Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Senin, 14 Januari 2013

[Highlights] Hamamatsu City Update of Kim Hyun Joong Tonight!!

Engtrans by @onlykhjtimes

HMT update: hj: good evening! many fans came (to the concert) today too. There are 4th floors tonight, Are you o.k? You guys are on the 4th floor look like falling down! Please sit down. As from my view, it seems so dangerous! Plese keep your safe till this concert would be finished any accident. cr: 

i've stayed at tokyo for a long time, it seems i would stay at Hamamatsu too for a long time. Hamamatsu is the famous place for eel, right? I definitely wanna eat it and go back to home. I've heard from workers from company said that this place is usually famous and special venue for orchestra. cr: 

HMT 3) I'll have a band concert at such a place, but pls don't keep silent even this place is usually for orchestra. cr: piro66hj

HMT 4: it's the day for 成人の日, celebrating ppl get 20years old years without any problem, today in Japan. Well, i guess most of you are already over 20years old... Anyone has 20years old celebration today? “Most of fans said Ye~s!“ It sounds strange... he said, but fans kept saying “it's true, it's true“!!! cr: 

HMT 5: so far 3 fans have 成人の日 today. Congregation, i'll sing next song for those. cr: 

HMT 6: After he finished the song, To welcome the day for adult, i think it's the 2nd start for your life. I don't know if it's the start of nightmare. kkk Your life after became 20years old would be decided how you spend this coming 10 year, not drinking alcohol much. If you drink, please do what you have do like me. (then hyun joong cracked out) cr: 

HMT 7: Next song, If i say “all on the 4th floor“, you answer me. Well, All on the 4th floor! All are there at the dangerous zoon (are at high place n less ppl), you aren't fine? (Then goes to 3rd n 2nd floors) ... So far there are many ppl are around the spaces, the power is big! cr: 

HMT update: Because of you guys's support, i could leave much better result i've expected on UNLIMITED. Which song do you like from this album? “ And fans started to say “Your Story. cr: piro66hj

HMT update 10: He said??? Your Story and Save Today are Jp songs, but they are popular in China, Thai, Taiwan as well. It's because Jp fans worked heard to introduce them (to other countries)? cr: 

HMT 11: After he finished singing Lucky Guy, this song really cheers you up, i just felt that Lucky Guy is the most attractive song? “ and he watched the bord holding by fans to ask him to sing “Let's Party“, he said “it's good to sing it after Lucky Guy.“ cr: 

HMT 12, 13: So funny that he asked the hotel staff to make (fold) a paper plain. The hotel staff took 2hours to complete that!!! He said “it's true that this paper plain flys to the 2nd n 3rd floor if you at the 1st floor blow, n if you at the 2nd floor blow, it flys to 3rd floor. I won't say it flys to 4th floor because it's gonna be a lie. kkk cr: 

HMT update 14 15 16: So he let us to practice the call, “i'm your woman“ when he sings “i'm your man“. So cute hyun joong, he remind fans not to forget to fly paper plain after fans sing “i'm your woman“ hahaha~ cr:

HMT update 19: next song is the song you all like! (Then fans screamed “Love Like This“). He said it's the last song, should I sing that now? cr: 

HMT update 19, 20, 21: So after he sang PBNTM, he sang LLT? Then he said, “So far this song really cheers you up. If i knew that, i would have added more 2, 3 songs to cheer you up.“ Then fans screamed “Play that!“, but he said “i've not prepared so i can't.“ kkkk cr: 

HMT update 22: After he finishes the concert at Sendai, he'll go back to Korea. He said “i'm expecting that i'll be able to show you more powerful stage after that.“ It seems no place for him to practice for the concerts in Jp? cr: 

HMT update 23: oh, so he showed up from the fans seats at the anchor! He sang one song there? and went bachelor to the stage saying “i felt warm from fans at Hamamatsu. I'm moved when i sang Your Story, that's because (the venue is? ) Hamamatsu. “ cr: 

oh, so he went down to the fans seats during the anchor, Lucky Guy again! And his last greeting, “arigatou gozyaimashita!“ meaning “thank you very much“. Thanks for all updates, really appropriate you 

Highlights from Kim Hyun Joong's 김현중Japan Tour 2013 UNLIMITED in Saitama

repost from kathysbench

Cdt lunajun0324: he danced “back side of his dance“ ? he said fans really liked my hip dance, so i will do that on right side? left side?? o.k, right side. fans were “kya~“! then he said “next song is Merr Me“ cool, hahaha 17

Singing.. Because im stupid he sings this because a fans wrote a letter to ask him to sing at the autograph session yesterday. he hasn't prepared, but he thinks it's well done for just one day prepared. Cdt lunajun0324

oh.... no DVD released for this time tour... if DVD is releases, i need to prepare my face and... www Now singing.. DO YOU LIKE THAT Cdt lunajun0324

HJ: what time is it now? 8? it's the middle of concert now. if you guys keep saying “encore“, i'm gonna sing till contracted limited of saitama super arena. Now IF YOU'RE LIKE ME Cdt lunajun0324

HJ: every time i sung "if you're like me", it makes me feel good. now prearing the paper plane, 45 degree is good to fly far.

