Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

[Video + Trans] Hyun Joong Talk Time @ Saitama Concert


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0:07 today, since it’s afternoon or hot outside, you guys look tired. 

0:23 why dont you scream it out loud?

0:27 well, once I say ‘ready’, people on the first floor will start to scream out. 

0:35 here we go, ‘ready!’

0:45 I know, it’s pretty hot today.(*he’snt satisfied with the screams lol) 

0:52 here we go, everybody on the first floor, ‘ready?’

0:55 I wish you guys yell out enthusiastically. 
1:00 (*??? lol) 1:06 (*???) 

1:08 what’s that? (*he might not understand what fans said)

1:17 ok.. (* and listening very carefully lol) 1:26 ok, would you speak alone? 1:32 what did you say?

1:39 oh, se no? (*they use ‘se no’ when they say ‘ready~’.) 

1:43 when I say, ‘se no’, em.. please say ‘kiss kiss’

1:50 at the Osaka event, I asked to prepare some tents to keep the rain out for my fans,but instead of rain, it was really hot so I worried if my fans would fall in a faint.

2:21 ah.. the weather is not under my control. people call me as a man of rain, but in fact, I am not good at choosing a day, just I am not working in harmony with the Weather Service center.

2:43 for the next plan…. nothing.. 

2:57 I can talk about the next plan after my agency confirms..but there are a lot of things I want to do, like filming City Conquest, releasing new album, going world tour, releasing new JP album,appearing in JP drama, releasing new album again, releasing JP album also, want to live a busy life..but I didnt get any confirm from my agency, so can’t surely answer now. 

3:30 you know my agency’s website, plz put pressure on them

3:40 neh, today even if today’s concert was delayed about an hour, every single one of you waited for me. I really appreciate that..I want to pay back for this by visiting each one of you at the small venue instead of this kind of big one next year.

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