Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Rabu, 01 Mei 2013

[My Fan Account] My Fan Account for The First Time Met Kim Hyun Joong (Indonesia, Jakarta) [30.04.2013]

Friday, 27th 2013
Lemme introduce myslef, my name is Dina who one of admin in @Henecia_INA (Henecia Indonesia)
When i heard that Hyun Joong will be filming in Indonesia, i just wwwaaaawww!!!! Jumping and so happy for me!!! Imagine that he'll be here for 4 days 3 night!!! Okeh... back to the topic i wanna go to Jogja with Rina eonnie (@hyunited6686) and prepare some luggage if i will go to Jogja....

But, poor me, i can't leave my work office here, seriously it makes me hurt!!! I send my whatssapp to Rina eonnie that i can't go!!! T.T For the 10 minutes past, Marcia eonnie has called me, she said she wanna go to the airport to met Kim Hyun Joong that he'll be landing for the first time in Indonesia. I know she always can met Kim Hyun Joong, she's daebak eonnie!!! As i said, i answered i can't go..... Gosssssshhhh!!!
So hurt!!!! I just crying bcause i can't go... T.T

But, to cheering me up, Marcia eonnie send her whatssapp to me!!! Hahahaa....

She succeded to talk with him!!! Marcia eonnie said to me in whatssapp like this...
# Hyun Joong ssi, do you wanna to held a concert in Indonesia? Hyun Joong said with his killer smile "Yes, next time"
# He's so cool. Not much smile but really pay attention one each of us
# He's so tall!!
# He smiled at me a lot!!

Marcia eonnie at lounge with Hyun Joong and Barefoot Friend staff

Crazy...i'm gonna crazy from her report to me!!!

Monday, 29th April 2013 21.30 p.m, 

I just got a mental breakdown because i've failed to met him until the last day from that i feel... But, a miracle come to me!!!!!! Marcia eonnie just invited me to stalk Hyun Joong at Soekarno Hatta airport on this day!!! Because his flight from Jogja is 10 p.m only transit and at 11.20 p.m to Seoul. So, i accepted!!! I just leaved my office earlier just wanna to see him!!!!!!! I called Marcia eonnie and met up at Gambir Station because she just arrived from his work office. We met up at Starbucks there at 7 p.m he bought her two daughter, Nadia and Acha.. :) Oke... go..go... on the way to Soekarno Hatta airport!!!

Preparing a gift from me to Hyun Joong ssi... Here it's...

Cover gift (a gift is Guitar key traditional Indonesia)


at 10 p.m

Kyaaaaaaa.... seriously i met him when he was arrived from Jogja and prepare to Seoul!!! His flight to Seoul 11.20 p.m. He still at Lotte Duty Free at there, me and marcia eonnie had approached him!!!! I just said "Hyun Joong ssi, this is for you and hope you like it" He just said "Oh, really? Thank you.. (He smiled a lot to me!!!!! We just 15 cm only just chit chat as some people usual!!!! I can't believe this, my gift directly on his hands!!!! He still fresh!!! Smiling a lot!!! His prounounce really good, Me and Marcia eonnie had went to lounge with Hyun Joong and Barefoot Friend staff except Yoon Shi Yeon because he's still in Yogya. He had took a bath there and i just still waiting him with Marcia eonnie there!! I met ahlia team there too...

10.15 p.m

already to prepared to Seoul!!! Me and Marcia eonnie still there and i just said "Take care Hyun Joong ah... jalgaaaaaa...!!!" He said with his scanning eyes to me.. "Thank you so much" (Smiled againnnn.... but unlucky i can't took a picture with him, my battery and Marcia eonnie battery almost die!!! We're not bring camera too...eisssshhh... stupid me!!!) Marcia eonnie screamed to him "Hyun Joong ahhhhhh....." Hyun Joong really saw us and wave his hand to us!!!! Gossssshhhh... this is my birthday present on 26th May soon... still can't believe face to face with him and i talked with him still chit chat with him!!!!!
Huaaaaaaa.... cryinggg so muchhhh...

Thanks god!!!


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