Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong at USA part 2

Credit: ThaCharlie and KHJFacts_Indo

Kim Hyun Joong Forever: Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min Analysis Scene part 4


The MC requested them to pose with more closeness ~ but the two just laughed like silly

Still no action XDDDD

Continue to smile and laugh like silly, don’t know what to do XDDDDDDDD so cute are these two >/////////< even smiling silly also it’s alike

MC persistently continue to say – come on, please pose as a newly wed couple will do XDDDDD

HJ then said something to SM and she put her hand on his arm


Must be holding on too easily, after photo-taking while waiting for the production co management personnel, SM still didn’t let go her hand>/////<

Still hasn’t let go her hand ~ both of their dump expression are funny XDDDDDDD

I feel that HJ is actually very caring towards SM’s feelings, like when the directors shouted “cut” he then slowly move his hands from SM’s arms

When the shoot is over, both stood at the same spot (once again proves that both are unlike most actors would separate immediately when it’s over)

Although I don’t know how long both of them stood there, but the buttons on SM’s sweater are already buttoned up (wonder who buttoned up for her? If it’s SM herself, then I’d say she has very good skill XDDDD)

Although HJ is cold but he only put his hands in his pocket

Then for whatever reason the director walked towards them, HJ quickly remove SM’s sweater

SM refuse to remove it XDDDDD

Actually that scene is still not OK yet, because after HJ has taken the sweater and went away, SM is still standing at the same spot

HJ pretend to wear the SM’s jacket by mistake ~ tsk tsk ~ he really know how to make her happy XDDD

After the interview SM brought HJ’s sweater home (Big deal XDDD)

Wonder why was this little moment of the scene edited for audience to see = =

I know they are flirting XD but that’s not enough

Good thing there is fancam to fill in the missing part XDDDD

At first HJ sat on the wheel chair, crew helped him with somethings

Next SM came into view ~ probably to say ‘Hi”, HJ quickly turn his head to look at her

Then don’t know what both of them are chatting about

Next both of them push the wheel chair backwards, SM help HJ with this jacket, again both were chatting non-stop XD

Shooting was about to shart (SM has removed her jacket), she patiently let HJ deal with the drip tube on his hand(?)

After several rehearsals, SM found that the drip tube on HJ’s hand has fallen off(?)

So SM naturally help HJ fix it

Once again it was tied up, while HJ obediently let SM fix it XDDDD

As said, my main focus is on this scene XDDDD it seem like SM helping HJ with the drip tube had been N times, doesn’t look one bit unfamiliar XDDD actually from fixing his hair and blanket earlier I knew, this indicates that she must have already done all that many times for him till she is this familiar XDDDD

Now this

And this ~ both looked at each other and laughed so happily XDDD the big brother at the side is aware XD

SM once again helped HJ to adjust his clothes >/////< SM, you are so caring

Then both while waiting for the shoot start chatting again

Look at the crew at the side with no chance of joining in the chat XD

While reading lines, HJ again teased SM

SM said doubtingly : I have already put it down

HJ asked her to get off the car XDDDDD and SM co-operatively said: I am getting off

This conversation is really in good co-ordination XDDDDD

(Subtitle by the cameraman: This two trouble makers are really matching isn’t it so?) May I ask what other goodies does the cameraman have? Why is he always hinting that these two are so matching XDDDD That we already know

Shooting completed ~ SM lovingly prepared a cake to encourage the crew ~

To both who are lead actors for the first time, the wrap-up of final shootings should be sad right? ~ But both seem kind of glad XDDDD absolutely none of that “this will be the last time we will ever be seeing each other” sort of regrettable mood ~ what’s the reason for this??? I don’t have to explai

Finally ……….finish writing ~~~~~

Thank everyone for your patience in reading this series of articles, if in the process you have feelings of happiness and gladness, that definitely is not erroneous feelings, but it’s two waves of happy currents. This is my first Korean drama following that lasted this long, using words to record down shows the vast magnitude of couple love from HJ & SM. No matter how both their development will be, whether for now or in future, the feelings that they had is definitely genuine, the audience’s eyes are crystal clear XDDDD (this is the Chinese way of saying that the audience are able to see that they are really showing true feelings with no pretence and that is impossible to escape their eyes.)

