Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2011

[Info] Kim Hyun Joong's 2nd Mini Album "Lucky" with First Bar Lyrics

Credit: @5StarsAs1 for tweet

Another Pic of Kim Hyun Joong's Charity Auction at Roppongi Hills


[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Updates Official Homepage and will Begin Filming His Comeback MV

Yeaahhh,he's back for 2nd album!!! Can't wait the momentttt!!!!^^


Kim Hyun joong updates his official homepage with more details of his upcoming return to the music scene. Recently, KeyEast Agency unveiled the final tracklist on Kim Hyunjoong's second mini-album after announcing his comeback.

On a new update, Kim Hyunjoong apologized to his fans for not being able to update his fanclub as he forgot his ID. More on, he revealed that after finishing his recording for his album, he is set to film his music video tomorrow.

On another update via KeyEast Agency's homepage, Kim Hyunjoong uploaded photos of his recent preparations. He uploaded photos taken from the recording studio as well as a photo of the master copy of his second mini-album.

Now that his second mini-album is done, Kim Hyunjoong promises to make the best stage possible on October 20th and asked his fans to support his three week promotional activities.

Meanwhile, Kim Hyunjoong will release his second mini-album on October 11th.

[Info] Kim Hyun Joong's CHARITY AUCTION 410,000YEN! at ROPPONGI HILLS

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[Video] Kim Hyun Joong on Channel [V] - Korea Male Idol Airport Fashion [11.10.01]

Credit: ying5387D@yt

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong moved by the fans’ sweet gestures


Actor + singer Kim Hyung Joong is moved the fans’ special event. Kim Hyun Joong has been touring 7 countries in Asia since August and on this special day he was in Taiwan. He was scheduled to attend the event held by the makeup & skin care brand ‘The Face Shop’ as the spokesperson for the brand. His commercial for the brand is currently airing in 17 Asian nations and one of the hottest market for the brand happens to be Taiwan.

Kim Hyun Joong’s management company’s rep stated, “It’s a common occurrence to see the fans follow Kim Hyun Joong’s car in taxis, but this is the first time we’ve seen taxis covered with Kim Hyun Joong’s face.”

The photos of the taxis have been posted by the fans themselves and it’s gone viral on the net since the release. Another thing you notice is the same uniforms worn by the drivers. Kim Hyun Joong was so surprised to see the taxis that for a while it was him taking the photos of the taxis and not the other way around.

The fans have also reported that Kim Hyun Joong visited an orphanage in secret and have expressed they were moved by his kind heart. Kim Hyun Joong plans to release his 2nd mini album on October and he’ll continue to tour Asia as a singer until the end of the year.

[Video] Channel [V] Special - Kim Hyun Joong in Taiwan [11.10.01]

Credit: YOYO501TW @yt

Support for Kim Hyun Joong’s 2nd album ‘LUCKY’


Other than Miclub (Powerful S)’s support plans, there are various support plans out there as well, do take some time to check out what your local fanclub is doing.

Some fanclubs have already indicated that they will be participating or coming up with their support plans, e.g.

Kimhyunjoong Thailand | Triple S Thailand (Thailand)

Lovekimhyunjoong (Singapore)

Hyunited6686 | Boys Before Flowers Indonesia (Indonesia)

MyKimHyunJoong (Malaysia)

OnlyHyunJoong (Vietnam)

Quainte501 (International)

There will be more sites coming up as we speak, so do give them some time and wait patiently if your local fanclub has yet to post any updates regarding support.


Some of you have contacted me and I know that there are some of you from regions like Latin America, Europe, North America, Australia etc who are also eager to support. Do check out any one of the sites above. It should not be a problem as long as you are able to send money to any of these countries.

*HOWEVER, this is only with regards to ALBUM/DIGITAL STREAM SUPPORT, which means all of us willingly contribute money to bulk-buy the albums without expecting anything (e.g. an album) in return.

If you wish to purchase an album and have it sent to you, please refer to any sites that are also doing PREORDERS (all actually) and contact the administrators to see if there is any possible arrangement.

If you have no local fanclub, Miclub has offered an outlet for you to support, as long as you have a Paypal account. Please sent them an email.


If you have any other questions, any problems, any issues that is still yet to be answered, you can send me an email:, I will be happy to help/direct you to the correct places.

Lastly, this is something ALL of you can do ^^

Please contact all your other friends who are fans of Kim Hyun Joong but may not be aware of the support activities and let them know!

[New Message] Kim Hyun Joong Left a Message on His Official Website ( [11.09.30] (Add Trans)

Wooottt...really confuseddd, 20th October? What's that, is that really not happening release on 11th October?^^


Translation: Wonderrrgirl @

Recently I haven’t even written my excuse of being so busy here…..because I’ve forgotten my I.D and my password, so I couldn’t write a message…… Anyway this is just an excuse, therefore I’m giving all of you photos of what I’ve been up to recently as a present.

