Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Selasa, 09 Oktober 2012

[Info] Kim Hyun Joong First Album Japan Start booking from October 5 be released!!! “Unlimited”

Waaaaaa.... so excitedddddd!!!!
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Start booking from October 5 be released!!! “Unlimited” title!! Today on December 12, the first solo artist NO.1 Oricon album, Kim Hyun Joong, the long-awaited fan!!
Second single release of July 04, which plays a solo debut in Japan in shock # 2 first appearance overall ranking single weekly Oricon called (February 6) in a single “KISS KISS / Lucky Guy” January 25, 2012, followed by The “HEAT”, record the feat fifth ever as a solo artist abroad # 1 first appearance overall ranking single weekly Oricon called (dated 16 July), Kim Hyun of updating the sales topped 20 million copies to date emissions. Fan events such that he will release on December 12, the long-awaited first solo album finally was held at the Budokan yesterday “HENECIA JAPAN 1st Anniversary events, drama” conquest “urban memorial event” (original title) at, it was announced by Kim Hyun Joong himself.
Kim Hyun made a performance during the event, while exchanging a talk full of humor cool, when too hot press on the hit parade of eight songs, including the “HEAT”, “Lucky Guy” hits the aforementioned led the backing band my first album will be released in Japan (laughs) a month. 12!! emissions, there is an important announcement for you. in December … Christmas everyone hard to actually come to Japan ” and comment!! “Please wait, so are preparing for. Voice of blessing and joy flurry of remarks surprise seems Kim Hyun always remember thanks to the fan, fan lucky, from 10,000 people were present on the spot, “Yo’ve been waiting for!”, Such as “! Glad” , I was interviewed overwhelming expectations for the album.
, “Your Story”, “I 6 songs that cover hit series such as,” HEAT “,” KISS KISS “,” Lucky Guy “content of the album, which was announced as” unlimited “titles together, songs release new songs such as’ m Yours “,” Save Today “has three songs, 14 tracks total planned Korean music (such as South Korea already issued / pending) will be included. In addition to normal edition of only this CD, Limited Edition DVD with video making and PV of “Your Story”, “Save Today” and two songs new song was included in three types of the sum of the two will be released at the same time. Likely to be must-have for fans all any difference in the total specification jacket, like luxury with a booklet of First Press Limited Edition minutes.
The above three types of purchase as a benefit album, entitled to three clear file (to be elected each venue 300), as a privilege to participate in the Board purchased two premium sign to be held in seven major cities nationwide (details below) in the lottery also course applicants were announced two major gifts. Reservation of this album has been started on Friday, October 5 today. It should be noted that also determines the release with the “smartphone stand” to board members only mobile is also, “Hyun Joong original Parker” in the Limited Edition will be released the same day in the fan club “HENECIA JAPAN” of Kim Hyun Joong .
As the album title, album likely “unlimited” the possibility of “infinite” Kim Hyun Joong has been expressed, a big topic that concluded in 2012.
■ Kim Hyun Joong “unlimited” 12/12 Release (Wed)
[Pending order of songs / tracks on CD 14 tracks plan]
· Your Story (Japanese ※ new song)
-I’m Yours (Japanese ※ new song)
-Save Today (Japanese ※ new song)
-Lucky Guy
-Let’s Party
Other scheduled recording, music also Korea
Track-form is expected to form the list below ※ [Product].
A Limited Edition ① ((\ 3,714) / \ 3,900 with A / digipack + Surivu picture UICV-9026/CD + DVD / Jacket)
recorded 14 tracks (tentative): CD
DVD: PV + Making Your Story
Limited Edition B ② ((\ 3,714) / \ 3,900 with B / digipack + Surivu picture UICV-9027/CD + DVD / Jacket)
recorded 14 tracks (tentative): CD
DVD: PV + Making Save Today
Regular Edition ③ ((\ 2,857) C / \ 3,000 picture UICV-1023/CD / jacket)
CD: deluxe booklet + recording 14 tracks (tentative)
■ Implementation of Special commemorative album release campaign! Course the two major decision applicants!
Submission period: December 12, 2012 December 16, 2012 12:00 – noon (Wed) 23:59 (Sun)
(1 burner on three meter one by one of each title) ① course mouth one three
as the application of the mouth one three meter one by one each title ⇒, (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Fukuoka, Sendai seven cities nationwide, at Hiroshima), invite you to sign meeting the premium) pre-(300 people at each venue in the lottery. You can even apply your mouth what any venue per person.
(One in the mouth also the title of any two) ② 1 course mouth two
mouth as one two, presents to all the Clear File Set of 3 A4 also the title of any omission ⇒. You can even apply your mouth what per person.
Other fine details and how to apply, please wait for a while now, so will be announced as soon as it is determined in the following sites.
Regarding other additions as soon as is determined, we will guide you in the HP official website and the official Universal Music.
■ JAPAN OFFICIAL Http://Kimhyunjoong.Jp/

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