Kim Hyun Joong Forever: Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min Analysis Scene part 3 plus Indo Trans

Credit: The_Zephyr

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a long and continuous video of the ‘Playful Kiss’ fan meeting. As the previous videos that I have watched are only bits and pieces of the fan meeting, thus I only had a rough understanding of what was said during the fan meeting. After watching, I realised that there were really not many spazz-worthy momentsXDDDKim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min were standing so far apart. However as it was Kim Hyun Joong’s fan meeting, I was not surprised by such an arrangement. Nevermind about not having any spazz-worthy moments, because I was still able to capture the essentialities of this 15-min clip- Papa Baek, Eunjo and Hyun Joong really are like one family~This is because they speak the truth and not just to entertain the mediaXDDD

First up, it was Hyun Joong’s individual interview. This host interviewed the ‘Playful Kiss’ cast once during the shooting of the poster. From their conversation, this fan meeting is their second encounter, but honestly, regardless of the number of times they have met, after Hyun Joong had answered her questions, she came to realise that the fans had reactions far more severe than what she had expected.

The two started of with just a small talk. As Hyun Joong really likes this host, he directly expressed his admiration for the humorous character of the host in front of his fans. His bluntness was because he does not lie to others.

=> Beberapa hari lalu, saya menemukan sebuah video yang panjang dan berkesinambungan pertemuan FM 'Playful Kiss'. Sebagai video sebelumnya yang saya telah menyaksikan hanya potongan-potongan pertemuan FM, sehingga saya hanya memiliki pemahaman kasar dari apa yang dikatakan selama pertemuan penggemar. Setelah menonton, saya menyadari bahwa ada benar-benar tidak banyak spazz-layak momentsXDDDKim Hyun Joong dan Jung So Min berdiri begitu jauh. Namun seperti yang pertemuan penggemar Kim Hyun Joong, saya tidak terkejut dengan pengaturan tersebut. Nevermind tentang tidak memiliki apapun spazz-layak saat, karena aku masih bisa menangkap essentialities ini 15-mnt klip-Papa Baek, Eunjo dan Hyun Joong benar-benar adalah seperti satu keluarga ~ Hal ini karena mereka berbicara kebenaran dan tidak hanya untuk menghibur mediaXDDD

Pertama atas, itu wawancara individu Hyun Joong. Host ini diwawancarai cast 'Playful Kiss' sekali selama pengambilan gambar poster. Dari pembicaraan mereka, pertemuan ini adalah pertemuan penggemar kedua mereka, tapi jujur​​, terlepas dari berapa kali mereka telah bertemu, setelah Hyun Joong telah menjawab pertanyaan, dia datang untuk menyadari bahwa para penggemar memiliki reaksi yang jauh lebih parah dari apa yang ia harapkan .

Dua mulai dari hanya dengan obrolan ringan. Sebagai Hyun Joong benar-benar menyukai host ini, ia langsung mengungkapkan kekagumannya untuk karakter lucu dari tuan rumah di depan penggemarnya. Keterusterangan adalah karena ia tidak berbohong kepada orang lain.

The host then asked: How are you getting along with the rest of the cast? You guys should be very close right?!
Hyun Joong: Although I feel sorry to the rest of the cast for saying this, I have grown closer to Oh Ha Ni the most.
However the host did not ask him ‘Whom have you grown especially close to’. In the end Hyun Joong added in his own feelings. This is because, as I have mentioned above, he does not lie to othersXD

=> Tuan rumah kemudian bertanya: Bagaimana Anda mendapatkan bersama dengan sisa pemain? Kalian harus sangat dekat kan?!
Hyun Joong: Meskipun saya merasa menyesal sisa pemain untuk mengatakan ini, saya telah tumbuh lebih dekat ke Oh Ha Ni yang paling.
Namun tuan rumah tidak memintanya "Siapakah yang engkau tumbuh sangat dekat dengan '. Pada akhirnya Hyun Joong ditambahkan dalam perasaannya sendiri. Hal ini karena, seperti saya sebutkan di atas, ia tidak berbohong kepada othersXD

However the reaction from the fans seemed to have exceeded the expectations of the host. This is because the fans, instead of laughing, they heaved a huge sigh.
The host asked them twice in a row: Do you all not like this? She even helped to salvage the situation: In order to get into the role of Baek Seungjo, isn’t it natural to get closer to Oh Ha Ni?

