Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
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Minggu, 04 November 2012

[News] TOP 30 of the Most Handsome Men in South Korea in 2012 – Our “Walking Statue” is of course #1

[Introduction] Recently, a Korean program announced Korea’s  most handsome men ranking TOP30.  Of all the familiar Korean handsome male beauties,  not surprisingly “Walking sculpture “Kim Hyun Joong tops the list.  Won Bin, Hyun Bin, Kang Dong Won, Gong Yoo, Go Soo, So JiSub, Nick khun, Song Joong ki, Jung Woo-sung among the top ten.   Surprisingly, the popular king Jang Keun Suk ranked only 29, almost left behind.
The Top30 Lee from light
graduated from Seoul Arts School, are excellent in appearance and strength. Debut in 2009 launched the first solo album, “Frist Episode A New Hero”, and the strength to conquer the Asian audience. Subsequently returned to the stage again as a member of the idol group BEAST 6 people, at the same time served as the the multiple variety show fixed MC.
TOP29 Jang Keun Suk
Jang Keun Suk, South Korean artist, former child star. In late 2009, starred in the Korean drama “original Beautiful ah, to be of concern. The debut album was released in Japan in 2011, “Let me cry” won the ORICON credibility championship standings, so he became Japan’s first overseas debut on to win the championship standings singer.
The TOP28 Park there are days
Park one day (micky days), South Korean singer and actor. Childhood and reveal the creation and singing aspects of talent before his debut in the United States living by singing the selection back to South Korea as the East God from the members of his debut, the album “Hug” quickly became popular, and in 2005 in Japan debut, after more than four years finally boarded the Tokyo giant eggs, a great success; 2010 J membership activities. Has starred in movies “vacation” “love on Earth.” In Japan in the summer of 2010, starred in the the BeeTV phone drama “if you”. August 30, 2010, KBS Moonfire drama “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” formal debut as an actor, acting to great acclaim and won seven crowns, hailed as excellent acting idol representatives.
REALITY Town, South Korean artist, graduated from Hanyang University Department of Drama Film, “Love do not cry” and acted in “Love Story in Harvard”, won the 2008 6th Seoul, the social welfare of the general social welfare of Award.
The TOP26 Rain (Rain)
Jung Ji Hoon (Rain), 2002 was a debut that encompasses almost all South Korean media Newcomer Award newcomers first single “bad man” MV, with its explosive dance, unique appearance and international full- orientation of sexy charm, become Korea number one Ladykillers, and by the number of advertising companies favor a full range of killer charm, take aim, Rain, South Korea’s largest telecommunications operators SK, Samsung digital camera, student services company, drinks, ice cream and many other South Korean familiar with the brand signed an advertising contract with its more car too Hyun in tune TBJ apparel advertising, prolific advertising Rain fell swoop leapt to the 2002 ad Rookie throne. After more is always in the limelight, has won eight awards at the ceremony, The surge in popularity of Rain also visual area try.
TOP25 Kim Bum
Kim Bum, South Korea’s new generation of actors. Debut in 2006, the same year starred in MBC’s sitcom “unstoppable High kick, played by the lovely corner of the Golden Tiger fame. He really works of well-known overseas audience in 2009, “the Korean version of Boys”, so he not lost on the protagonist of the popular. After starred in many TV series where the male lead.
TOP24 Kim Nam Gil
Kim Nam Gil, the famous Korean actor. MBC public offering in 2003, 31 actors (“chief” achievements through the public offering of all three exams) while entering showbiz.Representative works are “My name is Kim Sam Soon”, “Storm Eve.
TOP23 Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho (Lee MinHo), also translated as Lee Min-ho, South Korean popular actor and advertising model. Debut “Secret Campus” in 2006, 2009, played Gu Jun Pyo in the Korean version of Boys “popular in Asia, bursting with popularity, and get year Korean Oscar Baeksang acting award for Best New Artist, and a solo single “My everything”.High popularity and model-perfect figure is allowed to commercials about constantly, is many manufacturers scramble spokesman. 2010 starred actor town ho “personal preferences” and MBC’s Award for Outstanding Actor. In 2011 starred in the Korean version of “City Hunter” actor Li Runcheng, acting has become more sophisticated, the ratings rose step by step.
The TOP22 car Katsumoto
Car Katsumoto, born June 7, 1971, the showbiz before is a very successful model.Superior appearance, the acting the Yizhuang also harmonic car Katsumoto TV series debut, “New York Stories”, began his acting the road. Jinshang Town directed comedy “Silla Moonlight” in 2001 starring become the annual “South Korea’s top ten grossing movies”, and also the movie car Katsumoto has become the star of the box-office security.
TOP21 Jung Yong
Jong Yong Hwa, Jung Yong (English translation:), born June 22, 1989, South Korean actor and singer. The result of a South Korean idol drama “You’re Beautiful starred in M ​​II” Jiang Xinyu many FANS familiar, become the object childe charm quickly became popular hot discussion after Kim Hyun Joong. He also is the lead singer and captain of the South Korean band CNBLUE. A lonely ah “” LOVE “in Korea just red. Managed to achieve remarkable results prove their unlimited potential, and worked in the KBS, SBS when the debut under January CNBLUE in Kim Jong Kook, SNSD singer better ranking on music charts issued a series of cases of the new song, starred in MBC other major media television programs.
