Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Sabtu, 02 Februari 2013

[2013.02.02][TwitPics/TweetBits] 김현중 Fanmeeting in Seoul

  • 130202-KHJ Lotte FM in Seoul:HJ arrived at venue 1hr ago n now are rehearsal,Mr.Jeong will come to see the show later^^read fr weibo
  • 130202-FM in Seoul:translator said HJ will cook Korean food for lucky fans to eat
  • @soumao66 かおるん、おはよー♪ヽ(´▽`)/なんかね、ジュンイチイシダの娘らしい…んだよぉーww 今日もよろリダね~!!
  • during the Jaksal tour yesterday, HJ contacted to the shop(mom’s) to let the tourguide eat chiken. so they also could eat them. cr:@62non
Tweets by:  jun ‏@ridajun0324
  • goods for today? ^^ cr: 賢重君 from weibo

  • Acc to a bus guide from the tour to jaksal, his mam’s branch yesterday, hyun joong called his mam? to let the bus guide also have chicken. How kind hyun joong! RT @62non: 昨日オンマのお店ツアーのバスガイドさんにもチキンを食べさせてあげてとリダから連絡が入って、バスガイドさんもチキンを食べたそうです♪バスガイドさんがバスの中で話してくれました!!リダの優しさ(*^^*)
  • cr: 賢重君 from weibo when he arrived at the venue today?

  • somehow he looks cute for me ;D cr: 賢重君 from weibo

  • the content: Save Today, I’m Yours, Talk Session, If You’re Like Me, Gift Session, Your Story, Lunch view (?), Cooking class wz hyun joong, PBNTM RT @piro66hj: 今日のセットリスト savetoday、I’m yours、トーク、グデドナワガタミョン、プレゼントコーナー、yourstory、ランチビョウ、キムヒョンジュンのお料理教室、頼むからよくして(^^)/
  • so during kim hyun joong cooking class, he cooked 김밥? It seems it’s much thicker one as we image for? RT @luckygirl_ymk: リダの作るキンパは恵方巻きサイズでした
  • Revised for the content tonight: Save Today, I’m Yours, Talk Session, If You’re Like Me, Gift Session, Your Story, Lunch view (?) KHJ cooking class, I’m Your Man, PBNTM RT @piro66hj: 訂正です!!今日のセトリ!! savetoday、I’m yours、トーク、グデドナワガタミョン、プレゼントコーナー、yourstory、ランチビョウ、キムヒョンジュンのお料理教室、ナヌンニナムジャヤ、頼むからよくして(^^)/”"
  • seemed hyun joong did high-5 and hand shake depending on what fans want. ^^ RT@1122cheeze: ハイタッチか握手は、こちらの手の位置の様子で(笑)しっかり両手で…絡ませて頂きました…柔らかい手でした。倒れそうです(>.<)ありがとうごじゃいますの言葉も…ご馳走様でした~

gift for tonight, U:ZOOSIN travel poach RT @emikusa: リダからのソンムル!宇宙神のトラベルポーチ
so this is the inside of U:ZOOSIN travel poach? ^^ cr: @Henecia_CMF_mm from weibo

Tweet Updates by:  Chris Lyn ‏@CLynHJ
  • HyunJoong arrived venue. Rehearsal now.  Crdastagged.

  • Hyun Joong FM – flower bouquet from CMF as tagged. Very pretty.

  • HyunJoong FM – started with Save Today, followed by I’m Yours. Everyone on their feet. Cdt CMF
  • Hyun Joong FM – talk followed by IF You Were Like Me :D Love this song.
  • Hyun Joong FM – He thanked the Chinese fans present at the FM. They are touched, probably noticed all their light board :D always so sweet.
  • Hyun Joong FM – Your story .. Our sexy rocker. Love.
  • Hyun Joong FM – he is singing a slow ballad now but Not able to determine title of song. ^.^credit CMF
  • It’s not any of his songs, that’s why fan cannot identify. For this FM there be group of 40pax each for photo taking & hand shake. Fr weibo
  • Hyun Joong FM – now is chef Hyun Joong – he will be cooking a dish & feeding a lucky fan. ^.^
  • Hyun Joong FM – singing I’m your Man now :D
  • Hyun Joong FM – clearer pic of flower stand fr KHJCMF. really pretty. I like the arrangement & colour very much

  • Hyun Joong FM – Please Be Nice To Me .. wondered if he dances ?
  • When he finished PBNTM – fans started chanting KHJ! KHJ! KHJ!
  • Hyun Joong FM – High 5 starting soon. All updates credit KHJCMF .. Appreciate much.
  • Hyun Joong FM – new update on photo taking – 8 lucky fans will be pick thru lucky draw to have couple pic with HJ ..
  • From weibo – some say there were no one to one photo taking at FM today & HJ self drove away after event.
Present from Lotte /Credit:  SP ‏@illublue

Gift CardCredit:  jun ‏@ridajun0324

Exchange coupon/ Credit:  illublue SP
Credit:  TOMO ‏@startomo

The gift table/ Credit: illublue SP
Seating plan/ Credit:  illublue SP

Merchandise/ Credit:  illublue SP

  • No encore :(

SP ‏@illublue / Gift for fans
SP ‏@illublue Making kimbap – Fancam
  • Haha HJ very funny when “feeding” — opens his mouth in sympathy , then shoves it all in! 😄
  • Haha the pic that illustrates my tweet. Credit MurdererQ
@KHJ_Jagiya: hyun joong sang this song in the Lotte FM today ^^ 난치병(難治病) – 하림 (live perf):


: DVD+Photo Book for Lotte FM (Notepad)
Lotte FM @Konkuk University
Now HJ is cooking

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