=>Namun reaksi dari penggemar tampaknya telah melebihi harapan tuan rumah. Hal ini karena penggemar, bukannya tertawa, mereka menghela napas besar.
Tuan bertanya dua kali berturut-turut: Apakah Anda semua tidak seperti ini? Dia bahkan membantu untuk menyelamatkan situasi: Dalam rangka untuk mendapatkan ke dalam peran Baek Seungjo, tidak wajar untuk mendapatkan lebih dekat ke Oh Ha Ni?

Even Hyun Joong asked, ‘Why not?’In the end he even had to comfort his fans in a joking manner~ It seemed that the unhappiness of the fans was much more overwhelming that what he had expectedXDD Kid~Clean up your own messXD Since your fans are not approving of it, then just keep it undergroundXDDDDDDD

=> Bahkan Hyun Joong bertanya, "Mengapa tidak?" Pada akhirnya ia bahkan harus menghibur para penggemarnya dengan cara bercanda ~ Tampaknya bahwa ketidakbahagiaan dari fans jauh lebih besar bahwa apa yang ia expectedXDD Kid ~ Bersihkan messXD Anda sendiri Sejak penggemar Anda tidak menyetujui itu, maka hanya tetap undergroundXDDDDDDD

After that, the host introduced the cast as they entered. During Jung So Min’s personal introduction, Hyun Joong was very inattentive. However when the rest of the cast introduced themselves, he listened quietly and clapped his hands.
↓I don’t understand what he is pretending to be busy aboutXDDDAnything behind that was so nice to look atXD?

=>Setelah itu, tuan rumah memperkenalkan pemain saat mereka masuk. Selama JSM perkenalkan diri, Hyun Joong sangat lalai. Namun ketika sisa pemain memperkenalkan diri, ia mendengarkan dengan tenang dan bertepuk tangan.
↓ Saya tidak mengerti apa yang dia berpura-pura menjadi aboutXDDDAnything sibuk di balik yang begitu bagus untuk melihat atXD?

Then it was time to blow the candles. As during this time Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong were standing together the closest out of their positions during the whole fanmeeting, I took great pains to clearly capture the moment that Hyun Joong was stealing a glance at Jung So Min(This sounds as if he had been stealing glances at Jung So Min throughoutXDDDDD)

=> Lalu tiba saatnya untuk meniup lilin. Seperti selama ini Jung So Min dan Kim Hyun Joong sedang berdiri bersama-sama keluar dari posisi terdekat mereka selama fanmeeting keseluruhan, saya berusaha keras untuk menangkap momen dengan jelas bahwa Hyun Joong mencuri sekilas pada JSm (Ini kedengarannya seolah-olah ia telah mencuri melirik JSM sekilasXDDDDD)

At first, Hyun Joong said that Jung So Min ate something before kissing, thus when he kissed her it tasted delicious. The host then asked, ‘is it the taste of her lip gloss?’Hyun Joong replied, ‘it didn’t seem to be’. The host then said, ‘there shouldn’t be much impression of it already right?’ Yet Hyun Joong surprisingly replied, ‘No, I still have a deep impression of itXDDDDDDDDDDDthis then gave rise to another commotion again, and the host had to help to salvage the situation. Even Hyun Joong himself said that he was just joking (had to salvage the situation himself againXD)

The host (thinking): It really is hard to host this fan meeting (wipes off her perspiration)
My reason for specially singling out the fan meeting is due to the fact that the people who are involved may be able to hide their feelings, but they cannot control what others have to say. On-lookers are able to objectively judge the situation, just like Papa Baek~Also Hyun Joong is really someone who cannot hide his feelings and is frank about what he feels. It is easy to lie, but it is difficult to promise to not lie; not many people are able to do that. He would not talk about things he does not want to talk about, but once he has said it, what he has said would be true. As he only talked about nothing but truth, even if it was in the form of jokes, it was also the truth<<
====================I’m the dividing line======================
‘Playful Kiss’ has ended with the airing of the BTS videos. However strangely, I have long treated the drama not as an act but for real. It is not that Seungjo and Hani are unable to attract my attention, but as compared to this pair, the interactions between Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min are able to make me even happierXD Gradually, I felt that BTS videos are much more interesting and exciting than the actual drama itself. Thus, even though ‘Playful Kiss’ has ended, I do not feel much sadness. This is because the extension of the drama in real life is more importantXD, and this is the reason why I am still typing here~