Art and Matic are sitting now begging for food

Myself during recording, taken by my manager who are worn out from standing and are going off to bed keke

Finally, the master CD of my second album has reached my hands

Because it can’t be released…………^^ I must keep it quickly into the safebox hehe

For your information, my limited edition album and the first album’s master CD are inside the safebox. People with ulterior motives please don’t hover about outside my house

Finally my second album is done ^^ On 20October I’ll try my best to make it the best stage. Don’t give ten of thousands of anticipation but please give it a hundred thousand of anticipation. Everyone please do it within your comfy zone of support, okay?????????

Tomorrow I’ll be filming the music video. I hope you’ll anticipate this amazing video ^^ I’m thankful and because tomorrow I will be filming from midnight onwards, meanwhile I’ll watch a movie and try to get some sleep.

So, please be mindful of not catching a cold and everyone, until the 20th, please recharge yourself, because there will be 3 weeks of promotional activities … ^^;;;

Because we must have fun fully for a short time………… thank you all for always giving me so much intangible power during my hard times ^^

[New Message] Kim Hyun Joong Left a Message on Henecia Official Fan Club Website [11.09.30]

Thx to onlyKHJtimes and lovekimhyunjoong for translate this...So excited he left a message for us!!! But wait....20 Oct?? Yeeyy,is that mean for MV will release on 20th October?^^


Trans by @OnlyKHJtimes

[ENG trans] HJ's msg: I write here for the first time becoz I forgot my ID. ^^. And now I will write frequently. Please use Henecia homepage more. Finished my work for album and choregraphy and tomorrow, I will film music video. Please anticipate. ^^ And I will post my words often (,) coming soon 20th Oct.........ㅋ(Thx to: @heneciajin)

Another Trans by miyo

This is the first time I'm writing here and I forgot my ID^^
I will be coming here often
Please give many love to Henecia homepage.
Had finished recording the album recently. Filming music video tomorrow, please look forward to it^^
I will write here once in a while. Coming soon.........ㅋ

[Wallpapers] New of Calendars of Kim Hyun Joong for October 2011

Love yaaaa...just wanna share with youu,really happy for the October because he will release the 2nd Mini Album "Lucky" andddd my calendar from My Idol Magazine full of him at my room!!!! Everything calendar on the October full of him!!!


[Scans] Another Scans Kim Hyun Joong Calendar 2012 by elley

Woooooaaaaa...holyyyyyyyy!!!!! Love ya when he wears glassess!!!


[Scans] Kim Hyun Joong feature in Only☆Star & ASIAN PLACE (Japanese Magazine)


Please don’t repost on any JAPANESE web sites for a while.

Only☆Star 10/10

ASIAN PLACE Vol.05 Nov.2011

[Info] Kim Hyun Joong with SNSD Seohyun for TFS CF Shooting


[Video] Kim Hyun Joong # 5 @ Mnet Idol Chart Multi Talented Idol 5??? I think he should no. 1!!!! LOL...^^

Credit: no1KimHyunJoong@yt

[Info] Kim Hyun Joong 1st Live Photo Book Limited - Showcase in seoul

Damn...i wanna!!!


Product Code: DATV0661

Price (s): ¥ 3,360

Booking start date: 2011/09/30

Release Date: 2011/12/02

Product specification
■ Size: 190 mm ​​× 240 mm
■ Number of pages: approximately 180 pages
■ Marerial: PVC Case, Paper

[Pic+Trans] Staff Blog of Kim Hyun Joong Official Mobile Site - The Recent Me 1& 2 [11.09.29]

Source: KHJ Japan Official Mobile Site
Credits: ritsuko05801 @yahoo blog
Japanese~English Translation: miyo

■ The Recent Me 1。
2011/09/29 Hyun Joong

Working hard practicing till night time for the release of the album in October.
Will become busy once the activities starts…

This is what I do when I have the time, if I could will be playing together with it~
Those who suspect that I keep playing with the dog and not practicing!
Because I can't show pictures of myself practicing...I took this instead!!

■ The Recent Me 2。
2011/09/29 Hyun Joong

Don't you think that it's amazing?
But when I look at these photos and see the interesting expression of them makes me laughed.
When everyone of you is feeling tired (especially when tired of waiting for my album ^^;;) Please look at these photos and laughed.
In October, let's run together again!!!!
Ah! Not running but let's try jumping up like in this photo!!!!!!

[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong @ FC Men Soccer Match by NanJoong (KHJThailand) [11.09.27]