Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
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Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

[News Highlights] Kim Hyun Joong 김현중 at UNLIMITED PREMIUM Event

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Universal Jpn's Managing Director sent an e-mail to HJ fans telling that Dec 12 is very competitive, asking HJ fans to buy additional 10-20K copies to win No.1. Pre-order till Dec 11 reflects on the 1st day sales ranking of Oricon. Please support "Unlimited" ...

Plus world tour will starts end of 213.He eud like work more in 2013.

HJ talked abt 2013 plan, 1 full albm in Korea, 1 single in Jpn, drama,

HJ will release 1 full albm, drama in Korea & world tour & 1 single inJpn 2013.

In Jpn, he prepares more band activities in future.

The MSG of Your Story is "I wud like to hold this moment w you who love @ support me.

HJ reflected whether he may not have recognized something important so far during production of album.

HJ was astonished he wud go to Shikoku island on Jpn tour, Lol.

He sang "I'm your man" in Japanesr in Unlimited. He will speak in Japanese during Jpn tour.

The 3rd song, "I'm yours" is R & B, but HJ forgot the song. It's a pity he could not sing this.

HJ learned table tennis fm his new body guard while he was in China last time, showing "swing" 4 us.

Source:  from twitter

acc to hyun joong, jp tour, full album in Korea, drama, single CD in jp and world tour at the end of year in 2013!

hyun joong was asked abt x'mas plan in this year at the interview session btwn 1st n 2nd time premium event, he answered he was planning to have a trip wz his manager in Korea cr: tvstation_om

".. pls don't let your stick light close to your face It makes you look a ghost" so funny that hyun joong said hahahaha ^ ^;

hyun joong seemed to be relax on the last show. he said that he had extra time after concerts in China, he learned table tennis from his bodyguard?, and shown us his swings. And after that, so cute that he started to speak wz the microphone holding as it's like the way of racket. ^^

Source:  from twitter

Trans of short exchange shared by 弥凌伊 on weibo:

HJ: 2012 wasn't as busy as I'd imagined it to be.

audience: ahh...?

host: (jokingly) with this many activities, like a robot (machine)

HJ: Just like everyone, I've been sleeping well.

微博@弥凌伊: HJ【2012没有想象中那么忙。】会场【啊?】主持人不禁玩笑道【如此多的活动 好像机器】HJ【我也和大家一样有好好睡】

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