Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

[Photos] Handsome Photos of Kim Hyun Joong Fanmeet in Shanghai by MurdererQ [09.06.2012]

Thankssssss.... i love MurdererQ shoot!!!^^^^^
 DO NOT EDIT MY PHOTOs PLEASE.圖片嚴禁修改。圖片嚴禁修改。圖片嚴禁修改。包括在WEIBO!!!
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[Live Update] Live Update Fanmeet Kim Hyun Joong at Shanghai [09.06.2012]

Today it's Fanmeet hyun joong at Shanghai, thx to wangziqi and planethyun who shared live update to us!!^^^^

Credit: @wangziqi 

KHJ : i felt really hot today, is it that the air-conditioner is off or it’s your passion that made me feel hot?
khj wipes off his sweat and throw the towel to the audience.

KHJ : Viewed Shanghai’s night scene from hotel last night, really beautifu, Pearl of the East, like a space station that i can travel to the universe.

KHJ : in korean, there’s a pharse called ‘以热治热’ (use warm to treat warm,, dont know how to phrase it properly)

KHJ is very tired today, he sang off tune a few times, during Because Im Stupid he sang wrongly, gave mic to fans and asked fans to sing.
from chinese fans : air-conditioning is not on, even his underwear is all wet.

talk session, khj says ‘Shanghai women are very feminine’.

KHJ says shanghai fangirls 早熟 (mature at an earlier age),many pretty ladies, very feminine.
KHJ : i even personally brought cosmetics over from korea, so my fans will look even more pretty.

Fans sang Birthday song for KHJ, he says the pronunciations are different.

KHJ says he likes people to call him ‘oppa oppa’.

KHJ : favorite season is winter, dont like summer because of mosquitoes, is there winter in shanghai? (keke, me too oppa~)

KHJ : Went snorkeling on birthday, wanted to catch all the expensive fishes from 15 meters under and give to everyone as presents. [laughs laughs] If everyone’s interested, will consider posting photos of snorkeling.
KHJ : the photos of him snorkeling are with clothes on, dont think dirty things.
KHJ : caught many expensive fish during snorkeling, but if he give as presents to chinese fans, the fish will become extinct.
KHJ : will be back again next year for another concert.

KHJ says he doesnt like hot weather, but if everyone off stage likes the warm weather, then he will enjoy sweating.

KHJ : originally i planned to marry at 30 years old, but i think im not mature yet, will consider after 8 years. Raise your hands if you are still single. I have imagined about what it will be like to get married when im at home, and my conclusion is – maybe will feel bored living together after 5 years…

Fan said she love ‘Please’ the most, KHJ : do you want me to sing or eat cake? Fan: both. KHJ : you are too greedy, will sing a short section. then sang ‘sorijiseo’ (nothing else, only first line T-T!)Took Polaroid with fan. another fan wants something he is wearing now.

KHJ drew U:zoosin on the cake, then put chocolate on top, became ugly. Fan : can you sing Heat? KHJ : it’s a new song.. Fan : but u sang for japanese fans last time. KHJ : will sing a small part… ‘ilailona’.

KHJ made ‘xiao long bao’ cake ~ third fan asked for something special, KHJ : will give u the most special ingredients. he put stew meat and xiaolongbao onto the cake. (kekke)

KHJ added the ring on 3rd cake instead of egg yolk.

Marry You
For Marry Me, KHJ didnt make it to the high note, he smile to the audience.. lols
Credit: @Planethyun

When singing Marry Me, one of the note, he can reach the pitch, then he use his extremely charming smile to look at the audience. kekeke

Oppa hand-drawn U:Zoosin on the cake. After drawing he put chocolate bean on it, and it looked ugly. That girl ask Oppa to sing Heat. Oppa said it is new song. That girl said but you sang for Japan fans. So oppa said then sing a short line. i-rai-luo-na. No more. huh!

Oppa is very naughty.... fans said she is a new fan... Love 'Please' this song... Oppa siad will sing a little for her... but oppa then said you want cake or sing... fan said both also want... oppa said she is greedy... keke... Eventually oppa still sing... just once sentence only... so naughty...

Oppa said he like others calling him oppa... oppa... oppa... oppa... keke... and said Shanghai fans are very matured... because are most faminine... how much of honey has he wipe on his mouth... 

Oppa said 2nd half of this year he will be filming drama... he will release his life info in weibo.. Hope everybody will pay more attention to his weibo... Everybody sing Birthday song for him but he grumble that our tone was different from others... Oppa went diving during his birthday... He will post the photo in weibo... and even brag that he has a diving license... said next year will come to Shanghai again to open concert and will be larger scale than this FM. Hope everybody will look forward to it. 

Oppa said he caught a lot of expensive fish when diving, but if give it to China fans, the fish will be extinct. >.< Oppa said will come again next year, to hold concert. He said he like winter the most because there are no mosquitoes, and asked whether there are winter in Shanghai. 

He said he dislike hot, but if it is for us sitting down stage, he will enjoy the sweating feel. He said originally plan to get married in 30yo, but felt that he is not matured enuh, will consider after 8 yrs later. Then he asked those already married to raise their hands, and those haven't to raise their hands, he ever think at home how it is like to get marry to fans, the conclusion is estimated life will be bored even after living together for 5 years. 

Oppa during final before encore said something very touching: I will work hard to be a good actor, will work hard to be a good singer, and be a good person! 

Everybody singing birthday song. Oppa said, Shanghai fans are really different, pronunciation are perfect =_= and said he went diving during his birthday. He really fear of sharks. If he is free he will post photo to weibo. Everybody scream. Oppa said, what are you anticipating? I wore diving suit ah~ Don't have any other thoughts =_

[Weibo Update] Kim Hyun Joong Updated Weibo [09.06.2012]

Credit: (His official personal weibo)

Sorry, i'm late... Kim Hyun Joong updated his weibo again with  지금은 하이터치중! (in the middle of hi-5 now!) I'm so happy with it!! Fyi, Kim Hyun Joong will begin filming of City Conquest on early July and will be airing at SBS on October, are you ready???? Meeeee too!!!

[Photos] Handsome Kim Hyun Joong showing His Muscles at Incheon Airport Leaving for Shanghai