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Investigation of KHJ
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Sabtu, 02 Februari 2013

[Pexers Articles] The End Of the Tunnel for City Conquest

Author:  AprilStarr
Arts:  lnprz
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This drama has not seen the end of the tunnel with the bright lights. It continues to plod on …and on …and on while its casts are doing something else.
More interesting or disappointing side “news” are coming out as to why CC won’t air. But is it beating a dead horse?
If I am the production company I’ll take my business elsewhere where I’d be appreciated. There was a consortium sort of by several agencies before to produce Hallyu projects for Asia. Given this business model couldn’t they take up CC’s dilemma and handle it for EXPORT ONLY? Hey KE you are part of that group,aren’t you? This is the time to seize the situation!
I don’t understand also the business sense of insisting to premiere in SK -that’s old formula, old thinking.Or is it just a matter of pride now for Media Baek? Be that as it may,where is your pride if KBS asked you to make many concessions and you give in just to air your drama. And then get rejected anyway. Think of your hard working stars and production people. Aren’t the human assets more important in any venture? Without them any business will fall flat on its face.
How about us Media Baek, the viewers both diehards and potentials? Don’t you owe us,too ? You made us anticipate,expect with so much hype and press releases.We understand your frustrations but don’t make us wait for too long .WE ARE THE REASON FOR YOU TO BE IN THAT KIND OF BUSINESS, remember?
SO JUST MOVE ON. BE PART OF THE SOLUTION NOT THE PROBLEM. Maybe this is a crisis, but also an opportunity to try another scheme. What is occurring now is PRACTICALLY BEGGING TO OPEN THAT DOOR ! So many viewers in the larger world are waiting for Kim Hyun Joong’s City Conquest. Finish that drama show it in Japan, China, Singapore and elsewhere. Because it is premiering a different kind of arrangement can be made, maybe more work but think also of more possibilities.
Let SK see the drama in online sites instead (with apologies to SK viewers who have to bear the grunt of what’s happening).
The end of the tunnel with the bright lights should be near, for goodness sake!

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