Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Sabtu, 26 Oktober 2013

131026 Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 - Hyunjoong's Songs@HYS Concert

[News] SS501 reunite for Heo Young Saengs solo concert before his enlistment

Credit: starsung @

After three long years, SS501 finally reunited for Heo Young Saeng's farewell concert!
Heo Young Saeng held his first solo concert, '2013 Heo Young Saeng Seoul Concert 0513 MY STORY' at UNIQLO AX Hall on the 26th at 7:30 PM KST. The singer gave his farewell greetings to fans before enlisting into the army. But his fellow members of SS501 were also present to show their support and reunited on stage for the first time in three years for a touching performance.
Heo Young Saeng will enlist on the 31st.
Check out the photos and a video below!

[Tweet Update] Kim Hyun Joong with SS501 Members at Heo Youngsaeng Concert [26.10.2013]

  • Heo Young Saeng 1st Concert in Seoul ~ ” 0513 MY STORY
Credit: @_YourS_hys
  • YourS_许永生资讯饭团 SS501主唱许永生个人资讯整合发布
  • Hyungjun arrived
  • Rumour that HJ has arrived at YS concert venue — on a bicycle?!
  • Well it’s only a rumour at moment..
  • IT’s OFFICIAL!! LEADER already arrived at the venue,,
  • Seems like Hyung jun, Hyun Joong & Young Saeng’ve alrd arrived ^^ well let’s wait if later today we will see 5 together as 1
  • If all come, it’s totally great. If not, still great^^ i’m sure they talk to one another. It’s YS big event so let’s send our cheers to him.
  • RT  KyuJong arrived at the.venue just now!!
  • Cute boy Kyu has arrived to concert :) )))) so handsome ♥
  • 2HJ are at the venue … .
  • KyuJong arrived at the.venue just now!!
  • Seems like kim kyu jong has arrived at the venue too. Wonder if he will be allowed to be on stage later
  • reunion cake! Cr as tagged
  • There are HJ fans in Seoul from Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, HK, Japan.
  • RT  Jung Min arrived too (according to fans at the venue). All ss501 members are now tgt
  • [ pics ] Arab Triple S airship in front of young saeng’s concert ..
  • Row of support from all over the world!
  • Better pix
  • No idea who these people are but many pics being taken
  • Starting
  • Some video of YS waking up and making toast
  • Let it go
  • YS threw a rose out to the audience
Credit: :
  • Video for ss501
  • YS singing alone, can’t hear his voice clearly…
  • He’s super super tired after singing Love Ya.
  • YS is singing Hyun Joong’s Thank You^^
  • Super loud fanchants suddenly??? Why huh?!!??
  • AHHHHHHHHHHH Leader singing with YS!!!!!!
  • TT RT : Hyunsaeng!!!!
  • Leader is greeting the fans but can’t hear what he say… mumbling mumbling…hehehe
  • <333 a="" class="twitter-atreply pretty-link" href="" nbsp="" rt="" sl-processed="1" style="border: 0px; font-family: inherit; font-style: inherit; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline;">@SHgreen1109
: YS and leader! Togther’!
  • Leader singing Your Story now^^
  • Fans chanting Kim Hyun Joong~
  • Your Story!!!! RT : Leader is on the stage now!Singing the song now.
  • Hyun Joong continues to sing Gentleman :)
  • Young Saeng singing U R Man.. alone
  • Hyung Jun on stage with Young Saeng!!!
  • They are going to sing Cuz I’m stupid together
  • Jung Min on stage with them!!
  • Jung Min, Young Saeng, Hyung Jun singing Cuz I’m Stupid together!!
  • Jung Min introduce himself as ‘SS501 sexy charisma Park Jung Min’ and Hyung Jun’s laughter
  • Pea Princess now!! All 4 on stage except Kyu Jong..
  • There’s Kyu Jong’s singing too!!!! But he’s not on stage. I guess it’s cause he’s in military
  • All 5 on stage!!
  • Omg!!! ‘We are SS501′ I’m going to cry
  • They can’t sing together on stage today cause Kyu Joong is in military. He can’t perform
  • They are singing ‘In the still of the night’ a capella
  • never thought I have the chance to hear all 5 sing this together live!!
  • Hyung Jun ask Jung Min to cut his hair.
  • Singing in the still of night!
  • Talking about Ys will go to the army soon, Kyujong a little cries.
  • I love my ss501, cr: 米米
  • Ys is reading his letter now
  • After shouting Heo Young Saeng Manse, the boySS shouted SS501 Manse too! <3 span="">
  • Thank you Young Saeng… it takes you going to army for us to see a reunion on stage. kekekeke
  • All five!!!!!!
  • After YOUR STORY.. Time for GENTLEMAN.. He’s with Artmatic Dancers.
  • HJ sang a duet with YS ( thank you), followed by your Story and Gentleman!
  • So long since I heard the SS501 greeting with the hands up ! Tho no longer quite as coordinated :p
  • But singing together sound better than they used to

  • 2013.10.26. 김현중 HYS 콘서트 게스트 직캠 프리뷰 – ㅉ5ㅉ5맨!
Credit:  许永生吧官博