Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Senin, 14 Januari 2013

[Highlights] Hamamatsu City Update of Kim Hyun Joong Tonight!!

Engtrans by @onlykhjtimes

HMT update: hj: good evening! many fans came (to the concert) today too. There are 4th floors tonight, Are you o.k? You guys are on the 4th floor look like falling down! Please sit down. As from my view, it seems so dangerous! Plese keep your safe till this concert would be finished any accident. cr: 

i've stayed at tokyo for a long time, it seems i would stay at Hamamatsu too for a long time. Hamamatsu is the famous place for eel, right? I definitely wanna eat it and go back to home. I've heard from workers from company said that this place is usually famous and special venue for orchestra. cr: 

HMT 3) I'll have a band concert at such a place, but pls don't keep silent even this place is usually for orchestra. cr: piro66hj

HMT 4: it's the day for 成人の日, celebrating ppl get 20years old years without any problem, today in Japan. Well, i guess most of you are already over 20years old... Anyone has 20years old celebration today? “Most of fans said Ye~s!“ It sounds strange... he said, but fans kept saying “it's true, it's true“!!! cr: 

HMT 5: so far 3 fans have 成人の日 today. Congregation, i'll sing next song for those. cr: 

HMT 6: After he finished the song, To welcome the day for adult, i think it's the 2nd start for your life. I don't know if it's the start of nightmare. kkk Your life after became 20years old would be decided how you spend this coming 10 year, not drinking alcohol much. If you drink, please do what you have do like me. (then hyun joong cracked out) cr: 

HMT 7: Next song, If i say “all on the 4th floor“, you answer me. Well, All on the 4th floor! All are there at the dangerous zoon (are at high place n less ppl), you aren't fine? (Then goes to 3rd n 2nd floors) ... So far there are many ppl are around the spaces, the power is big! cr: 

HMT update: Because of you guys's support, i could leave much better result i've expected on UNLIMITED. Which song do you like from this album? “ And fans started to say “Your Story. cr: piro66hj

HMT update 10: He said??? Your Story and Save Today are Jp songs, but they are popular in China, Thai, Taiwan as well. It's because Jp fans worked heard to introduce them (to other countries)? cr: 

HMT 11: After he finished singing Lucky Guy, this song really cheers you up, i just felt that Lucky Guy is the most attractive song? “ and he watched the bord holding by fans to ask him to sing “Let's Party“, he said “it's good to sing it after Lucky Guy.“ cr: 

HMT 12, 13: So funny that he asked the hotel staff to make (fold) a paper plain. The hotel staff took 2hours to complete that!!! He said “it's true that this paper plain flys to the 2nd n 3rd floor if you at the 1st floor blow, n if you at the 2nd floor blow, it flys to 3rd floor. I won't say it flys to 4th floor because it's gonna be a lie. kkk cr: 

HMT update 14 15 16: So he let us to practice the call, “i'm your woman“ when he sings “i'm your man“. So cute hyun joong, he remind fans not to forget to fly paper plain after fans sing “i'm your woman“ hahaha~ cr:

HMT update 19: next song is the song you all like! (Then fans screamed “Love Like This“). He said it's the last song, should I sing that now? cr: 

HMT update 19, 20, 21: So after he sang PBNTM, he sang LLT? Then he said, “So far this song really cheers you up. If i knew that, i would have added more 2, 3 songs to cheer you up.“ Then fans screamed “Play that!“, but he said “i've not prepared so i can't.“ kkkk cr: 

HMT update 22: After he finishes the concert at Sendai, he'll go back to Korea. He said “i'm expecting that i'll be able to show you more powerful stage after that.“ It seems no place for him to practice for the concerts in Jp? cr: 

HMT update 23: oh, so he showed up from the fans seats at the anchor! He sang one song there? and went bachelor to the stage saying “i felt warm from fans at Hamamatsu. I'm moved when i sang Your Story, that's because (the venue is? ) Hamamatsu. “ cr: 

oh, so he went down to the fans seats during the anchor, Lucky Guy again! And his last greeting, “arigatou gozyaimashita!“ meaning “thank you very much“. Thanks for all updates, really appropriate you 

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