Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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[Scans][2012.03.01] Jaksal Chicken Featured in Hong Kong Magazine “Umagazine Issue 327″

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[Trans] Summary of Kim Hyun Joong Interview by Choa No 8


As there were many questions which contain duplications with other magazines,
I focused on the questions with no overlapping. ”

Summary of Kim Hyun Joong Interview by Choa

No. 8 issue

Q : What are the difference between KissKiss Korean and Japanese versions ?
KHJ: The lyrics deliver the same message. The difference is a way of mixing. Japanese version is aimed easy and confortable for Japanese people. If I promote myself in Japan, I thought that it would be nice to add factors which they feel familiar with as a J-POP.

Q : The image and concept of the three album jackets gives different impression from
those of Korean versions.
KHJ : I wanted to show three concepts, i.e., tender , sexy, and charisuma. However, it took a considerable time. Actually, there were nine sets (9 pieces of clothes ).

It was a pitty that I could not show you all of them. If only I could have disclosed those pictures on the net. Personaly, I like the best, the sexy look dressed in red.

Usually I don’t have a chance to put on something red.

Q : KissKiss is a story of an encounter with the woman of dream. Have you recently met a girl you felt a woman of your destiny ?

KHJ: I feel I had. I had an opportunity to meet with the lady whom I had been having affection for a long time. I feel strange that it happened to me….
It was a Korean girl (he said in Japanese)
who’s that girl

Q: “Power of Smile” expresses a very strong determination while being tender.
Any points you feel symphathy with this song?
KHJ : When I recorded this song, there occurred many disasters in Japan.
While thinking of those fans in their sorrow, I sang this song for them. I thought that what I could deliver to them was my song. I know that a song cannot cheer them up completely, but I just wanted to do something to soothe their sadness.

Q: Any strange happenings you have recently experienced.
KHJ: My clothes disappeared one by one. Even with a monitoring camera, we could not find who took them away. No one in the monitoring screen!
Not only clothes, but also watches disappeared one by one.

Q: Any specific episode in Japan which you cannot forget ?
KHJ: I could not read Japanese at all when I came to Japan for the first time.
I misunderstood a medicine for athlet’s foot for tooth paste (laugh)
I also took body lotion for a hair rinse. One of the medicines we got from the fans was the one for athlete’s foot which happened to be in the bathroom.

That is why I guessed wrong. One of the members (SS501) continued to use that medicine for athlete’s foot as tooth paste, having bleeding from the gum.
I thought my gum was strong as it did not happen to me ^^

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong AEON Coolishfact new CF

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong AEON Coolishfact Message (Add CF Making)

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[Trans] Crazy for Asian Star Magazine: Kim Hyun Joong Interview about his music

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Translation by : LAFONE

Creasta KHJ Interview ( * Crazy for Asian Star )

Q 1: What kind of music genre did you aim in the current album? (Lucky )
KHJ: Frankly speaking, it seems that nobody is interested in my songs in themselves. I focused on “ music to see performance “ rather than “ music to listen to “. However, what I would like to aim from now on is a sort of music which makes everyone cheerful. I know that nobody expects me a high-quality music pieces. That is why I wanted to create songs easy on the ear. I aimed songs which make people comfortable and cheerful by just listening to. Maybe I talked about this too honestly (laugh)

Q2: Do you believe that you have grown up in music through this album?
KHJ: Yes, I feel that I could have made improvement during this album production. I made my best efforts in vocal lessons to change myself. Though there are still many things to be improved, I feel that I could have changed the tone of my voice.

Q3: The 2nd mini-album, “Lucky “ includes a few pieces of ballad.
KHJ: As I knew that people expected me to sing a ballad, I added them in the current album (laugh). In order to give a sense of stability in tone of the ballad, I especially focused on this to show how I had changed. I hope that everyone like them.

Q4: Compared with the previous mini-album, “Break Down”, how do you think of “Lucky” ?
KHJ: To be honest with you, “Lucky” is better than “Break Down”.

Q5: You produced the 2nd mini-album in four months after the release of “Break Down”. You seemed to have really worked hard to produce your album with such a short interval.
KHJ: Exactly! I really worked non-stop. I have been working hard without taking any rest till now. The current reaction from people itself is amazing for me because I thought in a different way. I felt that I was too late to release an album. I wanted to meet with my fans through my music as soon as possible. This feeling was overwhelming in myself. I wanted to deliver good songs to them. Therefore, I will continue to produce a single album constantly to see my fans.

Q6: Do you mean that you would release your album frequently?
KHJ: True enough. Being a member of SS501, I released only one full-album. From my viewpoint, there is no point in differenciating a mini-album from a full-album. I will just count my album as the first, the second, and so on.

Q7: Could you explain about the title truck of “Lucky” album?
KHJ: The basic sound of the title truck consists of a rhythmical electric guiar and brass rock’n’roll band music. It’s a funky rock. As I was involved from the planning, concept, ideas, and overall production, I am very attached to this album.

Q8: What kind of music do you want to create ?
KHJ: The music I am really interested in is a band music. Before I joined SS501, I loved rock’n’roll music. When I was a high-school student, I was playing (a guitar) in the rock band. I would like to learn more about music so that I will be able to be confident. For me, it is music that I can get along with till the end of my life.

Q9: Could you tell us more details about “band music” which you are interested in ?
KHJ: The genre I am much interested in is “club music”, but I also think that “band music” is exciting as well. That is why I introduced a real drum sounds in my album. The real sound of the musical instruments increases the “loose feeling “ in music. The sound of guitar was used to aim to add “dry and rough “ touch in the music. I love such taste. In addition to that, I wanted to show that we could dance with a band music. The choreography accentuated the dancing as well.

Q10 Could you tell me about episodes during the recording, if any ?
KHJ: Nothing special. I just enjoyed recording. You may easily recognize while listening to “Lucky Guy”, there’s a sound like the howling of a wolf just before the song goes to bridge (* the melodyline between the 1st lyrics and the 2nd lyrics ). Originally, I wanted to insert a female voice, but I could not find a preferable female sexy voice. Therefore, I did it by myself. Please check this while listening (laugh)

Q11: Finally, could you tell us your plan as artist ?
KHJ: I just want to create a good album. In the far distant future, on the occasion of my retirement as dance-music singer, I would like to invite my fans to the concert and show the best (unsurpassable ) live. I can stand here thanks to the warm support from all of my fans. I would like to convey my appreciation to the fans as much as possible.

[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong - Choa Vol.9


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