Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Rabu, 01 Mei 2013

Fan Account: Barefoot Friends Indonesia from @vehyuntop eonnie

Fanaccount by @vehyuntop eonnie

First time I heard 김현중 would come to Indonesia for shooting Barefoot Friends was from my lovely fanbase @Hyunited6686 ’s korean friend -1-
I was surprised n happy at same time, though it was already said by VN fans few weeks before, I still felt surprised that he would come -2-
But becos my hectic job I have every end of month I just could say: ok I’ll go or not, while my brain think hard to find a way to escape -3
My heart my mind told me to go whatever the risk I would get later, so I finally decided to go! Crazy me who wanted to meet my 김현중 again -4-
Since I planned to be in same flight from Jogja to Jakarta I tried to find a seat at flight GA217 that 김현중 used but it was full booked -5-
Then I decided to use GA215 which was 2 hours before 김현중 flight, so I could reach Jakarta AP before 김현중 flight landed, yeay what a plan! -6-
went to Jogja by train with my Henecia friend @EsterLauraSS501 Sunday evening,reached Jogja at 3.30 AM then we were picked by @icharanhd -7-
On our way to Jogja AP to pick up other Henecia friend @Yola_a n Riyani, we stopped at the mini market to buy some mineral water n snack -8-
for supporting 김현중 team. Around 7.30 AM all Henecians stalker were ready to go to grab our luck then we pray hard we could meet our idol -9-
We got an awesome driver who we called Pak Daebak, because he helped us a lot to find information from any sources ㅋㅋㅋ. Prambanan yeay! -10-
Arrived at Prambanan Temple we waited but still tried to look for accurate info from friends n Twitter timeline as many as we could get -11-
So all BF casts really took Prambanan as their shoot location that day.we were very happy of course but got fast heartbeat specially to -12-
to whom who never met 김현중 yet before. For me it was 2nd time I met him, because I already went to Bangkok to attend 김현중 FM last year ^^ -13-
I saw crews came, many fans were already came too, so all local securities tried to gather them at yard outside temple area. Crowded  -14-
since we aldy inside temple area when saw dat situation some friends wanted to go down to gather with fans who sat down on ground there -15-
Dunno but I got a feeling that 김현중 n all cast would come up & that situation made up only to make temple area cleared from crowded fans -16-
Some friends went down from temple area, I still stayed here. I told them we have to follow our feeling & think logically too of course -17-
The rules to get in temple area was visitors had to use Batik cloth. So when I saw the casts used Batik I already know the answer  -18-
Then the filming started! All cast & crews got in temple area! It was exactly just like what I thought,Thanks to my feeling my brain ㅋㅋ -19-
All fans down there run fast to get in temple area too, so crowded! Thank God I decided to stay up here so I just had to wait 김현중 came -20-
My King came! always tried to handle my heartbeat when I saw him but I failed.Couldn’t focus to take picture only focus to stare at him -21
Staring at gorgeous walking statue in front of me,hard for me to breathe! But I always tried to be silently near him,took some pictures -22-
Fans were running here there, securities busy to guard 김현중, but I was surprised they didn’t push me while some fans were pushed by them -23-
here came the unforgettable moment! Fans called ‘oppa oppa’ but HJ didn’t pay attention. He was seriously doing his job to find tourist -24-
When HJ was just right near me, I called him softly, he turn his head saw me n smiled! It was so briefly, so fast but made me trembling -25-
I couldn’t take photo at that moment but I knew he noticed me! He noticed I was around him, I could feel it! Yeaayy ! Happy to the max! -26-

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