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Investigation of KHJ
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Sabtu, 06 Oktober 2012

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Conquers Nippon Budokan For Japan Fanclub Anniversary

Korean Singer and Actor Kim Hyun Joong celebrated his official FC HENECIA JAPAN 1st anniversary and drama [City Conquest] Memorial Event at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on October 4.
In the audience were lucky HENECIA Japan (Kim Hyun Joong’s Japanese fanclub) members who won the highly competitive bid for admission tickets to the prestigious event. About 100 media were also invited to the event to witness the first promotion event of the upcoming Korean drama “City Conquest” starring Kim Hyun Joong and Jeong Yoo Mi.
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After Kim Hyun Joong introduced himself and thanked his fans for the success of HENECIA Japan and the fanclub’s first anniversary, the main part of the event began which was the preview of the Korean drama “City Conquest”.
The preview event was comprised of 3 parts, viewing of the teaser trailer of the drama’s episode 1 and 2, talk session with Kim Hyun Joong (as Baek Mir), Jeong Yoo Mi (as Lee Dan Bi) and the producer Yang Yoon Ho, and showing behind-the-scenes footage (Martial Arts, Transformation, Acting, Scale and Adiau / 5 parts) of the drama filmed in Japan, back in July.
The audience watched the teaser trailers and behind-the-scenes video, as well as listened into the talk session with much interest and anticipation.
Kim Hyun Joong then capped the event with a live performance. The crowd at the Budokan were very alive — standing up, cheering and singing together during the performance.
After singing Creep in English, Kim Hyun Joong made an announcement as the MC mentioned there would be some special present from him. “In December…. Christmas will come…In December….In Japan….Christmas will come….” The audiences were longing to know what will happen in December. “In December, in Japan, My First Album will be released. I’m preparing for you all to like it, so please look forward to it”
With this announcement, everyone was elated and gasped, “Wow!!” and clapped their hands.
For the live performance, Kim Hyun Joong performed the following set list:
1: Do You Like That
2: Lucky Guy
3: If You’re Like Me
4: I’m Your Man
5: Please
6: Marry Me
7: Creep (English)
8: HEAT (Japanese)
Encore: Lucky Guy
The whole event lasted about 2 hours and successfully ended with a lot of excitement and expectations for the drama and the 1st album.
Below are excerpts from the talk session:
MC: This is HENECIA JAPAN 1st Anniversary and drama [City Conquest] event today. Please greet your fans.
KHJ: HENECIA JAPAN 1st anniversary, congratulations everyone. As we celebrate this anniversary, let us continue to our 100th anniversary together, I will let you hear my good songs and see good acting, so please eat good food and take good medicine so that you can keep well till out 100th.
After showing the trailer of the drama (the first few episodes includes romance between Mir and Dan Bi as kissing on boat scene was shown in the trailer.)
MC: Please tell us about your roles in this drama…
Yoo Mi: Well, before I talk about my role in this drama…I watched the trailer backstage before you watched it, I got worried, because I heard a lot of reaction….I thought the fans got angry and felt sorry.
MC: Is everyone angry? … Daijobu? (Was it ok?)
KHJ: Daijobu desu. Engi dakara. (It’s ok as it was just acting)
Yoo Mi: The role I act as Dan Bi is a person with very lively, straight forward with a lot of energy and heart. She really loves Mir the role Kim Hyun Joong-ssi acts, and trying to brighten up the darkness in his heart.
MC: …there are many hard action scenes in this drama, we saw you were on a motor bike, wasn’t it dangerous?
KHJ: This is the first action drama and I’m not used to it yet. I’m still learning but stunt men are trying hard, so it’s not that dangerous…..
During the talk session, they talked about the trailer shown (action, romance, transformation, roles, etc), about each other (KHJ, JYM and the producer) and it was apparent that they have very good and close relationship and enjoy filming this drama, even if it was challenging..
As the two dramas, “Fighter In the Wind” and “IRIS”, started filming initially in Japan and were successful, then this drama City Conquest having also started initial filming in Japan, so he thinks it will also go well.
The producer said that the filming will continue till early in 2013.
The role Kim Hyun Joong acts as Mir is a lot different from his past two dramas, “Boys Over Flowers” and “Playful Kiss.”
Hyun Joong shared that till now, he hasn’t shown who the real Kim Hyun Joong is, but acting as Mir in City Conquest made him think that they are quite close. In his daily life, he always thinks what Mir would do and hopes that the more the filming progresses,he would be able to master and reflect Mir’s character.
Through the upcoming drama “City Conquest”, viewers can look forward to see a different side of Kim Hyun Joong, one that is closer to his real self. The drama offers not only hard action but also some romance, laughter, and many other elements. Like fans in Japan, the rest of the world can anticipate watching “City Conquest” as well as Kim Hyun Joong’s first solo album in Japan.
Reporter: Melissa Kusanagi | Photos: Digital Adventure (Japan)

