Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

[Star of the Week] Kim Hyun Joong’s Music Career Revisited


Kim Hyun Joong’s activities in Japan and upcoming drama have certainly been keeping the singer and actor busy these days, and while this is an exciting time for fans abroad, he has, been largely absent from the K-Pop scene. And we kind of miss seeing Kim Hyun Joong on stage.

So for all of you K-Pop fans who, like us, are suffering from Kim Hyun Joong withdrawal, we’re looking back on a few standout moments in his K-Pop music career because that’s where everything began for the hallyu star.

The Leader

Kim Hyun Joong made his K-Pop debut in 2005 as the leader of SS501 with Warning before following up with Snow Prince and going on to release a series of hits with the group like Deja VuA Song Calling for You and Love Ya.

Among the group’s hits, we’re highlighting Love Like This, in particular, because if SS501’s previous songs showed off the members’ boyish charms, this pop track with an R&B feel opened our eyes to the members’ much matured and, dare we say, sexier sides.

The Bad Boy

Kim Hyun Joong’s music career is going on eight years, but his solo career didn’t take off until 2011, when he released his first mini album Break Down.

Standing on his own now, Kim Hyun Joong broke away from the pretty boy image often attached to boy bands and went bad boy-tough, with the help of rapper Double K, for the lead single of the same name.

The Smooth Operator

In his short solo career, Kim Hyun Joong has shown versatility as an artist, and this is most evident in his ability to slip in and out of diverse genres.

If Break Down was a little rough and in-your-face, Kim Hyun Joong went the smooth and suave route for Lucky Guy, a bouncy pop track.

The Balladeer

As mentioned previously, although Kim Hyun Joong has been focusing on his drama and promotional activities overseas, he didn’t leave Korean fans completely hanging, having lent his voice to the >OST of tvN drama Marriage Plot.

Kim Hyun Joong surprised us once again, recording a ballad of all things, with the track, further proving his sensibility and unlimited potential as an artist.

The Karaoke King

And, finally, as an added bonus, we dug up and old clip of Kim Hyun Joong, when he appeared on Kim Do Hyun’s music program Must last year.

Kim Hyun Joong walked the audience through the songs he sings in karaoke rooms depending how inebriated he is, drawing laughs from the crowd.

The singer apparently likes to start sappy and slow with Cho Kyu Chan’s I Will Give You Everything, but by the time the alcohol has kicked in, you’ll find him belting out Park Sang Chul’s trot hit Unconditional (dance included).

If you ever wondered how Kim Hyun Joong acts when he’s drunk, you don’t want to skip on this clip.

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