Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
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Minggu, 05 Agustus 2012

[Translation] Kim Hyun Joong’s Interview at Saitama Super Arena Report from WEB オリスタ

translated by OnlyKHJtimes

MC: Heard you had guerrilla live in Tokyo and Nagoya.

HJ: We dicied to have guerrilla lives because many fans supported (sent a lot of love to) my 2nd single, and I wanted to respond to the cheer. And I have one more person whom I wanna thank is the leader from our dance team. He was ganna plan to have the honeymoon, but he had to postphone it because of guerrilla lives in Nagoya. So all, please congratulate for him.

MC: It’s because of hyun joong ssi personality that your members gather (for hyun joong)?

HJ: We often get gathered and play together. (laugh)

MC: You were talking on TV that you wanted to go to buy toothbrush.

HJ: The size of toothbush is suitable, but toothpaste is too small at hotels in every countries. I don’t feel comfortable about that. especially the one in Japan is small, I feel. I have to open up 2 toothpastes everytime I brush my teeth, that’s why I wanna buy (bigger toothpaste). That’s all for that, and there is no another reason (for the story).

MC: Do you use 2 toothpastes at one time?

HJ: yes, I do.

MC: Don’t you feel sick in your mouth?

HJ: All toothpastes don’t taste good, do they?

MC: Let’s change the topic now, is there any jinx (means “the things to do for luck in Japanese) Kim Hyun Joon ssi believes?

HJ: I don’t know I can tell this my jinx, but for me the order has been decided that I brush my teeth first and then I take shower. I can’t brush my teeth after I take shower. So my jinx in the morning is that I brush my teeth first and then take shower.

MC: (I think) you’re very busy everyday, so have you had private time this time?

HJ: I really didn’t have my private time this time, because I have had the drama shooting at the same time. However I got 3 days off from the drama team, I can meet you here like this. So I really thank to the drama team, and I also thank to all who help me being in the drama.

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