[Info] Another digest version of City Conquest will be released very soon in Korea

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Another digest version of City Conquest will be released very soon in Korea, according to CEO of Trend Beaute:
The special digest version of City of Conquest covers episode 6 and 7 though it was introduced as EP 1 and 2 at the event. Further, it was cut back from 30-minutes edited in Korea to the shorter one in Japan. They had to take into account the time for Hyun Joong’s live performance.
It may be difficult to understand the entire story from the digest, but another version will be released very soon.
After the event, we moved to the restarurant for a closing party, I happened to listen to very interesting conversation in a car on the way to the party venue.
It was the first time for me to listen to his songs live at Budoukan. All the songs were rearranged for the purpose of band performance; he really worked hard to prepare for this live.
The director (Mr.Yang, CCQ director) who had also seen Hyun Joong ssi’s live in the past mentioned as follws:
Hyn Joong ssi usually sings at his high tone, which, he thinks, a bit womanlike style and maybe good as if continues only as a singer. The director feels today’s performance much matured and deep, which he thinks will be better if Hyun Joong ssi continues as actor as well. Everyone in the same car preferred band performance.

[Video Teaser] City Conquest Teaser at City Conquest Event in Japan!!! 20121004

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This is the pre-video screened City Conquest promotion..
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[Fancams] KIM HYUN JOONG @ Henecia Japan Anniversary/City Conquest Event – 2012.10.04

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@Haneda Airport 2012.10.05

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[News] Kim Hyun Joong attracts 10,000 fans and 150 photographers to his fan meeting in Japan

Kim Hyun Joong had his 1 year anniversary fan meeting for his Japanese fanclub, ‘Henecia Japan‘ at the Nippon Budokan on October 4th.
In a statement, Key East Entertainment stated, “Kim Hyun Joong opened a ‘City Conquest‘ promotional event for his fanclub, ‘Henecia Japan’. It was a special event for the fans that have been waiting for him to make his return to the small screen. We provided highlight videos and things that happened during filming for the first time.” Ten thousand fans attended the event, and about 150 photographers fought to grab the best angle of the star.
Kim Hyun Joong said, “I’m always thankful for ‘Henecia Japan’ for supporting me all the time. I want to celebrate not just our first anniversary, but our 5 year, 10 year, and even 100 year anniversary. I’m going to stay healthy with good singing and acting. I also hope my fans stay healthy with good food and medicine.

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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong @ Gimpo Airport (Arrival from Japan) – 2012.10.05

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[Fancams Batch 3] KIM HYUN JOONG @ Japan Anniversary/City Conquest Fanmeet – 2012.10.04

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[Updating][Fancams Batch2] KHJ @Japan Anniversary/City Conquest Fanmeet 121004

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I’m Your Man
Do You Like That
KHJ @Haneda  heading back to JAPAN (“PLEASE”)
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