The TV version of ‘Playful Kiss’ ended its shooting on the 21st of October. Following that, from 10/25~11/5 was the shooting of the Youtube version of ‘Playful Kiss’, which lasted for 12 days in total. After watching the BTS videos, I realised that something became very different: The way the two treated each other has changed. In the previous BTS video (Kim Hyun Joong Special 2), I once said that Kim Hyun Joong was the dominant character in their relationship, while Jung So Min was more passive. However in the Youtube BTS videos, the two shared a roughly equal position in their relationship. If we were to treat Hyun Joong’s attitude toward Jung So Min as a more careful approach as if he was testing out her reaction, then he has become more confident now. He didn’t mind his small actions being discovered by Jung So Min, but also became very manly during important moments(I hope everyone understands what I am talking about). On the other hand, Jung So Min, who previously only listened to Kim Hyun Joong’s instructions obediently, interacted more with Kim Hyun Joong now. In the end, the Youtube BTS videos gave me a feeling that they were flirting with each other conservativelyXDDDDD
Let’s first look at how their relationship has changed.

First quarter of the shooting of ‘Playful Kiss’
The space in between them was enough to contain another personXD

=> Pada awalnya, Hyun Joong mengatakan bahwa Jung So Min makan sesuatu sebelum mencium, sehingga ketika dia menciumnya rasanya lezat. Tuan rumah kemudian bertanya, 'apakah rasa lip gloss nya? "Hyun Joong menjawab," itu tampaknya tidak menjadi'. Tuan rumah kemudian berkata, "tidak boleh ada kesan banyak yang sudah benar?" Namun mengherankan Hyun Joong menjawab, "Tidak, saya masih memiliki kesan yang mendalam dari itXDDDDDDDDDDDthis kemudian menimbulkan keributan lain lagi, dan tuan rumah harus membantu untuk menyelamatkan situasi. Bahkan Hyun Joong sendiri mengatakan bahwa ia hanya bercanda (harus menyelamatkan situasi sendiri againXD)

Host (berpikir): Ini benar-benar sulit untuk host ini pertemuan penggemar (menyeka keringat dari dia)
Alasan saya untuk khusus singling pertemuan kipas karena fakta bahwa orang-orang yang terlibat mungkin dapat menyembunyikan perasaan mereka, tetapi mereka tidak dapat mengendalikan apa yang orang lain katakan. On-penonton yang mampu obyektif menilai situasi, seperti Papa Baek ~ Juga Hyun Joong adalah benar-benar seseorang yang tidak bisa menyembunyikan perasaannya dan jujur ​​tentang apa yang dia rasakan. Sangat mudah untuk berbohong, tetapi sulit untuk berjanji untuk tidak berbohong, tidak banyak orang yang mampu melakukan itu. Dia tidak akan berbicara tentang hal-hal yang tidak ingin dibicarakan, tapi begitu ia mengatakan itu, apa yang telah ia katakan akan menjadi kenyataan. Ketika ia hanya berbicara tentang apa-apa selain kebenaran, bahkan jika itu dalam bentuk lelucon, itu juga kebenaran <<
==================== Saya garis pemisah ======================
'Playful Kiss' telah berakhir dengan penayangan video BTS. Namun anehnya, aku telah lama diperlakukan drama bukan sebagai suatu tindakan tetapi untuk nyata. Ini tidak berarti bahwa Seungjo dan Hani tidak mampu menarik perhatian saya, tapi dibandingkan dengan pasangan ini, interaksi antara Kim Hyun Joong dan Jung So Min mampu membuat saya bahkan happierXD Secara bertahap, saya merasa bahwa video BTS jauh lebih menarik dan menarik dari drama itu sendiri. Jadi, meskipun 'Playful Kiss' telah berakhir, aku tidak merasakan kesedihan banyak. Hal ini karena perpanjangan dari drama dalam kehidupan nyata lebih importantXD, dan ini adalah alasan mengapa saya masih mengetik di sini ~

