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Investigation of KHJ
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Rabu, 07 Agustus 2013

[NEWS] Compilations of upcoming KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ News Articles

Translation by:  @heavenly606

[NEWS] Compilations of upcoming KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Inspiring Generation’ news.

**E-Daily – as at 1041am KST

Im Su-hyang to be Kim Hyun Joong’s woman as Ga-ya..Expected female lead for ‘Inspiring Generation’

**MyDaily – as at 1118am KST

Im Su-Hyang, to collaborate with Kim HyunJoong as lovers in ‘Inspiring Generation’

**Newsen – as at 1128am KST

Im Su-hyang, confirmed to be the female lead for ‘Inspiring Generation’, a pair with Kim Hyun Joong. Other casts are still under discussion.

**Starnews – as at 1139am KST

Kim Hyun Joong.Im Su-hyang collaboration in ‘Inspiring Generation’, increasing the anticipation. Actors such as Jeong Ho-bin, Park Cheol-min and Son Byeong-ho have been decided to cast in the drama. ‘Inspiring Generation’ expected to air after ‘Secret’ in November.

**Starnews – as at 1152am KST

Kim So-Eun as the female lead for KBS’s ‘Inspiring Generation’ collaborating with Kim Hyun Joong and Im Su-hyang for the 24-episodes drama. After the final decision for the casts have been set, script practice is expected to start around next week. Overseas filming locations such as China and Japan expected to start around November.


KBS, Kim So-Eun’s guesting in ‘Inspiring Generation’? Yet to be confirmed. Final cast descision to be announced after this week.

**TVDaily – as at 1343pm KST

Im Su-hyang and Kim So-Eun’s guesting in KBS’s ‘Inspiring Generation’ with Kim Hyun Joong.

**TVReport – as at 1429pm KST

Kim So-Eun to cast in ‘Inspiring Generation’ as Yoon Ok-ryeon. First filming date expected to fall on August 24th, and first overseas filming at China will be after Chuseok.

**Nocutnews – as at 1431pm KST

Im Su-hyang to cast in ‘Inspiring Generation’, collaborating with Kim Hyun Joong. A representative from KBS Drama broadcast station revealed that Im Su-hyang is still under positive reviewing discussion to be the female lead for ‘Inspiring Generation’. The cast is expected to be finalized in early August and filming crews will be heading to Shanghai for filming. Expected to take up to 3-months of location filming, ‘Inspiring’ Generation’ will be a 24-episodes drama.

**StyleM – as at 1812pm KST

Im Su-hyang and Kim Hyun Joong to collaborate in drama ‘Inspiring Generation’

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