Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

Some Cuts from DVD "Playful Kiss" YouTube Special version from elley

Hooooaaaaaa...thx u eonnie elley!!! Daebaaakkkk kyaaaaa!!!!


YouTube Special ver. Making
[DVD] Playful Kiss YouTube Special ver.

an Episode about Jaksal Chicken

Some KHJ's Cuts from DVD

[News] Kim Hyun Joong to start the new year with his fans

Yeaahhhh....good job oppa,ckckck...many hoax i heard for 2012..ckckck

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver
courtesy of VITALSIGN / AllKPop

Kim Hyun Joong will be spending the new year with his fans through his new fan meeting event called ‘2012 Kim Hyun Joong Fanmeeting in Seoul‘.

He’ll be performing songs from his “Break Down” and “Lucky” mini-albums, as well as hold discussion sessions to talk about what 2012 will be like for him and his fans. Since the event is open to fans from all over the world, the diverse turnout is expected to cement his status as a Hallyu superstar.

Reservations for tickets opened up on December 21st, and in moments, the pages were flooded with 10,000 fans, claiming every last seat in just under 30 minutes. Fans that weren’t so lucky are still scrounging on boards and hoping that more dates will be added to the fan meet.

A representative of Key East expressed, “He’s counting down the days to meeting his fans. Even amidst busy preparations for year-end shows, he’s working hard to come up with ways to make the event memorable for his fans.”

After his fan meet, he will be preparing for the release of his Japanese single and promotions.

[Video] Kim Hyun Joong – Playful Kiss – Episode about Jaksal Chicken [22.12.11]

credit: exlley@YT