Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
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Kamis, 02 Februari 2012

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong @ Mezamashi Fuji TV [12.01.30]

Trans by / @OnlyKHJtimes

MC: This person is KHJ, who debuted as a solo (artist) in Japan.

He made a couple of surprise visits to CD shops in Tokyo, yet so many fans came to see him. His visits were a secret, and only Mezamashi TV followed him.

We will show you our exclusive video about him later.

MC: There’re big surprise events in Shibuya and Ginza yesterday.

A Hanryu (Hallyu) star, KHJ debuted as a solo the other day in Japan and made a surprise appearance in front of fans.

Girl: I saw him. He was handsome. Fufufufufu ~chego (good!)~

VO: The person whom the fans came to see was KHJ, who debuted as a solo the other day in Japan. He visited Shibuya and Ginza to promote his debut CD.

VO: His debut CD won 2nd spot on the Oricon daily ranking.

His visit was planned secretly but about 200 fans got the information from Twitter or etc (and gathered) in Shibuya.

VO: He was welcomed with great cheers by fans and left his autograph on his panel.

These fans who could shake hands with him were very lucky, as his stay was just only 1 min and 21 secs. He left like a storm and headed to Ginza.

KHJ: I feel that Japanese fans are very enthusiastic and their feelings (zeal/enthusiasm) to cheer me is big.

In fact KHJ has lived in Japan some years ago.

His favorite dishes since then…?

KHJ: The dishes I often eat are gyu-don, ramen, soba, and curry rice.

I especially like the curry and rice at CoCo Ichi (it’s the name of the shop).

He seems to like Japanese fast-food.

Then what is his favorite Japanese word?

KHJ: “Agepoyo”

Since I’ve debuted in Japan, everyday is “agepoyo” for me.

VO: His next visit with such an “agepoyo” feeling was a CD shop in Ginza.

There were double the number of fans compared with at Shibuya; about 500 agepoyo fans welcomed him.

VO: He’s called “rida” because he’s been a leader of SS501, which debuted in Korea, in 2005. After the event, so many fans were waiting for him to come out.

Fan1: “He is so handsome and cute and I’m really moved (that I could) meet him.

Fan2: “I really love him. He is the aunt’s (middle-aged women’s) longing (adoration).”

KHJ: I think I have to work harder (to meet the expectations from fans) in the future.

I also want to thank all the fans for coming to see me.

VO: KHJ had a stage on Mezamashi Live last summer and he had been very popular since then. There weren’t any announcement, but about 700 fans had gathered to see him.

The End

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