Versi TV 'Playful Kiss' berakhir penembakan pada tanggal 21 Oktober. Setelah itu, dari 10/25 ~ 11 / 5 adalah penembakan versi Youtube dari 'Playful Kiss', yang berlangsung selama 12 hari secara total. Setelah menonton video BTS, saya menyadari sesuatu yang menjadi sangat berbeda: Cara dua memperlakukan satu sama lain telah berubah. Dalam video BTS sebelumnya (Kim Hyun Joong Khusus 2), saya pernah berkata bahwa Kim Hyun Joong karakter dominan dalam hubungan mereka, sementara Jung So Min lebih pasif. Namun dalam video BTS Youtube, dua berbagi posisi kira-kira sama dalam hubungan mereka. Jika kita memperlakukan sikap Hyun Joong terhadap Jung So Min sebagai pendekatan yang lebih hati-hati seolah-olah ia menguji reaksinya, maka ia telah menjadi lebih percaya diri sekarang. Dia tidak keberatan tindakan kecil itu ditemukan oleh Jung So Min, tetapi juga menjadi sangat jantan pada saat-saat penting (saya berharap semua orang mengerti apa yang saya bicarakan). Di sisi lain, Jung So Min, yang sebelumnya hanya mendengarkan instruksi Kim Hyun Joong patuh, berinteraksi lebih banyak dengan Kim Hyun Joong sekarang. Pada akhirnya, Youtube video BTS memberi saya merasa bahwa mereka menggoda satu sama lain conservativelyXDDDDD
Mari kita pertama melihat bagaimana hubungan mereka telah berubah.

Pertama seperempat dari penembakan 'Playful Kiss'
Ruang di antara mereka adalah cukup untuk memuat lain personXD

Immediately distant

Second quarter of the shooting of ‘Playful Kiss’
Look at the way the two sat and the smiles on the faces of all of them. Lee Si Young hardly smiled; Lee Tae Sung smiled politely. Although Lee Tae Sung’s and Jung So Min’s legs were closer to each other, Jung So Min kept smiling and laughing together with Hyun Joong.

Third quarter of the shooting of ‘Playful Kiss’
After finishing practicing

Stood at the same place without moving

Final quarter of the shooting of ‘Playful Kiss’
After practicing the scene where he carried her

They didn’t even want to move away from each otherXDDDD

Then it was the shooting of the Youtube Version
The two of them came out from the same Resting room

Before they started filming, they were lying on the same bed while practicing their lines. Jung So Min even fell asleep beside him.

I wonder why Hyun Joong seemed to have more confidence?
After they had finished acting out the scene, he even blatantly performed such an action.

As compared to previously how he secretly made silly faces when hugging Jung So Min

=> Dibandingkan dengan sebelumnya bagaimana ia diam-diam membuat wajah konyol ketika memeluk Jung So Min

Or how he pretended to sigh, this is different.

On the other hand Jung So Min also changed from softly protesting against his actions

To not having any opinions at all now, even laughing along with him(Actually she must be thinking: I shall not befriend you anymore! Humphf!)

Although the change was very obvious, it is not because he did not care about what others would think of them. It is because he was confident that no matter what he did, what he said or what expression he had on his face, Jung So Min would be able to tolerate all of them. As to what gave rise to his confidence, I do not need to explain.
Why do I say that Hyun Joong becomes very manly during important moments?
Take for example this scene in which he was being hit several times

=> Meskipun perubahan itu sangat jelas, itu bukan karena ia tidak peduli apa yang orang lain akan berpikir mereka. Hal ini karena ia yakin bahwa tidak peduli apa yang ia lakukan, apa yang ia katakan atau apa ekspresi dia di wajahnya, Jung So Min akan mampu mentolerir semua dari mereka. Seperti apa yang memunculkan rasa percaya dirinya, saya tidak perlu menjelaskan.
Mengapa saya mengatakan bahwa Hyun Joong menjadi sangat jantan saat-saat penting?
Ambil contoh adegan ini di mana ia dipukul beberapa kali

Even though his hand had already turned red due to the intense hitting, he did not whine at all(A real manXDDD)

=> Meskipun tangannya sudah berubah merah karena memukul intens, ia tidak mengeluh sama sekali (real man!!)

