Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Rabu, 01 Mei 2013

Filming Updated Barefoot Friend for The 1st Day in Yogyakarta

Tweet Updates by:  (My lovely home fanbase)
  • Marcia send me whatssapp again!!! Seriously!! She said “Hyun Joong while enjoying Indonesian food today”!!!!
  • Our eonnie has got his autograph!!!
  • Some fans curious that they saw all of stuff Barefoot Friends there.. RT @henecia_jogja: ada beberapa temen di bandara yg lihat kameramen dgn sgala alat2ny.. kita curiga itu krunya
  • We’re so proud that Indonesia fans really support and cheering Hyun Joong in Indonesia, many fans still waiting him.. Atmosphere really hot!!! :) )
  • So he already know that many fans really waiting him for a long time for visit Indonesiaaaaa!!!.. :) )))
  • RT @jeabjoong: Rt@ForeverSS501_ : BarefootFriendsIndonesia stay here!! Royal Ambarrukmo Hotel Yogyakarta
  • SBS Staff really happy that they got “Bakpia Pathok” traditional food from jogja and bcause there are some word from hyun joong fans.. :) RT @henecia_jogja: Btw staff sbs seneng nerima bakpiany.. Admin jd senengg.. Ada tulisan dr khj fans
  • O.M.G!!! Please keep calm and keep ur promise!!!! Annoyed!! RT @BarefootFriends: Hyun Joong get injured on his face.. PLEASE KEEP CALM, IF YOU’RE ACT LIKE THIS, THEY WILL NOT COME TO INDONESIA AGAIN!

  • Hyun Joong got injury on his fans bcause fans can’t calm there…
  • Hyun Joong fans in jogja is the biggest from the other artist, and atmosphere can’t control anymore..
  • RT @irendy_tm: is it SATE,marinated meat skewered on sticks grilled to perfection and served with sauce.Look Yummy HENECIA_INA
  • RT : HJ is in the bus, now. Hope he dont get any serious injured! Please stay calm guys. I’m begging you :(
  • RT @vehyuntop: I believe it wasn’t Henecia who did it to uri Hyun Joong, everyone who see him there said that he’s handsome, so it could be other fans >.<
  • RT @jeabjoong: Rt@tripleSkaltim:KHJ’s fans from HongKong who’re going with me really get angry with fans here.So please dont make a bad story for all dear.
  • RT @HENECIA_KHJ86: Now all cast are inside the bus. They eating all food that they have bought. Seems that they enjoying it :) via @tripleSkaltim
  • Crowded!!! Still shooting inside a.bus! RT : RT :
  • RT : RT : Bus is leaving now, dont know where they go~
  • Gudnite!! Tomorrow must be better than today! Remember! All of them not with their bodyguard!! We must keep protecting our king!!! Kim Hyun Joong must be save!!!
  • (Info) For Kim Hyun Joong safety filming in Jogjakarta, we’ll stop for give some info about Hyun Joong filming there and location too cc: @bbfindonesia @Hyunited6686 @henecia_jogja
  • Maybe another fanbase which are not henecia and triples can support us bcause they have not bodyguard with them cc: @bbfindonesia @Hyunited6686 @henecia_jogja
Tweet Updates by:  
  • If KHJ transit from Jakarta to Jogja then he will be here at National departure. I’m here! *big wish*
  • Airport staff said KHJ’s name is in flight GA216 and will arrive at 7.45 pm (jogja time). I hope It’s true ;)
  • Many fans are here at Adi Sucipto AP Jogja, Indonesia~
  • Since I am inside National Departure at Adi Sucipto AP I wish could take many pictures and video of KHJ ;)
  • Yes, It’s same :) “: For those international fans who confuse between Jogja and Yogyakarta .. Jogja is Yogyakarta. It’s same
  • Henecia & Triple S who are waiting ouside please stand together then I can take pictures of you guys :)
  • Fans are getting crowded at Jogja Airport, Indonesia
  • OMG! Si many rumours abt KHJ arrival. I meet HongKong fans here who will join me stalking Hyun Joong ;)
  • Some said KHJ will come out from VIP lounge. Cause the mens who wearing black suit already standby at Blue Sky way
  • I think KHJ already picked up by car and go to hotel maybe. Only staffs are still waiting for luggages.
  • KHJ & casts didnt came out from domestic arrival maybe because the fans outside are really2 crowded.
  • OMG! I see barefoot friends casts in the bus in front of me. I took a car there.
  • Barefoot friends are in the bus in front of me
  • I can see Hyun Joong from the back. He’s wearing a cap. Aaaaa~
  • I think the bus is going to Malioboro now~
  • The bus stop in Malioboro~
  • KHJ & casts are still filming in the bus. Not come out yet~
  • I see Hyun joong clearly inside the bus. Oh god! He’s reallu really handsome!!!
  • I think they’re have fun filming in the bus. HJ is laughing happily. U can imagine his face :)
  • Staffs still breafing~
  • I’m not sure but there are 2 cars are ready here. Maybe it will bring and devided two teams going for mission
  • Staffs still breafing and preparing ,the fans are getting more and more crowded
  • HJ is out and pass in front of me *died*
  • OMG!! KHJ shook my hand T.T
  • So close KHJ~

  • Believe or not KHJ is really popular in Jogja. Really!!!
  • Please keep calm guys. Dont hurt HJ :(
  • Dont pinch HJ’s cheeks!! >.<
  • You can follow HJ wherever he goes. But please dont make him scared and hurt him!!
  • Now all cast are inside the bus. They eating all food that they have bought. Seems that they enjoying it :)
  • Bus is leaving now, dont know where they go~
  • They’re going to Hotel now. They stay at Inna Garuda Hotel I think~
Credit:  láyur/Kim hyun joong sih katanya ;’)
Credit:  Nila A T . 謝 秀 回 /kim hyun joong in front of me aaaaaarrrgggggg ξ\(ˇ▽ˇ)/ξ
Tweet by:   DeannaDsc /KHJ 4-26-2013 in Indonesia cr@ Lights Gordon _
Tweets by:
  •  Nila A T . 謝 秀 回 2h
    kim hyun joong in front of me aaaaaarrrgggggg ξ\(ˇ▽ˇ)/ξ
  • What is HJ doing? At Malioboro, Jogja (cr: d_mariar)
    • Another pic of HJ at Malioboro :) (cr: Riaaamon)
  • Buying food? (cr: )
  • HJ was buying Nasi Bakar (grilled rice) here ^^ thx to  for sharing
  • Running HJ.. (cr: bredevELF)
Credit:  /Kim Hyun Joong running out from the bus. He was right in front of me. Lucky me
  • [NEWS UPDATE] (CONFIRMED) Barefoot Friends Member @ Edu Hotel | Staff & Crew Some @ Inna Garuda Hotel & Royal Ambarukmo Hotel
  • [NEWS UPDATE] Kim Hyun Joong dan UEE terlihat di paling belakang bus yg membawa Barefoot Friends Cast n Crew
Tweet by:  : Sorry, they stay at Edu Hotel not Inna Garuda. I think only staffs who are stay at Inna Garuda”
Credit:  /EDU Hostel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Credit:  Ria Monika /Kim Hyun Joong, hihi :p
Credit:  fangirl tipe keras /
Credit:  Dedy Ridwanmas/ nyumbang iki min
Credit:  @arsie0727
Credit:  )/HJ inside the bus
Credit:  Priyanka Adindanoor /Kim Hyun Joong in Malioboro Jogjakarta!

Credit:  hennyermawati
Credit:  @arsie

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