Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Minggu, 09 Juni 2013

[Translation+ Video] Kim Hyun Joong Last Talk Before Encore at PARTY PEOPLE

English translation: @howlovelylala
Repost from hyunniespexers
Video credit to: onlyleader HJ
【EN TRANS :: 130608 김현중 KHJ Last Talk Before Encore at PARTY PEOPLE 】
0:16 The last song… I feel like I have to sing.. (Audience: Let’s stay up all night!!)
0:28 I don’t feel not good enough to stay up all night. (giggling)
0:33 okay, it’s my birthday party, well not a pary though, it’s my birthday party and my 6th debut anniversary, (corrected) 8th debut anniversary as well. (Audience : Congrats!!)
0:52 So quickly.
0:55 Well, what I was talking about? We receive 12 years of (formal) schooling, right? We don’t? We receive 12 years of schooling. (Audience : you don’t count years for college)
1:18 College education is not a schooling. All my friends haven’t been to college but they eat well and live well. Well, they work at night though. (all laugh) Of course it’s better if graduate college.
1:47 It’s my birthday, and it’s very grateful to see many fans come together to celebrate my birthday. I will keep making great efforts on and on for my fans and also for a person, Kim Hyun Joong to become more mature. As I told you before, I should be also happy so that you guys can feel happy to see me. (Audience: yes~)
2:22 For me, as I always say, I feel happiest on the stage. (applause)
2:33 I will sing on the stage and act on TV as a happy person somehow, you guys, anytime, when you feel down, please be happy again because of me.
2:57 For today’s ending, I think this song best fit. I will sing ‘Let me be the one’.

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