Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Sabtu, 26 Oktober 2013

[Tweet Update] Kim Hyun Joong with SS501 Members at Heo Youngsaeng Concert [26.10.2013]

  • Heo Young Saeng 1st Concert in Seoul ~ ” 0513 MY STORY
Credit: @_YourS_hys
  • YourS_许永生资讯饭团 SS501主唱许永生个人资讯整合发布
  • Hyungjun arrived
  • Rumour that HJ has arrived at YS concert venue — on a bicycle?!
  • Well it’s only a rumour at moment..
  • IT’s OFFICIAL!! LEADER already arrived at the venue,,
  • Seems like Hyung jun, Hyun Joong & Young Saeng’ve alrd arrived ^^ well let’s wait if later today we will see 5 together as 1
  • If all come, it’s totally great. If not, still great^^ i’m sure they talk to one another. It’s YS big event so let’s send our cheers to him.
  • RT  KyuJong arrived at the.venue just now!!
  • Cute boy Kyu has arrived to concert :) )))) so handsome ♥
  • 2HJ are at the venue … .
  • KyuJong arrived at the.venue just now!!
  • Seems like kim kyu jong has arrived at the venue too. Wonder if he will be allowed to be on stage later
  • reunion cake! Cr as tagged
  • There are HJ fans in Seoul from Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, HK, Japan.
  • RT  Jung Min arrived too (according to fans at the venue). All ss501 members are now tgt
  • [ pics ] Arab Triple S airship in front of young saeng’s concert ..
  • Row of support from all over the world!
  • Better pix
  • No idea who these people are but many pics being taken
  • Starting
  • Some video of YS waking up and making toast
  • Let it go
  • YS threw a rose out to the audience
Credit: :
  • Video for ss501
  • YS singing alone, can’t hear his voice clearly…
  • He’s super super tired after singing Love Ya.
  • YS is singing Hyun Joong’s Thank You^^
  • Super loud fanchants suddenly??? Why huh?!!??
  • AHHHHHHHHHHH Leader singing with YS!!!!!!
  • TT RT : Hyunsaeng!!!!
  • Leader is greeting the fans but can’t hear what he say… mumbling mumbling…hehehe
  • <333 a="" class="twitter-atreply pretty-link" href="" nbsp="" rt="" sl-processed="1" style="border: 0px; font-family: inherit; font-style: inherit; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline;">@SHgreen1109
: YS and leader! Togther’!
  • Leader singing Your Story now^^
  • Fans chanting Kim Hyun Joong~
  • Your Story!!!! RT : Leader is on the stage now!Singing the song now.
  • Hyun Joong continues to sing Gentleman :)
  • Young Saeng singing U R Man.. alone
  • Hyung Jun on stage with Young Saeng!!!
  • They are going to sing Cuz I’m stupid together
  • Jung Min on stage with them!!
  • Jung Min, Young Saeng, Hyung Jun singing Cuz I’m Stupid together!!
  • Jung Min introduce himself as ‘SS501 sexy charisma Park Jung Min’ and Hyung Jun’s laughter
  • Pea Princess now!! All 4 on stage except Kyu Jong..
  • There’s Kyu Jong’s singing too!!!! But he’s not on stage. I guess it’s cause he’s in military
  • All 5 on stage!!
  • Omg!!! ‘We are SS501′ I’m going to cry
  • They can’t sing together on stage today cause Kyu Joong is in military. He can’t perform
  • They are singing ‘In the still of the night’ a capella
  • never thought I have the chance to hear all 5 sing this together live!!
  • Hyung Jun ask Jung Min to cut his hair.
  • Singing in the still of night!
  • Talking about Ys will go to the army soon, Kyujong a little cries.
  • I love my ss501, cr: 米米
  • Ys is reading his letter now
  • After shouting Heo Young Saeng Manse, the boySS shouted SS501 Manse too! <3 span="">
  • Thank you Young Saeng… it takes you going to army for us to see a reunion on stage. kekekeke
  • All five!!!!!!
  • After YOUR STORY.. Time for GENTLEMAN.. He’s with Artmatic Dancers.
  • HJ sang a duet with YS ( thank you), followed by your Story and Gentleman!
  • So long since I heard the SS501 greeting with the hands up ! Tho no longer quite as coordinated :p
  • But singing together sound better than they used to

  • 2013.10.26. 김현중 HYS 콘서트 게스트 직캠 프리뷰 – ㅉ5ㅉ5맨!
Credit:  许永生吧官博

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