Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Sabtu, 03 November 2012

[Tweet Bits] Happy Camp Recording Updates – 2012.10.28

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Credit:  DeannaHyun@weibo
Happy Camp is a Chinese variety show produced by Hunan Broadcasting System. The series debuted in 1997, and has remained in production since then due to its popularity. The show was hosted by the Happy Family: He Jiong, Li Weijia, Xie Na, Du Haitao, and Wu Xin. “Happy Camp” is one of China’s most popular shows .Each episode aired weekly feature several popular Celebrities as guest stars. Sometimes other regional celebrities from Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, or Taiwan are invited. They participate in interviews, performing, and party games.That’s why khj is there to participate in that show . this will air on 3rd of november
Sharing some Tweets …
MANY THANKS to Zi Qi and @crazyhyun66 and all those who shared updates on HAPPY CAMP Recording …  this is the next best thing for us who are not able to see the show live.  
Zi Qi ‏@wangziqi Theme for tonight’s happy camp recording is 王子style (왕자 스타일) prince style
@wangziqi   Fans are now entering the venue and being seated
@wangziqi  Look at the number of fans turned ip for tonight’s recording! Crastagged
@wangziqi   Joong’s style for tonight ~ handsome crastagged
@wangziqi  A very lighthearted atmosphere. ~~ uzoosin can everyone burst into laughter~
@wangziqi  Oh, and hyun Joong’s meal earlier on, crastagged
@wangziqi  A pic of hyun Joong~ from director’s weibo. So it’s okay ^^
@wangziqi  Haha , what is hyun Joong doing? From director’s weibo “a powerful word from hyunjoong, ‘네’ ” he says this everytime
@wangziqi Laughs laughs. 진자4D! U laugh, translator laughs, everyone laughs
@wangziqi  , khj was actually doing a bit of BD juz now~ his pants was a little tight, so he…~~keke
@wangziqi  , the photos are posted by directors of happy camp, so it’s okay to share. I will not post any fan photos~
@wangziqi   went backstage to touch up on makeup. There’s pillow fight laterrrr?…..?…?..
@khj_haru hyun Joong’s too 4D, his translator couldn’t hold back her laughter anymore~
@wangziqi Since hj couldn’t understand what the MCs are saying, so when mc laughs, he just follows, and laughs~ ㅋㅋ
@wangziqi Hj is very friendly and caring~ when XieNa(one of the female mc) was playing game, he went to hold the mic for her
@wangziqi  Hj danced to gangnam style~ 귀요~
 ‏@wangziqi  Hyun Joong is really competitive~~
 ‏@crazyhyun66  read from weibo,HJ couldnt understand what did hosts said in Chinese,so he always laugh,hosts laugh he laughs,audience laugh he laughs,haha
 ‏@crazyhyun66  read from weibo,HJ’s words made translator into a disorder states,only KHJ can do this~~4D HJ
@crazyhyun66  fans said that HJ always help to take female host’s handed-microphone actively when they playing games,a detail shows HJ’s warmth^^
@crazyhyun66  first part of HP is over,before back to backstage,HJ smiled and bowed to every staffs on the scene,our gentleman^^love to see this
@wangziqi  Hyun Joong gave birthday present for HaiTao, (male mc whose birthday is today)
@wangziqi  Also, hyun Joong lifted XieNa up
@wangziqi  HaiTao got hit by hyun Joong !
@crazyhyun66  the new game part of HP,which named “啊啊啊啊”,in this part hosts and HJ must wearing white clothes,fans said BSJ is back with that clothes^^
@wangziqi  Doctor Baekeland Seung Jo ‘reappear’!
@wangziqi  From weibo: hj wore orange sunglasses, Mickey headband and danced with XieNa
@wangziqi  Hyun Joong’s voice can be heard even though he is backstage, resting. He was humming a song
@wangziqi  Hyun Joong talked about his childhood dream – becoming a scientist.
 ‏@crazyhyun66  they are talking about,HJ taken out his cellphone,it seems that he’ll post weibo in person^^wow,let me wait and see
If hyun Joong loses, he will have to update his weibo on his own later
@wangziqi  Hyun Joong won~ so HeJiong is the one updating weibo, wrote to Haito “let’s get together”
@wangziqi  Haha! Photo updated by official weibo of happy camp. What is hj thinking of? 생각종~
@wangziqi  Just now the weibo update from He Jiong, hyun Joong was the one that pressed the sent button~
‏@crazyhyun66  The recording is over~~~so fast
@crazyhyun66   there are sing&dance part,but it didnt opened to fans,so now fans are out ,then HJ will sing songs separately^^
‏@crazyhyun66  translator of HJ upload a weibo by saying—”as a translator I haven’t ever burst into laughter on the stage,but HJ break the rules”^^haha
【Important infos 】about HJ’s HP taping,pzl read this tweet and spread it to everyone you know,thanks a lot!
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credit:  oikuanw
HaiTao piggybacked KHJ
 KHJ singing PLEASE
@chocolatdaleKHJ  Hyun Joong has already gone back to his hotel. still wore the black T-shirt & waved to the fans…