TOP20 Liu Yaren
Liu Yaren, formerly known as Yan Hong-sik, South Korean actor. Graduated from Dankook University theater professional, and appeared in several television dramas, including “men can not get married” Western antique fruit shop “” We do not have tomorrow. Been nominated for the 2007 Dragon Award Best Male Actors, International Film Festival of 2007 Newcomer Award and other awards.
TOP19 TOP (Bigbang members)
TOP deep lines of the face, let TOP easily drawn a line just like all small boys, is also 87, was born the child, but to give people a mature man’s sense of security. TOP, on the stage has always been that a “tip of the face” and super pulled eyes, in the two-finger playing the “plus sign”, just met BigBang fans mistakenly thought he was a proud sexy male. However, when wearing the famous “mouth monkey pajamas, singing in his dorm so-called Rap; him as a dinosaur full field run to grab a chocolate brand; dresser styling when he was in THE REAL concert when; when his million happy finally able to eat a free dinner derived Joseph, you will find that his judgment was wrong quite ridiculous!
TOP18 Park Hae
Park Hae, born on November 26, 1977, to become a leader in the South Korean the Mesozoic actress in virtue of honest young the cordial appearance and excellent acting strength is in the golden period of the career, Park Hae who brought together a number of film and fans their expectations. Park Hae’s acting career began from the drama on stage, in 2000 by virtue of the “Youth Praise” the Baeksang Arts Festival Drama Best Newcomer Award, a larger harvest, however, is yet to come, his performance in the play deeply moved by the Renshun Li, director Bong Joon-ho and Park Chan-wook later have invited him to star in the film, from this Park Hae life turned a new page.
TOP17 1000 Masaaki
1000 Masaaki Korea male artist. Joined the army in 2008, served as a teaching assistant in boot training teams, and get the honor of “super soldiers”, November 27, 2009, 0900, 1000 Masaaki retired from the the Goyang City Army 30 division recruits training team.”Cinderella’s Sister” actor.
TOP16 Song Seung Heon
Song Seung Heon modeling origin, 1995 to participate in the filming of movies and television. 2000, the Song Seung With drama “Endless Love” climbed the pinnacle of his career. Order of the Constitution, the drama “Endless Love” became popular in Taiwan, South Korea’s hottest the Cenozoic niche, known as “Korea dawn. Korean youth, his starring role in almost all of the ideals and aspirations photographer like “popcorn” ** “Happy Hour” young officer, lawyer in the law firm, even played Junxi “soul-stirring love drama” Endless Love “is also a talented painter. Some people joke that because Na Liangdao is thick eyebrows, so he took a role in the role are inseparable upright simply lists the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons”.
TOP15 Li Shan
Li Shan are Korean actor works include “The Hospital”, “My Sweet City”, “Love poisoning”.
TOP14 Jo In Sung Jo In Sung, South Korean actor. He has performed in the Korean drama “Piano”, was born into a youth campus drama, “Funny college students, is known for his role. (22 minutes ago)
TOP13 Yucheng Hao
  Yucheng Hao (Korean: August 17, 1993 -), the South Korean film and television actor. Mobile advertising in 1999 starred in his debut. 2000 debut in the MBC drama stickleback play of children with leukemia, difficult challenges crying scene, to earn a lot of audience’s tears, also started from the typical tragic image positioning. While in South Korea also enjoys the [nationals brother said.
TOP12 Lee Seung Gi
Lee Seung Gi, Korea multi-dwelling artist, who is also the singer, actor, MC, cf model multiple roles. He holds the title of the nationals brother, love songs Crown Prince variety emperor, the National mom Peng other children enjoy universal pet; and his youngest Korean Variety Award winner by the media as the second era of national presided; he is the darling of advertisers shoot advertising the maximum number of artists for the year, for the fourth consecutive year advertising favorability; he is the man of the ratings, and had set a record of 100% of the ratings, the South Korean media called unprecedented, and no latecomers; he is every nationals son, a mother would like the student council president was born, even though the showbiz still A graduated, currently attending international trade professional graduate with honors.
TOP11 Jang Dong-gun
Jang Dong-gun, South Korean star, born on March 7, 1972 Korea secluded mountain ancient. The 1992 MBC21 Korean Dragon Award history, the Grand Slam of the first person of the actor class. Influence of Buddhist thought, in the Korean entertainment circle, Jang Dong Gun is the famous “Mr. Miyoshi” – good acting, good character and good conduct. Representative works include the story of the “female anchor of” Good Morning President “. Jang Dong-gun British upper primary “wedding of the century” was held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on the afternoon of May 2, 2010.
