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Investigation of KHJ
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Rabu, 11 Juli 2012

[Translation]The Behind-the-scenes Story of Kim Hyun Joong’s Osaka Handshake Event & Nagoya Guerrilla Lives

[Brought from] “The Behind-the-scenes Story of Kim Hyun Joong (김현중)’s Osaka Handshake Event & Nagoya Guerrilla Lives” 
Translated by: Ashley (@FortheLoveofKHJ)
[Translation] The behind-the scenes story of the Osaka handshake event on 7/7 & the Nagoya guerrilla lives on 7/8. How far Kim Hyun Joong’s effort would go~~@@@ an official mobile staff member’s blog■The inside story of the Osaka handshake event ~ the Nagoya guerrilla lives. 
07/10/2012 A DA employee T: How are you? I’m an employee of Digital Adventure, T! Introducing a secret report of an employee on site, Hyun Joong, upon receiving. ^^ On the 4th day of his stay, he had magazine interview(s), visits to record stores in Shibuya & Ginja. The next day, which was his 5th day, he started training from morning at the gym and went to the studio with the dancers, rehearsing attentively for a long period of time. He had a busy schedule of promotions in Japan & doing the drama while preparing the performances scheduled on the 14th & the 15th in Saitama Arena. There weren’t many breaks most of the time, rehearsing fiercely at the studio, and in the middle of it, Hyun Joong asked for advice out of nowhere saying, “I’ve received such an enthusiastic response beyond my imagination from Japan. Isn’t there anything I can do for the fans from this moment on?” His next day schedule was that he had to go to Osaka early in the morning to do the handshake event and he planned go back to Tokyo the following day to prepare for the shooting of the drama. He had a fervent wish to adjust his schedule somehow & do something even if it was for a short time. 
He was busy promoting & on a strict weight loss diet for the drama, not to mention training hard. Everyday, he rehearsed at the studio & practiced acting until dawn afterwards. Because I knew this, I asked “Would you be okay having more on top of all this?” He answered, “To tell you the truth, it would be a lie if I said it was, but it’s okay. I want to do it.”
And this was how the Nagoya guerrilla lives came about. Even after the decision, there was some kind of miracle 2 nights before the event. The dancers came from Tokyo & Seoul in a hurry & all the Korean and Japanese staff ran around busily. After finishing the Osaka handshake event successfully, the schedule was being modified desperately on the way to Nagoya & even after arriving there. As Hyun Joong said worriedly, “Please eat properly & don’t mind me. I’m okay,” he went to the gym & sweated right after arriving in Nagoya. 
He had been concerned about the fans waiting in such hot weather for the handshake event in Osaka. All the schedule had been completed without rest because he hadn’t wanted the fans to wait in the hot weather. Because the employees were constantly impressed seeing Hyun Joong in this way, they united as one to make the Nagoya guerrilla lives successful, pulling all-nighters. We received generous help from everyone for this, including locals. We were able to have 3 guerrilla lives in Nagoya because everyone’s hearts came as one & I suspect that was why many of you were able to enjoy them as well.
Hyun Joong is also very happy with this miracle. Further, I believe that Hyun Joong’s constant hard work and effort & your enthusiastic support for him were the reasons behind this good result of No. 1 at the Oricon Weekly Chart. Kim Hyun Joong will continue his stay in Japan & he is putting his all into his next drama “Taking Over the City,” which begins shooting today.
Also, he says that he wants to present the best shows to you at Saitama Arena next week. Guys, we will see you at Saitama Arena! Please give your fervent support to Kim Hyun Joong! Leader, if anything, pls take care of yourself.
FYI: I believe the above was translated from Japanese to Korean first, so the meanings weren’t very clear at times. I did what I could. Anyways, I’m so moved after reading this. I’ve always known what kind person Kim Hyun Joong is, but to hear from a staff member (who’s not a fan) makes this behind-the-scenes story all the sweeter somehow. Don’t you just love him? I know he will always come out a winner no matter what b/c he can always say he did his best without regrets. 

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