4 you , "Marry me" do that you can send me a good news.

You guys seem to be the most pretty girl in the school. You seem to be tough as well in fight. It's fine you protect yourself.

I'm happy that I could have realized what I promised with you in July., "live tour in a small-scale live house.

I'm very nervouse under the pressure, "Today is the last day". After singing "I'm your man", he said "I love you"

Nice memories remain long in your heart, rather than unhappy one. You may remember why I could not take a picture.

Why my hands did not reach HJ at the last minutes....I hope that you do not have many like this, lol.

Encore stage: the scal-motif reminds me of my first Japan tour ,i.e.,group days. (Kokoro promotion )

Before we say good bye, we hv to promise when we see again. I'm confident I will bring a better albumn.

By: @onlyKHJtimes

hiroshima update: hyun joong “it's the final, so i'll sing wz my best.“, “i'll sing wz the same feeling as yesterday that i won't be able to sing for a while(?)“, “my tension is already so high that i don't need to do self-control.“, “Please release all your energy like you wouldn't be able to stand up. “ cr: eri6296 tnx for all updates ^^

hiroshima update: hyun joong “i can watch all of you're doing your best from the stage!“, “all of you at the 1st floor are doing well, but the support from the 2nd floor is much louder. Please put your more effort at the 1st floor. i'll wait and see.“ cr: eri6296 tnx for all updates ^^

hiroshima update: hyun joong “i'm very glad that i could keep the promise that i would have concerts at small venues. i've been shaking because i've felt nervous. my throat keeps dried... i feel the pressure which this stage is the final.“ cr: eri6296

hiroshima update: hyun joong didn't fly paper airplane because (there would be possibility that) he would slip on the stage. cr: eri6296

hiroshima update: fans asked not to fly paper airplane but only hyun joong threw his airplane(?) RT @loving_khj: oh... no paper planes for fans today during I'm Your Man? It's ok ^^ cos he still flew one into the crowd ^^

hiroshima update: Break Down without dance tonight, but no sunglasses. hyun joong “have you felt that you don't like me during this concert because you wanted me to keep hand out away? like he (hyun joong) shaked hand wz that fan, but not me... or something like that. i wish i had many hands, but (i don't) do you still feel me (don't have many hands) fine?“ cr: eri6296

hiroshima update: hyun joong “i had hair cut, and my hair didn't bother me anymore. And no more bothered by curly? frizzy?? hair. (I've heard that) the hair of person watches TV until late at night will be longer earlier... but i don't know the actual meaning, kkk.“ cr: eri6296

hiroshima update: During LLT, hyun joong “Saying good-bye measn that we will meet together again, so I'll be able to meet you wz much better album.“ cr: eri6296

[HD Photos] [25.03.2013] Awesome Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 for UNLIMITED Tour at Hiroshima Day 2 by MurdererQ

Credit:  murdererq

20120325 Hiroshima 06 photo 20130325-Hiroshima-JPNTOUR06.jpg20120325 Hiroshima 07 photo 20130325-Hiroshima-JPNTOUR07.jpg

[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong – Lotte Duty Free April 2013 Wallpaper



[Some Highlight] [24.03.2013] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 During UNLIMITED Tour at Hiroshima

By @lafone0606

HJ hinted that he wud be back to Korean TV soon so that fans wud not miss him.

I will sing today as if today were the last day.

"Do you miss me if you cannot see me for a while?" I will be back with new albumn via world tour.

"I have to be back to Korean TV, maybe very soon. "

"The no of encore songs will be up to you,guys. I will decide it according to my feeling.

Also whether I will appear on 2F or not will be up to you. If The atmosphere is fine , I will. If not, I will not go there"

After "U", you increased 1 encore song. You guys still miss some. I 'm not so easy guy as you know.

This Unlimited tour made me recognize how happy I am because I'm a singer.

In 10-20years, I wonder whether the same no of fans will come or not. Till when I could dance? I ask myself recently.

In life, the time will come when you have to quit what you like as you will feel physically difficult to continue.

Therefore, you have to do what you have to within today , if you're young. You have to spend every day as if it were a jewelry or diamond.

Fm now on, you may not see me for a while but it will not be so long. If we believe in each other, we feel close each other.

By: @loving_khj

HJ in all black ^^ black coat, black pants & black shirt for HEAT, Rize Up & Save Today ^^

Kiss Kiss in white t shirt & black vest ^^ Did the kiss kiss dance while orange, pink & blue balloons bounced around the audience ^^

Starling jacq said he's dancing sexily to fans keke even threw flying kiss to fans #^.^# awww...

HJ took off his vest for Smile ;p Cheeky boy did his butt dance on left side of stage... keke... can see clearer without vest #^.^#

A lot of dance auegyos ^^

Seems like HJ is in extremely good mood \^.^/ he's throwing kisses left and right earlier

HJ really singing his heart out :)

HJ singing U... and pointing to fans left and right again ^^

the fans in hiroshima is getting high! he danced for let's party, dylt & lucky guy ^^

HJ came down from stage during Break Down!! And the fans went crazy!! ^o^

HJ joking after Lucky Guy ^^

Ok... slowing down now with If You're like Me ^^ Fans prob need this to cool down a bit keke

HJ getting fans to fold green paper planes & practising 'I'm your woman' again ^.^ diff is, he flew one down to a fan b4 the song today ^^

Alex and keyboardist playing interlude ... Beautiful mix :D

HJ singing Please in black t-shirt & sunglasses ^^ Cool!!

Fans getting really high during Love Like This ^^

HJ's making his round on level 2, fans there must be ecstatic ^^ Not often for him to go up there due to security reasons... so nice ^.^

[Fancam + HD Photos] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Has Leaving HBG Hall [13.03.24]

Credit: KHJcogarida@yt

Credit: Lavender q@yt

Credit: Pluto

[HD Photos] [24.03.2013] Gorgeous Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 UNLIMITED Tour at Hiroshima

[HD Photos] [23.03.2013] Fabulous Kim Hyun Joong with Skull Chic at Incheon Airport to UNLIMITED Tour in Japan

Credit: as tagged