Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
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Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong DVD First Impact by Ahlia

[Info] The HEAT is ON! Are you with KIM HYUN JOONG?


The HEAT is on and the enemies are not amateurs. So…ARE YOU READY, gurls?!
Hyun Joong’s 2nd Japanese album, HEAT, will be out on July 4 and the pre-order has already started! Have you booked your copies yet?
There is one key thing that all Hyun Joong fans should bear in mind this time: the release of HEAT will coincide with the release of albums by a few other artistes this round. Among them are: 2AM+2PM, as well as the popular Yamapi (Tomohisa Yamashita). They need no introduction. So girls, you know what we’re up against. The fight is ON. Let’s give them some HEAT! Pre-order now! If you have difficulty, please ask. We will try our best to assist you. In the mean time, follow the sites below. It is really not hard. Hwaiting!
The HEAT is on and the enemies are not amateurs. So…ARE YOU READY, gurls?!
*In Japan, the most important thing is volume of albums sold, as recorded by the Oricon.*
Here are two sites that non-Japanese fans can look at to preorder their copies now: CDJapan site and HMV ( Both sites are in English. For HMV, go here for step-by-step instructions (in both Korean + Eng) on how to order. Both these sites count to the Oricon.
If you read Jap, you can go to to order too. You can start from here: and just search for his name in Jap キム・ヒョンジュン. Of course, there’s also the DATV site to order if you read Japanese too. Basically, all Japanese sites that sell the album will count to the Oricon. So if you’re ordering from a Japanese site, no worries, it will count.
Some of you may wonder: there are as many as 5 different versions to Hyun Joong’s HEAT album, which should we buy? ALL will count to Hyun Joong as his 2nd Japanese album’s sales figure. That means there is no difference which version you buy. THE MORE, THE MERRIER.
Note1: Hyun Joong’s 1st Japanese album placed 2nd on the Oricon chart previously, and created a new record for the highest sales number for a foreign artiste! Let’s shoot him to No. 1 with HEAT this time!
There are 5 HEAT versions: Limited Edition Type A, Limited Edition Type B, Limited Edition Type C, Limited Edition Type D + a Normal Edition. Please buy all if you can. For more info on what kind of album HEAT is all about, check here. From all accounts, it’s set to be a historic album! =)
Note2: Hyun Joong will be having a special showcase at SAITAMA Super Arena, Jap, on July 15 to commemorate the release of HEAT. To apply to attend the event, you must buy all 5 versions. HURRY – it’s on a first come first serve basis!

[Scans] KIM HYUN JOONG in CHoa Vol 12

[eng] 한선화 Sunhwa msg to Kim Hyun Joong fans 김현중 (full show in desc)

[News]Kim Hyun Joong will be filming ‘City of Conquest’ in various countries

“만화원작 드라마는 최근 유행하는 판타지 열풍과 자연스레 맞닿아 있다. 김현중이 출연하는 드라마 ‘도시정벌’은 만화가 신형빈의 만화가 원작이다. 어린 시절 자신과 어머니를 버린 아버지를 원망하며 성장한 주인공 백미르(김현중)가 가족을 파멸로 몰아넣은 사회의 절대악에 복수한다는 내용이다. 그 무대도 세계로 뻗어나간다. 미국 일본 중국 싱가포르 스위스 등이 예정된 해외 로케이션 촬영지다. 화려한 액션과 영상으로 중무장할 전망이다.”
Kim Hyun Joong will be acting in drama ‘City of Conquest’ which is originally a comic.
Kim Hyun Joong’s character – he lives with his mother as a child, he resents his father as his dad abandoned him. He wants to revenge as he feels the evil society put his family in ruin.
The stage also goes out to the world. He is scheduled to film the drama in Japan, China, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States and other foreign locations.
Although he is a tough guy but he is vulnerable when it comes to love.

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[Photos] Hyun Joong @ Hongkong Fanmeet by Shirley

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