Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Jumat, 27 April 2012

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong is just your regular guy

The Korean singer-actor shares with xinmsn how different Kim Hyun Joong, the Hallyu star, is from the normal Kim Hyun Joong.

Korean pretty boy Kim Hyun Joong will be in Singapore for the Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012, held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on May 4, where he will now high-five all 3,000 fans at the show . Each member of the audience will also receive a set of T-shirt and brooch, featuring the U:ZOOSIN character which is designed by Hyun Joong.
Prior to his arrival, xinmsn caught up with Hyun Joong in a short email interview, though a number of our questions were unfortunately censored by the Korean management. The Korean heartthrob shares his memorable moments in Singapore, why he thinks he is a 'Lucky Guy' and his plans in the near future.
Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012
Date: May 4, 2012 (Friday)
Time: 8pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tickets: S$198, S$168, S$138 (excluding S$3 SISTIC fee)
xinmsn is proud to be the official online media for Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 Singapore.
Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 Singapore is organised by Running Into The Sun and AMC Group Singapore.
You've been to Singapore so many times. What are some of your most memorable moments in Singapore?
Every moment is memorable to me -- the number of fans who welcomed me at the airport and gave me their warm reception and support during my stay in Singapore. I also look forward to attending this fan meeting.
You have a song called 'Lucky Guy'. Do you think you're a lucky person? Why?
I think I am a very happy person currently, because I can do both music and acting, and is well-loved by people when doing both.
What's the biggest difference between Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong and normal guy Kim Hyun Joong?
I feel that Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong and normal guy Kim Hyun Joong is very different. Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong tries to show his perfect side to the fans, whereas the normal Kim Hyun Joong leads a normal life just like the others. I spend my time reading cartoons and playing soccer.
What are some of your future plans? Will you be releasing another album, or participate in any drama this year?
I want to be able to do well in both music and acting, and not just focus on one particular area. This year, I plan to have album activities and acting. While preparing for this upcoming fan meeting, I'm also looking at good drama or movie scripts. I'll try to show my fans a better side, so please look forward to it.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Voted No. 1 Idol that Will Heal Your Heart. Who’s Yours?

Between April 9 and 15, music site Monkey3 ran a poll asking fans to vote for an idol that would heal your heart just by looking at him/her. 1,953 netizens participated in the survey, and an overwhelming number of them voted Kim Hyun Joong no. 1 as their “healing-dol.”
Kim Hyun Joong won by a landslide, taking home 1,044 votes (53%). Those who voted for the singer actor explained, “Just looking at him makes me happy,” “When I see Kim Hyun Joong, my heart warms up, and I feel consoled,” “Both my eyes and heart are happy,” “There’s just no explanation needed. It’s Kim Hyun Joong,” and more.
CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa took home the second, while IUBig Bang’s G-Dragonmiss A’s Suzy, and Wonder Girls’ Sohee followed.
What about Soompiers? Which idol star would you choose as your “healing-dol?”

Media Photos Kim Hyun Joong interview with the winner of HK YAHOO CELEB MISSION

[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong wearing Cartier Bracelet Sponsor

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[Media Photos] Kim Hyun Joong @ Ballantyne Store Opening

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[Info] 5 Pairs of Tickets to be given away for Kim Hyun Joong’s ASIA Fanmeeting 2012 SINGAPORE

Credit:   ONE TV ASIA@FB

ONE is the Official TV for the ’Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 Singapore’ and if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, here’s a chance to win them!
We are giving away 5 pairs of tickets worth $198 each to 5 lucky winners with the MOST CREATIVE answers! Hop over to to find out how to win!

[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong – Lotte Duty Free May 2012 Wallpaper

[2012.04.24][Scans] ASIAN PLACE Vol.10

[News] Update: Kim Hyun Joong to High Five all Audience in Singapore Fanmeet


24 April 2012 (Singapore) – Kim Hyun Joong has taken the challenge to high-five all 3,000 members in the audience at the Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 in Singapore on 4 May 2012, aiming to break the record by any artiste performing in Singapore so far to offer the closest fan interaction for audiences during a concert. Previously only open to 500 lucky fans in the audience, Kim Hyun Joong has now personally requested to high-five all concert attendees at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, a feat never undertaken before at any concert or fan meeting.
Kim Hyun Joong will also give away one set of T-shirt and brooch of his own design, encompassing the U:ZOOSIN character, a cartoon avatar created by Kim Hyun Joong himself to everyone in the audience. This will be specially made for this fan meeting tour. Kim Hyun Joong’s official animated character U:ZOOSIN has sold 50,000 units in Korea alone, boasting approximately US$1,900,000 in sales.
“This is a very special request we’ve received, which proves Kim Hyun Joong’s immense devotion to his fans. We are glad that fans in Singapore will get a very personal touch – pun intended – with Kim Hyun Joong; but we’re also excited that all members in the audience will be part of a record-breaking moment,” says Wendy Ng, Executive Producer of Running Into The Sun.
High-five sessions are normally small, private sessions that are open to a small group of fans to interact with artistes before or after a concert. However, Kim Hyun Joong will be taking this a step further by expressing his wish to high-five every single member of the audience, breaking away from the notion that superstars of his calibre are often put on a pedestal.
Kim Hyun Joong 2012 Asia Fan Meeting in Singapore will showcase over 10 songs, slick dance moves, special effects and interactive segments in a two-hour show. Premiere seats, the seats closed to the stage have completely sold out, but fans can rest assure that good seats are still available across the Arena and Terrace categories.
Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 will be held 4 May 2012 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.“Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 Singapore” is brought to you by Official Card UOB Cards, and organized by Running Into The Sun and AMC Group Singapore.
Ticketing Details
Ticket Prices:
$198 (Arena & Premiere Seats)
$168 (Terrace)
$138 (Balcony)