Or when the camerman asked him about what he felt to have Jung So Min who has a driving license but had not driven for once to drive him around. Although he said that he felt afraid, he didn’t seem afraid at all(Jung So Min’s laughter could be heard)

=> Atau ketika camerman bertanya tentang apa yang ia merasa memiliki Jung So Min yang memiliki lisensi mengemudi, tetapi tidak didorong untuk sekali untuk membuatnya sekitar. Meskipun ia mengatakan bahwa ia merasa takut, ia tidak tampak takut sama sekali (JSM tertawa mendengarnya)

Also, even though they were only practicing how to act out scene, Hyun Joong always take the initiative to hold onto Jung So Min’s hands(Surprisingly, there were no crewmembers helping them at allXDDD)

=> Juga, meskipun mereka hanya berlatih bagaimana harus bertindak keluar adegan, Hyun Joong selalu mengambil inisiatif untuk memegang tangan Jung So Min (Anehnya, tidak ada staf membantu mereka di allXDDD)

However, he actually already realised that his hair was tangled up with something once Jung So Min had sat on his shoulders(Because his expression had already signaled that something was wrongXD), but he did not mention a word about it. As Jung So Min was afraid, he felt that it was more important to ensure that Jung So Min was safely on his shoulders.
Hyun Joong reached out his other hand

=> Namun, ia sebenarnya sudah menyadari bahwa rambutnya kusut dengan sesuatu sekali Jung So Min duduk di pundaknya (Karena ekspresinya sudah mengisyaratkan bahwa ada sesuatu yang wrongXD), namun ia tidak menyebutkan satu kata pun tentang hal itu. Seperti JSM takut, ia merasa bahwa itu lebih penting untuk memastikan bahwa JSM aman di pundaknya.
Hyun Joong mengulurkan tangan yang lain

However as Jung So Min kept fidgeting on his shoulders, it aggravated the pain of his hair being pulled. After that, he had to reluctantly admit that: My hair is being tangled up with something(hahaha)

=> Namun sebagai JSM terus gelisah di pundaknya, hal itu memperburuk rasa sakit rambutnya ditarik. Setelah itu, ia harus enggan mengakui bahwa: rambut saya sedang terjerat dengan sesuatu (hahaha)

As compared to previous situations, Jung So Min had become very relaxed and natural.
Singing(Have never seen Jung So Min singing in front of the camera previously)

=> Sebagai dibandingkan dengan situasi sebelumnya, Jung So Min telah menjadi sangat santai dan alami.
Menyanyi (Apakah pernah melihat Jung So Min bernyanyi di depan kamera sebelumnya)

As she sang, she propped up her legs onto the tableXDDDDD Notice that Jung So Min’s whole body was totally facing Hyun Joong. On the other hand, Hyun Joong had turned to talk to the person beside him. If he were to sit facing the front, Jung So Min’s legs would almost be able to rest on his lap insteadXDDD

=> Saat ia bernyanyi, ia menopang kakinya ke meja XDDDDD Perhatikan bahwa tubuh JSM benar-benar menghadapi Hyun Joong. Di sisi lain, Hyun Joong telah berpaling untuk berbicara kepada orang di sampingnya. Jika dia duduk menghadap depan, JSM kaki hampir akan dapat beristirahat di pangkuannya benarXDDD

As Jung So Min seemed to be really very tired, she became very talkative in front of the camera(this was also the first time that I’ve seen her like this); she didn’t even talk for this long during the kiss scene in the rain the previous time. Even though Hyun Joong said that that day was the most tired out of all the days of filming shows, he still took much notice of what Jung So Min was saying and the two of them looked at each other~

