Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Minggu, 09 Juni 2013

[Highlights] Kim Hyun Joong Show “Party People” 08.06.2013

  • KHJ~Dressed in suit, grey
  • Said he was slim from shaking so many hands in Japan
  • Cute! An insect flew by and he stopped in mid-sentence and shrank back!
  • HJ trying to play the flute again- the melody he failed in barefoot friend’s!
  • Failing still ! Haha
  • Said his little finger is very weak and has to use flute for ladies!
  • Sounds as though he’s not keen on his house being broadcast
  • Some game – he’s put 20 maks under the chairs.
  • First game eliminated half the contestants lol
  • Going to a party would he prefer a one-piece cute dress or denim
  • Second game – does he like the fans who blush when they see him or the ones who approach with funny sign
  • Answer A :p
  • Another question – what would he like to do with the ladies. Pajama party or camp fire (he didn’t know what A was!)
  • He wants to do both so he said pass
  • Would he like to go ocean or mountains — answer mountain
  • Date – indoor or outdoor? Answer outdoor
  • Btw this is elimination game. One person left — he hugged her before she left
  • He likes outdoor types
  • Last 2 people have to take off mask
  • He didn’t have lunch
  • Given a choice of fried chicken or ramen – he said he didn’t want to eat! Lol
  • He’s doing a cinderella – brought a shoe put!
  • Both the last two fit he shoes which he fitted himself!
  • So they have to pick a ball out… The one with no signature is Cinderella
  • The other one left with a huh from him
  • Cinderella gets a photo with him putting on shoe for her
  • Said he would continue with Barefoot Friends
  • Hi5 now
  • HJ calculated that he’s shaken hands about 250000 times in his life… Which he figures is 10/day
  • Said he will probably lose his fingerprints in the near future from all the handshakes
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  •   # Kim Hyun Joong # LOTTE FM venue cr CR: nao/@belindaKHJzzang
Credit:    DSCS-KHJ (设置备注
Photos Credit: Henecia_CMF_mm
Tweet by:  KHJbelinda김현중
  • omo So Close..!!! cdtonlogo
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  • LDF FM~ Lucky Fan RT : キラキラ☆ RT: わ〜素敵♡♡ RT : チングちゃんがシンデレラに♥
  • 130608 Fans gather at the venue
  • 130608 queuing to ente
  • 130608 another view of the queue.
  • 130608 Look at the crowd! Still waiting to enter..
  • 130608 check out the crowd of level one!
  • 130608 Inside the venue!
  • 130608 gift from HJ.
  • 130608 Now showing his videos…His younger days. Has footage of BF.
  • 130608 Message on notepad
  • 130608 Stage view
  • 130608 view of upper levels
  • Starting
  • KHJ Party about to start!! Fighting!!
  • Fans ready with their lightsticks
  • Cute! Part of the gift?
  • Ok not quite started. Just dimmed lights a little
  • Oopsie.. My last tweet… That was a gift from a Korean fan seated beside a STARLING from lovingKH
  • Starting!
  • sssong!!! 4 chance!
  • aegyo clips in jaksal with his friends is daebak!
  • he’s in a loose billowy white shirt… buttoned 2 only? low low neckline… sweating like mad
  • U & Smile in white shirt blue jeans ^^ did a great butt dance ^^
  • lol!! fans calling for encore of the cute clip during talk ^.^
  • nd sweet HJ obliged of course!
  • think he felt a bit embarrassed at the end and somehow hit his lips on the mic ;p
  • after Kiss Kiss, showing clips of pics from before and present, including friends and ending with a family pic ^^
  • So touching… he’s sharing bits and pieces of his life with us.
  • fans chanting KHJ after if you’re like me ^^
  • HJ joking a lot during talk… wish I understood Korean. :(
  • showing pics of diff cd covers, including hj’s, ss501′s & other artists’… ballot for song he’s singing next
  • lee juck’s wait won ^^ hj singing it now…
  • ans chanting kim hyun joong after each verse with break for the song
  • HJ sang Wait so well… hope someone took fancam, including the glittery shower effect during the climax
  • talk… mc asked the fans to call HJ out by calling him oppa ^^;;
  • HJ wearing same black top and bottom for talk
  • sang birthday song & celebrate with uzoosin birthday cake
  • ‘m your man
  • talk over ^^ singing Marry Me ^^