All Photo Credits as Tagged
Tweets @baebb
 fans were initially a tad worried that HJ might be too shy, too reserved, too uneasy…. (whatever) during the recording of Happy Camp since it’s his first time appearing in sucha variety show and it’s gonna be in a foreign language in a foreign land…but but. but…. he was surprisingly comfortable and got into the scheme of games very quickly! at several points, his responses and remarks were so funny that the interpreter literally had to squat down to bend over in fits of laughter ^o^
 as you all probably know by now, HJ’s Happy Camp recording has ended. from live updates, seems like everything went have been reminded not to upload or share pics or clips that could reveal contents of recording. anything that’s leaked may potentially be removed from airing altogether.and oh, fans were asked to leave the premises during the recording of his singing/dancing performance.also, here’s my trans of a weibo posted by KHJ Bar (金贤重吧官方微博)
- according to updates from various frontline sources, tonight’s recording was a joyous affair and went smoothly. believe HJ had tickled the audience, hosts and interpreter with his 4D charm. everyone’s very excited tonight, and many were searching for his news online, resulting in HJ coming in first on all sorts of search engines and portals. check it out!
据各种前线消息 今晚录制非常欢快顺利 相信金贤重用他的四次元逗乐了所有在场的观众以及主持人 翻译姐姐 ~(≧▽≦)/~ 今晚大家都非常兴奋激动 在微博搜索各种消息 让金贤重登上了各种排行榜第一~看看我们的成果吧~“
Having read this … I’ve decided to remove some pics that are not for sharing ….
Anyway, will provide a mediafire link for you all to download ………….
Sorry for this ……… 
 at the start of recording, HJ was talking about something about korea. he was talking about it quite seriously too. the interpreter was having a hard time interpreting HJ’s words… coz she was so tickled by HJ! she was so obviosly amused as she was interpreting for him…the more tickled she was, the more serious HJ was #^.^# his ‘point’ about the sharing was really an unusual one too, definitely not something an average person would see or conclude… HJ’s really very very very adorable! ahhh, time passed way too quickly!
开场路的时候偶吧讲了他自己国度的事情还特别认真 翻译在翻译的时候都翻译不出来了 边翻边自己乐抽了 看的各种逗偶吧还特别认真的说着 而且他的点真的完全不是常人的 偶吧真的可爱死了时间过太快了
 another weibo sharing by someone who attended the recording today:
KHJ’s really considerate!! he helped the staff push the props, and he even picked up the pillow that the staff forgot and passed it back to them.  and and and… he’s also so smart! and so ingenious when it comes to giving ideas.
转自Okay_GiGi微博: 金贤重真的好贴心!!!帮工作人员推道具,枕头工作人员忘记拿,他还专门捡起来交给工作人员~还有还有真的好聪明,各种鬼马出点子~
 another sharing and this is about HJ’s good manners ^^
when HJ was leaving, he bowed to each and every one of the staff to say his goodbye. the security guard standing next to me said to his colleague, “see how professional the korean artist is…. so very polite… much stronger than those in our country!”
转自无限等待中微博: 贤重离开时和每个工作人员都弯腰道别,我旁边一保安大叔对同伴说:看看人家韩国艺人多敬业,多有礼貌,比国内的强!
Oooooh so very proud of our ANGEL 
 a fan who was having a drink with a fellow fan at a roadside stall happened to meet a ticket tout whom she had spoken with before. he came up to us and said, “this Kim Hyun Joong show is too hot!”
he’s in this line (touting black market tickets) for eight years and this is the most incredible one. in the end, he sold everysingle ticket he had on hand… at RMB2400…
(bb: actually i’d read about tickets transacted at even higher value ^.^; mind you, the admission passes to happy camp are actually supposed to be free and even if on sale on the black market, rarely do they hit above RMB500…)
转自贤贤易色KHJ微博:#金贤重快乐大本营#和@Henicia-手拿瓶 我们在吃大排档,偶遇曾经搭讪的黄牛哥。他主动找我们说话:金贤重这场太火爆了,他干了8年了,这次最夸张。最后他手里的票2400全部卖完
- HJ’s interpreter on Happy Camp has posted on weibo about today’s recording. here goes…
As an interpreter,, I’d never ever burst out laughing on stage before! Breaking down… Am seriously sorry towards U:zoosin… Gotta reflect and do a self-check…
(bb: i suppose she’s feeling bad about not being able compose herself and hold her amusement… but fans have been very sweet, leaving her encouraging replies and telling her they like her and her work.)
- another snippet of sharing from a fan who attended the recording:
Let me share a little tidbit. During the games segment, HJ helped to hold the host’s mic at his own initiative. Very nice and friendly. And when he hurt the host whilst playing games, he also offered his apology sincerely. Jinjja a good idol.
- fans w/out tix waited for him… pic taken when HJ was accepting letters from waiting fans at hotel (花开荼扉敏微博)
- this weibo says HJ was perspiring lots and he was smiling all the way… ^^
THANKS to the pink one for sharing  ……. loving KHJ more and more …………

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