Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Minggu, 14 Oktober 2012

[News Report] Kim Hyun Joong Talk on Lotte Fanmeet in Seoul [13.10.2012]

credit:  via @lafone0606

HJ sang Let Me Be the One 30 sec version. He asked fans to tell him which SS501 song they want him to sing in future.

If they tell him SS501 numbers, he will practice it so that he can sing at live in future.

After singing " Let Me Be The One", Hyun Joong said " I understand that you have been having the same feeling as mine. I sang this, hoping that it will be a song to remember for you. Good songs will stay in everyone's heart. Though I did not have courage to sing this (or SS501 numbers?), I feel encouraged by your cheers. So I will be able to sing more in future. Please tell me which number (SS501 ) you want me to sing. 
* Some fans were crying while listening to "Let Me Be The One "

HJ said " Autum has come, now winter is around the corner.... if you don't have a boyfriend, please make it sure to find one. I will also find a girlfried ! But today, I will be your man, only today (in Japanese) " He showed another glimpse of a mischievous guy.

HJ asked fans to sing " I'm your woman " at the end of the song " I'm your man". But some of the fans sang by mistake " I'm your man ". 
He reminded fans by gesture to sing once again in a correct way (lol) He said " As you just arrived in Seoul, you must have forgotton your gender ^^ (lol) 

* At Budokan, after fan's singing " I'm your woman ", 
Hyun Joong closed the song by singing " I'm your man too " So sweet he was !

HJ sang "Please" with piano accompaniment. 
He said " I recorded this song under massive pressue before I made a solo debut. This is the first song recorded for the first album. I would like to show you the process of recording " 

It seems that he practiced the melody of "Please" with piano and he presented how the song had been completed to the final one. So touching & fantastic.

During talk session, Hyun Joong said that he had gotten a scuba diving license recently. 
He said that he conqurer the sea! " In Korea, there is no shark " ... lol 

He will upload the picture in the internet. He also said " While going under the sea, I thought that this is the place I should come together with the girl I love " Then he continued to the topic " With autumn season now, winter is around the corner. You have to find a boyfried .... "

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