=> Seperti Jung So Min tampaknya harus benar-benar sangat lelah, ia menjadi sangat cerewet di depan kamera (ini juga pertama kalinya aku melihatnya seperti ini), dia bahkan tidak mau berbicara untuk ini panjang selama adegan ciuman dalam hujan waktu sebelumnya. Meskipun Hyun Joong mengatakan bahwa hari itu adalah yang paling lelah keluar dari semua hari-hari menunjukkan syuting, dia masih mengambil banyak pemberitahuan dari apa yang Jung So Min katakan dan mereka berdua saling menatap ~

Jung So Min, once again, said she was very tired in front of the camera

=>Jung So Min , sekali lagi, mengatakan bahwa ia sangat lelah di depan kamera

Hyun Joong mimicked the way Jung So Min tilts her headXDDDDD

=> Hyun Joong menirukan cara Jung So Min miring headXDDDDD nya

When Hyun Joong delivered the wrong lines, Jung So Min very naturally hit him.

=> Ketika Hyun Joong menyampaikan dialog yang salah, Jung So Min sangat alami memukulnya.

She helped Hyun Joong to pull up his blanket; this is a very intimate action.

=> Ia pun menolong merapihkan selimut nya secara penuh pd KHJ, sangat intim sekali bukan?

She placed her hand on Hyun Joong’s shoulder

And her hand even slid down slowly. This caused Hyun Joong to seem like he was lounging(Eh?)

She helped Hyun Joong to tidy his hair(This screenshot is captured really nicelyXDDDDDDKim Hyun Joong totally looked like he was enjoying it)

=> Dia pun menolong merapihkan rambut KHJ yg berantakan , PERFECTO!!!!

Jung So Min sang to the camera once again as she felt more energetic after a short nap. When the cameraman asked her whether she always sing after she has just woken up, she continued to singXDDDDDDDDDD Meanwhile, as Hyun Joong probably felt neglected, he forcefully pulled the blanket to his side to attract Jung So Min’s attention~
Hyun Joong was indeed looking at the cameraman.

=> Jung So Min bernyanyi kamera sekali lagi saat ia merasa lebih energik setelah tidur siang singkat. Ketika kameramen bertanya apakah dia selalu bernyanyi setelah dia baru saja terbangun, ia terus singXDDDDDDDDDD Sementara itu, sebagai Hyun Joong mungkin merasa diabaikan, dia tegas menarik selimut ke sisinya untuk menarik perhatian Jung So Min ~
Hyun Joong memang melihat juru kamera.

Jung So Min then complained to the camera, ‘But in actual fact….’(In actual fact the cameraman was too close to you!!!!!!) When I was watching this without subtitles, I felt like they were in a love triangle. This is due to the fact that the cameraman was too concerned about our Jung So Min= = Fortunately, the video with subtitles dispersed such a worry of mine.

=> Jung So Min kemudian mengeluh ke kamera, "Tapi dalam kenyataannya ...." (Dalam kenyataannya kamera itu terlalu dekat dengan Anda !!!!!!) Ketika saya sedang menonton ini tanpa sub judul, saya merasa seperti mereka berada dalam cinta segitiga. Hal ini disebabkan fakta bahwa kameramen terlalu khawatir tentang kami Jung So Min = = Untungnya, video dengan sub judul tersebar seperti yg sy khwatirkan.

Jung So Min softly pointed out the fact that Hyun Joong was cold when they were filming the show in a freezing weather.

=> JSM menunjukkan sisi kelembutan dlm cuaca yg dingin begitu pula KHJ pd JSM

After which, she laughed when he pulled a joke.

While waiting to film the scene, Jung So Min reminded Hyun Joong to be more focused when he forgot his lines. In the end Hyun Joong added in his own words, and even brought up Haera.

=> Sementara menunggu untuk adegan film, Jung So Min mengingatkan Hyun Joong untuk lebih fokus saat ia lupa dialognya. Pada akhirnya Hyun Joong ditambahkan dalam kata-katanya sendiri, dan bahkan membawa nama Haera.

When he said that he had a date with Haera that night, Hyun Joong turned to look at Jung So Min and then laughed out loud.

=> Ketika dia mengatakan bahwa dia telah berkencan dengan Haera malam itu, Hyun Joong berpaling untuk melihat Jung So Min dan kemudian tertawa terbahak-bahak.

