Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

[Interview]Kim Hyun Joong Interview from 韓流MPOST

translated by OnlyKHJtimes

*Looking back to debut in 2012
Q: How was the year for you?
A: I think this year was the year which I could spend with fans much closer. I could debut as a solo artist in Japan and recieved much support, and especially for my second single, "HEAT", I could recieve the song from B'z that is my longing artist, and I tried new category, Rock Music, and I could recieve a lot of support from all of fans so (this year) was the one has special meaning for me as personal. I'm thinking that (I wanna leave) good result on the 1st album released in Dec. too, and I would like to end making this one year be a wonderful year.
*About "UNLIMITED" release
Q: What is the concept?
A: It's the concept of Rock sound.
Before "HEAT", (my music) was dance music, dance was the center, but new song for this time is composed with real musical instruments like a guiter, drum, keyboad. It's the album makes my dream, real Rock sound I've dreamed, come true.
Q: Do you have any meaning to put your thought on "UNLIMITED"?
A: I felt that I shouldn't stay the field that I've been. From the beginning, I like Rock and longing for it, and I hoped to extend my field someday. And this album title makes my music world (scale) in my mind look bigger, I decided the title, "UNLIMITED" not to be bound by the fixed field.
Q: Could you give your comment for each songs?
01: Save Today
This is the precious song which I worked togather, my favorite band with play and arrangement.
02: Let's Party
This is a song which shows my familiar figure for fans. I shown this as a guerrilla peformance, and I remenber the reaction (from fans) was very good.
03: U
My "only U" is always fans. Every time I sing (this song) on the stage, (it) makes me feel my fans.
This is title song, Japan solo debut single which was announced officially to Japanese fans. There is a proverb, "(you) have to put the 1st button well" in Korea, I felt it's true that the start is important. I recieved a lot of support, and this is the song I have to thank for making the activity as Kim Hyun Joong started.
05: I'm Yours
The song which is arranged like Rock sound. I've prepared the dance which fits the sound, so this is like the trump song which I can make fans surprised someday.
06: Your Story
This is the precious song which gives me the chance to pursuit the real Rock sound. I've done not only vocal recording but also the new steps, play and arrangement.
07: I'm Yours
It's the song gives me brightness to my stage. This is the ballad number (song) which I love.
08: Marry Me / Marry You
The lyric of these 2 songs are the same, but it was made like Marry Me is as a man's feel, Marry You is as a woman's feel. These plays are different a little bit and these songs are special song, which I presented to fans, announced with different vers for each MVs in Korea.
09: Lucky Guy
The song is different from the image from Break Down, so I feel that I could express new image.
(This is the song) I met the 1st one while (I'm looking for) my only music, color, and the song I could leave good result. For the point, the 1st song announced as "Kim Hyun Joong" in Korea, the song has the special meaning.
11: HEAT
I was so happy that I couldn't tell all, the encounter with B'z I've been longing for. Despite the new challenge, I could recieve the title as No.1 on ORICON, so (this song is) very emotional (for me).

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