HJ: next song is “i'm your man“, pls fly to your paper plain when i sing after the phrase “i'm your man“ HJ: if you are man, don't fly your paper plane to me, fly it to your wife! So funny

he says “this UNLIMITED album is loved by many ppl even though i'm not perfect. now i show you khj band ver, but will show you dance ver of khj soon or later. next song is Your Story Cdt lunajun0324

After singing HJ greeted everyone and said "i really enjoyed tonight because of you.. And it's cold so pls don't catch a cold. UNLIMITED means unlimited, and i could feel that tonight


[Photos] Official Facebook Photos Kim Hyun Joong 2012 F/W & S/S 화보 MAKING CUT

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[Video+Trans] Kim Hyun Joong 2013 New year greeting from Homepage

Trans by OnlyKHJtimes
Hello, it’s me Kim Hyun Joong.
Year 2013 has arrived. Firstly, I wish you a happy new year.
In 2013, I’m preparing not only for Drama, but also an album, Japanese album, concerts and world tour, so please keep your expectation, and I would like you to spend joyful 2013 with me.
Thank you.

[FanAccount] Kim Hyun Joong김현중 Unlimited Japan Tour @Saitama [13.01.09]

Credit:  auntyjo62 of LKHJ
THANKS auntyjo for sharing such a detailed and full of emotion Fan Account.  This is the next best thing for us who cannot see him perform live.  Great pics as well and it is so nice of you to include the band. 
To quote Ms D …. this is a MUST READ FA ……….
Firstly, major thanks to a certain lady, God-sent with a spare ticket when i asked for the possibility of getting a ticket.
Here’s my feel on my very first concert ever in Japan….
the photos and the fancams posted so far are fantastic but i tell you, truly truly, they simply don’t convey the reason i got goosebumps on the 1st minute after the arena lights dimmed.
The moment the light dimmed, lightsticks lit, a sea of green within a second, the whole arena on their feet. Within the first bar of Heat, the audience cheered and even cheered even louder when hyunjoong’s voice was heard. The adrenalin rush was electrifying and in listening to his strong delivery, was certain his adrenalin had shot past the arena ceiling. i had goosebumps within that minute. and it was because of the audience, not the singer yet.
While i’ve not seen his concerts in taiwan nor korea, my guess is the japanese fans are unparalleled, unrivalled. i doubt any other country’s audience stands for two hours nonstop, wave lightsticks coordinated for two hours. It is so amazing. Which artiste having such an audio visual response won’t come back for more? It is far far far beyond gratitude. It is not the japanese fans who are lucky. It is hyunjoong who is so very lucky to have such fans.
Heat was a great kickstart to the evening. The fans rose to it like no other song though Love like This came a close second. Which surprised me later on because i never expected that the japanese fans like Love like This this major much. Anyways, back to sequence, Rize Up kept the momentum going. (haiz, i was such a coward in not giving in to my impulse to jump to that song). Save Today and I’m Yours sounds better on stage than on CD. i particularly liked the vibe in I’m Yours.
But the first rendition that gave me goosebumps was surprisingly, Because I’m Stupid. Frankly i never fancied that song. i don’t dislike it nor like it. BUT, this round, maybe because it was a fan’s request, he sang it so slow and mellow. WAH. the feeling…. i stopped waving my lightstick and held it to my heart. (indescribable)
The next round of goosebumps came with his If You’re Like Me. my all-time fave ballad by him.
It’s amusing how much hyunjoong wants to rock the stage as a band singer but then it’s like he misses dancing to music as well. at the end of Smile, i think he was wishing us to ask him to dance a bit, and so then the three seconds of butt dance on stage right (arena left). i was delighted to see him let go a bit of dance during Do You Like That. i sorely miss watching him dance to DYLT and Lucky Guy. love the cheeky choreo to bits.
This is just my feel, ok…. so don’t shoot me for what i say next. it seemed as though his voice buckled towards the end of I’m Your Man. and so then the next few songs sounded like he was struggling to keep it together. which was a pity because i had looked forward to hearing my all-time dance fave, PBNTM. i had liked how the original angst matched the original sharp moves. i liked even better the jazzy version which he did in the goodbye concert for Playful Kiss. i miss the necktie dance part and the rap that went with it. Anyways, the start of PBNTM was soft and i liked it. but then soon he went back to the original angst. The rap part potentially sounds good. probably a few more concerts later he would have nailed it.
The video break was good. When he came back, voice rested, with Love like This, the fans’ response of loud cheers was a second adrenalin rush.
but it was not Love like This but LMBTO that got me missing SS501′s harmonising. it really made them five as one. i miss the way their voices gelled.
i was glad to hear Your Story sung again, this time with his strength back. i love the vibe he gives… ‘i’m saying goodbye but i’m not letting you go.’ Which, when followed by hyper interactive U, made him a Badass Uzoosin. He left us high and dry. Hyunjoong left the stage saying ‘thank you’ continuously as though he was apologising he had a train to catch. :D
here are my pics for saitama before nagoya kicks off later this evening.
coming from my right facing terrace

turning around toward floor area

giving floor area fans some FaceTime :)

back to facing terrace, about 10-15m in front of me and jacq

back facing stage, right at back of floor area.

I just love this particular pic.  Seeing him in the midst of tens of thousands spectators is just overwhelming for me.  So proud of my Angel.

pics of band and backup singers are a must. without them, no music. (these are taken off the video screen)

First time someone posted pics of the band.  A really good idea.
watch the red balloon burst…. (kiss kiss)

an earlier big balloon had burst, and there were fans holding onto the small white balloons, waving them to the music

[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 Unlimited Japan Tour @ Saitama by neko & Khj Baraba [13.01.09]

Credit: khjcmf·@yt

Credit: 현중만 바라봐@yt

[Fancam+Photos] Kim Hyun Joong @ Nagoya Unlimited 2013 by MurdererQ [13.01.12]

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong took photo with @24K_SungO


[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 @ Nagoya 2013 "Unlimited" by Hollis Hyun [13.01.11]

Credit: Hollis Hyun

Kim Hyun Joong @ Unlimited Japan Tour 2013 in Nagoya by MurdererQ [13.01.11]

Credit: MurdererQ
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