Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
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Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

[Screencaps] Kim Hyun Joong DATV Program with Japanese Comedians Screencaps


[Info] Kim HyunJoong’s Digital Single Album [Marry You/Marry Me]

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This is Keyeast.

The releasing date for Kim HyunJoong’s digital single album [Marry You/Marry Me] have been decided.

Digital single album [Marry Me/Marry Me] will be released in various online music sites on 15th of December at 00:00am KST.

1. Marry You
2. Marry Me
3. Marry You (Instrumental)
4. Marry Me (Instrumental)

[Marry Me] is the male version whereas [Marry You] is the female version. Aside for the lyrics, the guitar performance together with the song arrangement will be different.

Additionally, the music video consists of the digital single album tracks [Marry You] & [Marry Me]. Especially, the music video exudes a smooth sensation of the sand animation together with the pictures of happy moments spent that the fans had sent it to us will be revealed through Kim HyunJoong’s official Youtube channel on 15th December midnight.

Despite the busy schedule after ‘Lucky Guy’ promotion on November, Kim HyunJoong have directly participated in the lyrics composition to show a better image for the fans. We hope to receive many supports and love for the specially prepared digital single [Marry You/Marry Me].

Thank you.

- The broadcast activities for digital single [Marry You/Marry Me] have not been decided.
- Kim HyunJoong’s official Youtube channel:

[Trans] Kim HyunJoong Rejects TV Chosun 'SPEED'..'Tight Schedule' [11.12.07]

Source: Nate
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Singer-actor Kim HyunJoong had reached his final decision whether to cast in the TV Chosun’s drama ‘SPEED’.

According to Kim HyunJoong’s agency KeyEast director, Shin JeGwang to OSEN, he said ‘We will definitely review optimistically if we received any good drama offers, however, because Kim HyunJoong will be releasing his first official album in Japan on January and followed by the promotion activities throughout China on February-March, it will likely be very difficult to arrange his busy schedule together with the drama.’

‘SPEED’ is scheduled to air next year on March-April, a blockbuster drama that depicts the battle of the car-racers & dealing with the fates. The director for this drama, Yang Yoonho have also directed for the KBS2 TV drama ‘Iris’.

Thus, Kim HyunJoong have rejected the offer to cast in this drama. Aside from Kim HyunJoong, they are currently still discussing actor Lee JungJae and SNSD member, SooYoung to star in this drama.

[News] Kim Hyun Joong Releases Signature Necklace in Collaboration with Justin Davis

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Kim Hyun Joong has joined hands with the world-renowned jewelry designer Justin Davis for the release of his own signature necklace. Justin Davis is the founder of Justin Davis Jewelry and has worked with a number of celebrities in the past, including Eminem, Paris Hilton, Amuro Namie, and Hamasaki Ayumi.

The “Kim Hyun Joong Necklace” is designed after Kim Hyun Joong’s “HJ” initials as he was directly involved in the entire designing process. Justin Davis’ representatives said, “Through the whole designing process, Kim Hyun Joong showed exceptional talent in design, fitting his image as a Hallyu star with good fashion sense. We’d like to applaud Kim Hyun Joong’s effort to continuously challenge new areas, despite already being a global star.”

The necklace is expected to be out on the market from mid-December in Japan. It’ll first be available only in select Japanese department stores, but will expand into other markets in the future. Check out the design below!