Sabtu, 21 April 2012

[20.04.2012] [News] Kim HyunJoong, Taiwan’s FM tickets’ controversy, ‘Will Do The Best Not Letting The Fans Down’ (Including Tour of Asia in Indonesia)

Yeah i'll wait for this, because accordingly from Keyeast, including Indonesia, Hyun Joong ssi will be kicking off his Asia Tour, we have some project for that to Hyun Joong ssi come...So, for Indonesia fans please prepare for yourself and saving ur money..^^
Source: Nate
English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/
Please leave the credits remain intact when repost.  TQ! :)
Kim HyunJoong expressed his regrettable feelings towards the recent controversy about the ‘high ticket price’ for his first official fanmeeting in Taiwan. Kim HyunJoong will be holding his ’2012 Kim HyunJoong’s Fanmeeting in Taiwan’ for 2 days (18th and 19th May). However recently, the Taiwan medias have been raising their opinions to Kim HyunJoong’s agency, Key East, about the ‘tickets’ high price’ issue.

According to Key East’s official to E-news on 20th April, he revealed,  ‘We heard from the local (Taiwan) authorities saying that the price was set accordingly and we didn’t expect this kind of controversy. We are feeling regretful and upset about this matter. Kim HyunJoong is expected to perform 14 songs in this Taiwan fanmeeting, the sound system will also be mini-concert-liked scale as to bring out the best performance. In addition to the High-5 event, Kim HyunJoong will also be giving out presents prepared by him directly. He will be doing his best not to let the fans down.’
The lowest ticket price for Kim HyunJoong’s fanmeeting’s ticket starts from 30,000won to 180,000won. Most of the ticket allocation is around 100,000 won and only some VIP seats’ are 180,000won. Most overseas singers performing in Korea itself too cost around 200,000won and it might even cost 500,000won~600,000won in Japan, thus Kim HyunJoong’s fanmeeting’s ticket’s price cannot be considered as expensive in this case. As for the reason for Kim HyunJoong’s ticket price’s controversy is because of his fame hence this kind of ‘happenings’ appear. The official expressed further, ‘It’s not only about the interactions with fans, he is also aiming to provide a concert-liked fanmeeting and he will also be paying extra attention on this in his future fanmeetings’
Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong will be kicking off his Asia Tour on early May starting in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia accordingly.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong’s fanmeeting in May, personally prepares present

Credit: (Mydaily) + (English translation)

Singer cum actor Kim Hyun Joong will start his ’2012 Kim Hyun Joong fanmeeting’ tour from May onwards, with lovely heartwarming plans for fans.
Kim Hyun Joong’s fanmeeting is scheduled to being in May, starting with Singapore. Kim Hyun Joong as well as KeyEast agency have been busily preparing for more than 2 weeks before the first fanmeeting.
Kim Hyun Joong prepared surprise presents for fans to express his love. It’s common to have gifts for fans at a fanmeeting, this gift is personally selected by Kim Hyun Joong during company meeting.
KEYEAST agency revealed to MyDaily on 20th that “(Kim Hyun Joong). picked out souvenirs, passionately committed to what he was doing,” Kim Hyun Joong said he loves the fans.
In addition to the fan meeting where Kim Hyun Joong is schedules to meet fans. Reveals “Kim Hyun Joong want to meet hundred and twelve fans on stage’ said in a state” and ‘regardless of time, manage to meet fans somehow: he explained.
In the meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong’s fanmeeting will begin in about 14 days, performing 14 songs from his solo mini-albums. Fanmeeting stage will be decorated in the form of a mini-concert.

[News] Kim HyunJoong, Kang Sora, ‘We Are Outdoor Couple’

Credits : Mydaily + (English Translation) xiaochu @

Actor cum singer Kim HyunJoong and actress Kang Sora started their first modeling activity as outdoor models.
Kim HyunJoong and Kang Sora attended the business information conference for outdoor brand ‘Center Pole’ held on 19-Apr at Millennium Hall, Central City, KangNam, Seoul.
On this day, Kim HyunJoong said briefly “It is my first time modeling for an outdoor brand”, “I will promote (the brand) and show lots of my good image with it.”
Kang Sora also said “It is my first time modeling for hiking attire, it is my honor”, “Thanks to this, I did many hiking and trekking.”


[2012.04.19][Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG @ CENTER POLE EVENT by meetkhj

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

[2012.04.19][Photos] KIM HYUN JOONG @ CENTER POLE EVENT by ahlia