Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
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Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2011

[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong feature in ASTA TV Vol.52 October 2011 (@ FC Men Match)


[Info] Streaming Tutorial : Here's the Battle Plan - gear up peeps!

That's important for all Henecian!!!


MNET M-Player Streaming Tutorial

Melon Player Streaming Tutorial

LOVE, never give it freely. But when you have given, we hope you stay true to your words… - OnlyKHJtimes

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The battle-ground is set + Oct 11th is the date when it all begins. For 3 consecutive weeks, we hope every fan who has ever professed to love him, will come together and do their best for him.

A passionate Henecian told us this yesterday:

"HJ gets intangible energy from us, he said so himself, so how can we leave him to fight on-stage alone?"

No. Henecians will not leave him to fight alone. So put on your battle gear + prep yourselves with the info below.

Read the suggestions + instructions carefully. It will just take 15 mins of your time.

There are various ways you can support, with or without money.

If all of us, from all over the world, get together + do these for him, the results would be astounding.

If you can’t be bothered to do ANY of the below, you’re not a fan. Enough said.

1) BUY (pre-order) his physical album NOW!

We get a lot of questions about where is best to buy his album online. For foreigners, the sites available to us are: Synnara, Kyobo, Yes24 and Aladin. No, YesAsia does not count to Hanteo. So don’t buy there.
Other sites not listed here are not recommended. So we wouldn’t bother if we were you. Buy 2 or more if you can afford it. His album sales MUST be strong to reaffirm his 1st debut solo’s wins + consolidate his position as a singer.

Online Pre-order Tutorials:
a) Synnara b) Kyobo c) Yes24 (please read the comments section too!)
Having listed those sites above, it is actually EASIEST, SAFEST + in many ways CHEAPER, to order directly from Hyun Joong’s Korean fan-clubs.
i) MiClub ( ii) KHJPERFECT (
[who are they? They are 2 of the biggest HJ fanclubs in Korea]

TODAY (5th Oct) MiClub announced the album price here + it's cheaper than many e-shops.
Donating to strengthen their album purchase is a good option + you save on shipping+delivery.
You can contact either MiClub or KHJPERFECT yourself (write to them in English is fine); OR
You can buy from them via your country’s fan-club bulk purchase:

Brunei -- Brunei for Kim Hyun Joong (@sheenalimws on Twitter)
China -- Hyun Joong China
Hong Kong -- HKHenecia
Indonesia -- Hyunited6686 (@hyunited6686)
Malaysia -- MY-Kim Hyun Joong (@MY_KHJ)
The Philippines -- HeneciaPH (@HeneciaPH) + Kathys Bench (@kathy1218)
Singapore -- LoveKimHyunJoong (@loveKHJ)
Thailand -- KimHyunJoongThailand (We und their PO closing today extended till 9th!) + @SS501_Thailand
Vietnam -- OnlyHyunJoong (@pikachumini) + @TripleSVN

*Please be careful where you order your albums from.

We recommend these sites as they have proven trustworthy + their sales will reflect into the Hanteo Charts becoz they take from the Korean FCs, helpful, + are easily contactable.

If you go beyond these sites, be careful you don't end up buying from someone who is:

1) not genuine + they can run off with your $; OR

2) buying from sites like YesAsia that does not count to the Hanteo.

2) DIGITAL album support

i) STREAM his title track on Korean digital music sites
We have a dedicated Digital Streaming Team.
Only true-blue Henecians (i.e. only HJ in your heart) need apply.
Here are the streaming tutorials we have prepared (on top of page). Familiarise yourself with it by streaming any
of HJ's old songs NOW!

If you're from the West, even better. Email us at:

ii) DONATE money to MiClub, one of the largest HJ fanclubs in Korea (via
It is galvanising Henecian troops all over the world for HJ’s DIGITAL Support.
*If you want to give other types of support (e.g. physical CD purchase + or Food Support) you can send together with your cash donation for Digital Support

3) VOTE for his Title Track on Mnet’s MCountDown

The votes from this will count 15% towards his total digital points in Mnet’s MCountDown Music Chart. The percentage might seem little to you, but when the fight is close, this can be the determining mark.

So go register an ID (as many as you can) now: here *Recommended email carriers: Gmail/Yahoo*

Once registered, go vote: here
Voting opens only on Friday (11amKST) and ends on Monday (9amKST).

In this period, each ID can be used to vote only 1x each day.

Watch the idiot-proof clip (we dun mean it in a bad way) we’ve prepared below, on how to REGISTER + VOTE:

[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong 2nd Mini Album "LUCKY" from Official Site

from hyun-joong official site

from henecia officila fanclub

[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong Visits Kyu Jong at Goong Musical by KINGHYUNJOONG

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