Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

[Trans] Behind The Scene Cuts from Playful Kiss YTKISS DVD

Kekeke..thx for the translation on soompi,actually i know for this trans,coz i'm so busy with my research,so i can't update for you everyone,miane..^^
But really enjoy little lady already for this trans...^^

Credit: Little-lady @Minjoong soompi for the trans for these videos

the jacksal bit

basically is the same with what tlpc explain. Mama Baek was telling HJ that she has a friend whose husband asked her how she want to spend their wedding anniversary and her friend said to have fried chicken at Jaksal. Her husband really brought her to Jaksal for a meal w/o knowing that his wife wanted to go there because she is actually a HJ fan. Yet while the whole time Mama Baek was telling HJ this HJ was showing more attention for MM!
but apparently they went to the one that KHJ's mom open. and although her friend cant meet up with KHJ at the time, but it make her happy already because she really really love KHJ. ( my korean friend said " that is probably why KHJ look a bit shy on this tape)

@7:00 the bench part

basically they were just talking about how cold the weather is, and KHJ wish he was having a long under garment .

@8:10 the balcony scene

KHJ telling the camera "what? what do you want from me?" ( but my korean friend said that is the way KHJ say is rather using bad/ cursing word in a joking way that is probably why JSM was laughing)

@10:10 the stair

KHJ said that JSM is a top student, she really is. he said JSM manager was having a drink with KHJ, and and khj said after a glass they getting closer and JSM manager told him that JSM was top student and in the top class.

but then JSM said "1 glass or 1 bottle?" and KHJ answer " half a glass" jsm said" he lied"
the cameramen as khj" aren't you cold?" and KHJ answer" nope"
and jsm said " but your nose was red " and KHJ said" drunk ( he meant still drunk from last night with JSM manager)
the cameraman asking" but i can see you shaking" and KHJ answer" dancing and then he explain ( act as if he is Dr.baek ) you know in human body when two line on your heart doesn't connect it will make your body shake(dance) " and JSM laugh


khj was practising or drawing on the chart form and JSM was trying to figure out how to sit wheter is gonna be this way or that way, but KHJ was on his own world so JSM asking " are you even listening?"
and KHJ look at her, so JSM ask again " do you think i should sit here or how ?( she sat next to KHJ ) and KHJ answer" okay (cool)"
jsm complaining and said" okay (cool) just like that?( laughing) i was asking with much effort and your answer is just cool? "

12:10 car scene

one of the staff was touching JSM head and said " good job" and one of the woman staff was asking KHJ to give back the wedding ring but it was to tight that is difficult to remove
when JSM holding the cake it has 7 candles she said because they done 7 episodes

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong @ Playful Kiss Event 2011 (Cut from DVD)

Credit: exlley @yt


Songs from Rehearsal : Thank you & One more times

[Article] Background Story: Kim Hyun Joong’s Love Briquette Donation

Original link:…ty01&wr_id=487
Note: The Bureau of Love Briquette is a well-known non-governmental charity organisation in Korea.
Translated by: @heneciajin
Edited by: OKT @OnlyKHJtimes

This little story was shared by the Bureau of Love Briquette on their blog today:

Early last November, a person came here and handed us a white envelope from Kim Hyun Joong.
At first, I thought I saw it was 5 million won, but when I looked closely into the envelope again, I realised it was actually 50 million won. We were shocked by the amount and so questioned him in detail. He said that Kim Hyun Joong was deeply touched by what he saw during his briquette donation last year (OKT: remember when he personally delivered the pieces?) he promised that he would do it again this year. But he was too busy to do it again this time because of his overseas schedule.

So he was really sorry about that and he promised to take part in the delivery next year. He asked us to distribute the 50 million won to those senior citizens who live alone and in poor neighbourhoods. Also, he asked us not to say anything to the media about this donation so we couldn’t post this story on our homepage. But today, there was a news article out. Maybe the Red Cross revealed it.

I was thinking since the story was out already, I wanted to post it here too.
Kim Hyun Joong’s beautiful coal donation will be delivered well. I wish that we would be able to deliver it together with him next year…