The scene that made me feel that Jung So Min had a drastic changeXDDDD
When I was watching the sixth episode of the Youtube version, I felt that they were not acting at all. Whether it was her forcing mandarin oranges into his mouth, her sitting on his shoulders or her leaning against him after they had finished filming the scene, these were all very natural. The BTS videos made me even more persistent in this opinion of mine.
First it was forcing mandarin oranges into his mouth. Here Jung So Min was still in her character.

=> Adegan yang membuat saya merasa bahwa Jung So Min memiliki perubahan drastis
Ketika saya menonton episode keenam dari versi Youtube, saya merasa bahwa mereka tidak bertindak sama sekali. Apakah itu jeruk mandarin memaksanya ke dalam mulutnya, dia duduk di pundaknya atau bersandar mendekat setelah mereka selesai syuting adegan itu, ini semua sangat alami. Video BTS membuat saya bahkan lebih gigih dalam pendapat saya.
Pertama itu memaksa jeruk mandarin ke dalam mulutnya. Berikut Jung So Min Jadi masih dalam karakternya.

Afterwards, she made Hyun Joong wear her sunglasses~Hyun Joong was really funnyhahahahaha(I am an expert at capturing screenshots~Whips hair~)

=> Setelah itu, dia membuat Hyun Joong memakai kacamata hitamnya ~ Hyun Joong benar-benar funnyhahahahaha (Saya ahli dlm menangkap screenshot~ ~ rambut Cambuk)

I seriously suspect that this part was an impromptu by Jung So MinXDDDD~ This is because Hyun Joong started to laughXDDDDD

=> Aku menduga ini sepertinya tanpa sepengathuan KHJ karena JSM terlihat sangat bahagia membuat KHJ linglung saat itu.... XDDDD

Then, he turned to look at Jung So Min~(This was actually shown in the actual webisodeXDDDDD)

=> Kemudian ia berpaling melihat JSM (Inilah pertunjukan sebenarnya...XDDD)

Jung So Min continued to feed him~She started to sing(Totally relaxed~)Knowing that he could not escape the fate of being made fun of by Jung So Min, Hyun Joong very submissively accepted it~ Look at how he readily opened his mouth before the mandarin oranges were anywhere near his mouth~Aigoo~What an obedient baby Hyun Joong isXDDD

=> Jung So Min terus memberinya makan ~ Dia mulai bernyanyi (Benar-benar santai ~) Mengetahui bahwa ia tidak bisa lepas dari nasib yang dibuat olok oleh Jung Min Jadi, Hyun Joong sangat patuh menerimanya ~ Lihatlah bagaimana ia siap membuka mulutnya sebelum jeruk mandarin berada di dekat mulutnya Aigoo ~ ~ Apa yang taat bayi Hyun Joong isXDDD

Nevertheless Hyun Joong baby did not forget his lines. Jung So Min instead almost died laughing(but still within control)

=> Untung saja,KHJ tdk lupa dg dialognya krn selalu diledekin oleh JSM

In the end as Jung So Min raised her voice when singing, Hyun Joong started to shout loudly(I died laughing here)

=> Pada bagian akhir Jung So Min meninggikan suaranya saat menyanyi, Hyun Joong mulai berteriak keras (aku mati tertawa di sini)

Jung So Min insisted on forcefully feeding him the last mandarin orange~Hyun Joong was really obedient in receiving the mandarin orange being forced into his mouthXDDDD

=> Jung So Min bersikeras paksa dia makan jeruk mandarin terakhir ~ Hyun Joong benar-benar patuh dalam menerima jeruk mandarin, dipaksa ke mulutnya XDDDD

After that Jung So Min was totally lying on Hyun Joong while laughing uncontrollablyXDDDDD

=> Setelah itu ia tetap menggoda KHJ...XDDD

It was a surprise for Jung So Min to make fun of Hyun Joong. Hyun Joong perhaps had discovered this in the middle of the filming, yet he still readily accepted it.
Perhaps being made fun of is also a form of happiness right, Hyun JoongXDDDDDDDDDD

=> Sepertinya ini adalah kebahagiaan antara JSM dan KHJ,terlebih lagi kesempatan JSM untuk menggodanya, Hyun Joong,hahaaaa....