Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Kamis, 07 Februari 2013

[Tweet] Highlights of Kim Hyun Joong's UNLIMITED Japan Tour 2013 in Osaka Day1 [13.02.06]


Credit: @OnlyKHJtimes for the tweets

- HJ, I know the passion in Osaka is very hot. (But it was hotter than he expected as he lost the word for that?) so he said “It's the Osaka!“ many times. RT @lalamam127: 大阪の情熱が熱いのは知ってたけど、リダが言葉を失うくらい熱かったから、リダはさすが大阪と何度も言ってた♡
- People in Osaka is very passion. HJ was good mood. Really enjoy singing RT @tomomon2:
- HJ, if you wanna look at me closer, send your cheer to me much louder ♡ RT@lalamam127: 僕を近くで観たければ、もっと大きな声で声援を送って♡なんて、やっぱりどSね
- (hyun joong) said (to fans on the 2nd floor) “I can clearly see the 2nd floor seats.“ many times. Thank you, leader. cr: saki_iyo: 二階席も僕はちゃんと見えてます!って何度も言ってくれてありがと。リダ。
- for the last greeting, hyun joong, thank you very much, ありがとうございます, See you again, またね wz flying kiss to a camera. RT @lalamam127: 最後の挨拶は、ありがとうございます♡とまたね♡でカメラに向かって投げキッス
- hyun joong put his hand out from the car window and waved (when he left the venue). RT @mammy_0606: 窓から手を出して手を降ってくれました

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