TOP10 Zheng Yucheng
Zheng Yucheng, burly figure, handsome face, Jung Woo Sung, known as the South Korean handsome man synonymous. More can not be ignored is acting increasingly sophisticated in the appearance of his idol. The 1994 movie “Nine-Tailed Fox” fame, after pass “BIT,” Sun “works anxious young people despair and love, became teen idols. 2011 SBS drama “Athena outsiders” to return to the vision of the audience. (18 minutes ago)
TOP9 Song Zhongji
  Song Zhongji Korean artists. Graduated from the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University, once known as the National Cheng Kung University school grass.With drama “Triple”, “Obstetrics and Gynecology” after his debut, he became the representatives of the new generation of flower handsome. In 2010, he starred in the first film “Heart Adventures” released, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” in a costume F4 addition became. In the same year, also fixed starred in a variety show of Liu in stone, in the music program, chaired and to launch beauty books “skin male beauty items, full flowering acting career.
TOP8 Nichkhun (2PM members)
  Nichkhun, the Chinese name temporarily translated (“Nepal kun”), combine 2pm member of a Sino-Thai the mestizo Thai singer was born on June 24, 1988, and is currently South Korea, mainly in Korea, as a deep The favorite Korean foreign artists activities. (13 minutes ago)
  SJS, the famous Korean actor. SJS debut in 1995, at first only to perform the role of some second-tier. ”Millennium of Love”, “Bali days later starred actor. By virtue of the “I’m sorry, I love you” in the TV series in 2004 played Che Wucher corner of a big success, and becoming a top Korean stars. SJS military service in 2005, April 27, 2007 Hall full of veterans. (12 minutes ago)
TOP6 high repair
  Date of Birth: 1978.10.4 Constellation: Virgo Zodiac: Snake Blood type: O Height: 177cm Weight: 65kg masterpiece: mother, sister, “” The Age of Innocence “the high repair transliteration: GO SOO” When men fall in love “Green Rose” “millionaire married”  (11 minutes ago)
TOP5 Gong Yoo
  Gong Yoo is one of Korea’s most popular actor and model. Gong Yoo to be welcomed because of the performances in the TV series “Biscuit Teacher Star Candy” Gong Yoo Yoon Eun Hye co-star in 2007′s “Coffee Prince” pushed to the highest peak of his career, he received MBC excellent Actor Award. Gong Yoo announced in December 2007 the army on January 14, 2008, before entering the military, he held the shadow Friends of tickets that sold out thirty-three seconds, setting the fastest sales records. Gong Yoo in the circle also quite popular, Jinshan Ya, Zhaoren Cheng are his close friends. (9 minutes ago)
TOP4 Kang Dong Won
  Kang Dong Won, South Korean male actor, born in 1981 in Kyung Shang South Road Chang former City debut in 2000, and in 2003 began to participate in television programs and movies shooting, 2004 by virtue of the film “wolf temptation” to become a new number of movie awards ceremony on the king, popularity soared after starring movie works, and made ​​good box office.Representative of “Do not believe her,” the temptation of “crying wolf”, “Tian Yu governance”, “house”, “the righteous brothers”. November 18, 2010, Jiang Dong Yuan entering the Nonsan Army Training Chungcheongnam military training, and December 17, 2010, went Seocho Health Environmental Institute report, began official service. (8 minutes ago)
TOP3 Hyun Bin
  Hyun Bin (Hyun Bin), also translated as Hyun Bin, Korean drama “My name is Kim Sam-soon” became Korea’s most dazzling new era of male stars. High school, like the theater, after under the influence of their parents into the movie circle. Hyun Bin also a model for the magazine, filming ads, also took part in the television drama performances. Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won cooperation success in 2011 starred in “The Secret Garden” to make it popular higher length career reached greater heights. March 7, 2011, into the army for a period of 21 months of military service. We look forward to his return. (7 minutes ago)
TOP2 Won Bin
  Won Bin, (1977, November 10, 2011 -), formerly known as Jin Daozhen, South Korea’s top stars. In 1995, the 18-year-old to participate in trials and his debut in 2000, starred in the TV series “Endless Love” fame, and become the hottest star actor. In accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea during the 2005-2006 military service in 2009, he officially return to showbiz with the film “Mother”, the film and won over 20 awards in the Korean domestic and international. 2010 movie “Uncle” became the highest grossing movie actor in 2010, a record 6.22 million passengers viewing high box office and also won the 47th Korean Film bell tours, 8th Korea Film Awards best actor award, but also his since joining the first actor awards. (6 minutes ago)
TOP1 Kim Hyun Joong
Kim Hyun Joong (Kim Hyun Joong), born in June 1986, Korean singer, actor, one of the Hallyu star representative Korean popular group SS501 captain.  Childhood academic excellence, docile, like all kinds of sports activities. Since his debut in 2005, has starred in MBC variety show “We Got Married” TV drama “Boys Over Flowers”, the Korean version of “Playful Kiss”, the popularity of malpractice. In South Korea is known as the “national predecessors”, won the Baeksang Arts Awards the Popularity Award enjoy walking sculpture “reputation.Participate in the opening ceremony of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games sang the theme song “Sunrise Oriental. 

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