  • got a fan up at the end of Marry Me and gave her a hug and photo with him and cake
  • he kept her onstage and continued serenading her to I’m Your Man. What a lucky lady! ^^
  • break down rock version! HJ in shades & sleeveless black tee
  • break down with dancers and band. fans chanting khj again after break down
  • Your Story Korean version
  • Cant erase only you in Jap
  • HJ said it’s the ‘last song’ now… ^^;;
  • Cant erase only you in Jap
  • Singing Let Me Be the One.
  • fans calling for encore… and now clip of him filming and pratising with dancers & band
  • another round of chanting khj ^^ singing new song!!! The reason I live?
  • T.T he sang so well… the fans sang well too!! so loud & clear with him… and the song was only out for 2 days… amazing
  • the beat for lucky guy was already out, when he suddenly stopped everything and talked… cos we seemed not prepared for the change in pace?
  • end. of. show that seems short…
  • HJ just left.
  • hyun joong said that (?) “I have to be happy for fans to make fans be : ファンのみなさんのために皆さんが幸せになるためには僕が幸せにならないとダメですね
  • “It’s the last song. As i said “it’s the last which means it’s really the last! Luck Guy. ““ cr: eri6296: 最後の曲です。僕が言ったら最後ですよ!ラッキーガイ”
  • hyun joong leaving the venue cr: : お見送りも出来ました(*´∀`)
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  • Kim hyin joong “welcome to my last bday party. Lets meet again for 30 years old party  Photo cr 南京静静地
  • Khj is probably enlisting in army soon. Thats why he ended off with ㅠㅠ
  • Khj did gywomi , his mic accidentally hit his front tooth
  • Sea of green. Pic by hyun宝
  • Hyun joong’s kwiyomi
  • Right now singing ‘if u are like me’
  • Khj sang “please”, “be ny girl” and “rain”
  • There’s a fan shouted I love u. Khj asked who is it for a few times. (Fr weibo)
  • Right now singing marry me
  • Hyun joong’s mom came tonight too
  • All my tweets are just translations from fans updates on weibo.
  • According to fans on weibo, hyun joong said this is the last bday party woth fans before 30yrs old and that he is gng to army next year
  • Hj’s whole family are here, and his sister-in-law as well !
  • Khj is now singing korean version of Your Story!
  • Now he is singing songs from 3rd Japanese single
  • At the end of he video, there’s a family photo. Hj, brother, sister-in-law and his parents.
  • It’s ending soon.. but the 4 chairs are empty or did I miss out something?
  • Kim hyun joong “you are the best fans in the world”
  • Pic cr as tagged.
  • Khj party people has ended.
  • The 4 seats were for → “ i read a Jp twted these seats were for ppl have handicap wz their legs on my TL…” kind HJ
  • Khj show party people received 5.13 tones of rice from fans worldwide
RT   130608 HJ talks about 8th anniversary cr: Henecia_Hyun小茉
  • KHJ sang Let Me Be The One cr:astagged
Someone saw Kyu, on his way back from the concert~ RT : 현중오빠 콘서트에 규종오빠 왔었데요!!!! 규종오빠 집에 가는거 본 팬들 있다고 함!!!
Photos Credit:   알리아
Credit:  Rosemary120
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  • seems like everything’s prepared for KHJ’s Show “Party People” tomorrow![1]   cr: Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 on FB
  • eems like everything’s prepared for KHJ’s Show “Party People” tomorrow![2]   cr: Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 on FB
  • eems like everything’s prepared for KHJ’s Show “Party People” tomorrow![2]    cr: Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 on FB
  • eems like everything’s prepared for KHJ’s Show “Party People” tomorrow![3]    cr: Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 on FB
  • eems like everything’s prepared for KHJ’s Show “Party People” tomorrow![4]    cr: Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 on FB
  • KHJ on the way to rehearsals!   cr CMF/@ Henecia Tingting
  • KHJ on the way to rehearsals!    cr:HENECIA_ Kaka 0606
  • KHJ in sexy black tank tops~going to rehearsals~Party People   cr KHJCMF
Source:  DeannaDsc
  •   -6-2013(03.45am.)_KimHyunjoong@Tiger Dome_after rehearsal cr Nanjoong Kim
  • -6-2013(03.45am.)_KimHyunjoong@Tiger Dome_after rehearsal cr Nanjoong Kim
Photos Credit:  Henecia婷婷

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