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Investigation of KHJ
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Kamis, 15 September 2011

[More Photos] Kim Hyun Joong @ Incheon Airport [11.09.15]

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[Fancam] Kim Hyun Joong @ Incheon Airport boysmom72 [11.09.15]

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[Photos] Kim Hyun Joong @ Incheon Airport by ATTRACTION [11.09.15]

Hoaaaaaaa....he was arriving in China now!! Still happy,soooooooo handsome,neh...^^


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[Article] Kim HyunJoong, 'If There's BOF2, Give Me A Call' Love Call [11.09.15]

Source: Nate
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Singer-actor Kim HyunJoong sent a 'love call' to 'Boys Over Flowers 2'.

On 15th of September in the broadcast of KBS 2TV 'Yeoyoomanman', Kim HyunJoong hinted that he is confident and willing to cast(?) for 'Boys Over Flowers 2' if there is a production plan in the future.

The lead cast of Musical 'Goong is SS501 member Kim KyuJong and it is directed by the same producer of KBS 2TV drama 'Boys Over Flowers' on Monday & Tuesday weekly, Song ByeongJun. Kim HyunJoong made a surprise visit to both of them in the rehearsing room.

Kim HyunJoong developed the friendship bonds with Song ByeongJun during the drama 'Boys Over Flowers' and Kim HyunJoong admitted that it was indeed great to see him once again after a long time. Besides, all the 'Goong's casts & staffs welcomed & greeted Kim HyunJoong's arrival warmly.

In addition, Song ByeongJun recalled back & said, 'Kim HyunJoong was the most anticipated character among the F4 members in Boys Over Flowers'. During the broadcast of Boys Over Flowers, Kim HyunJoong who cast as 'Yoon Jihoo' in 'Boys Over Flowers' was really well-received by the viewers.

However, Kim HyunJoong confessed, 'I'm very different from Yoon Jihoo. I liked something extreme, unlike the romantic manga character, Yoon Jihoo'.

Even Kim KyuJong added, 'Despite the different personality between Yoon Jihoo and Kim HyunJoong doesn't match, but they looked alike. Although it's great, but when the members watched the drama on TV, we're really shocked to the extent we shrunk our bodies together' arousing many laughters. Morever, Kim HyunJoong's famous speech line in 'Boys Over Flowers' was also a hot topic of discussion.

Kim HyunJoong said, 'Once the drama broadcast ended on TV, I'll switched off my phone', as 'Why am I like this?' will appeared. However, the viewers were used to it in the end'. He said to Song ByeongJun, 'If there is any production for 'Boys Over Flowers 2', give me a call' and Song ByeongJun immediately replied jokingly 'Can we film it right away?', causing many laughters in the rehearsing room.

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[Article] Kim KyuJong 'Good Drinking Capacity? Learned From HyunJoong, Really Vigorous' [11.09.15]

Source: Nate
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Singer-actor Kim KyuJong & Kim HyunJoong showed off their friendships once again.

On 15th of September in the broadcast of KBS 2TV 'Yeoyoomanman', Kim KyuJong, Song ByeongJun, and Kim HyunJoong reunite once again, and story about Kim HyunJoong & his drinking capacity was revealed by Kim KyuJong.

On that day, Kim HyunJoong made a surprise visit to Kim KyuJong & director Song Byeongjun during the musical 'Goong' rehearsal. As Kim KyuJong is a member of SS501 too, and Song ByeongJun was the producer for the KBS2 'Boys Over Flowers', thus the friendship bonds were developed between them with Kim HyunJoong.

Regarding Kim HyunJoong's surprise visit to the rehearsal room, Song Byeongjun said, 'It seemed like KyuJong was even surprised that I am'. So, Kim HyunJoong jokingly said, 'Actually, that's not true. Sometimes, KyuJong looked as if he just had soju. He have a good drinking capacity'.

Kim KyuJong replied, 'After I grew up to become an adult, I learned to drink for the first time from HyunJoong, really vigorous'. At the same time during Kim HyunJoong's vigorous 'alchohol training', you can predict how good is he in drinking too. Kim HyunJoong said, 'When I was young, I thought it's good to eat a lot, but I'm thinking otherwise now'.

Furthermore, Kim KyuJong who are challenging the musical industry recently was asked whether 'Is there a big help from Kim HyunJoong as a sunbae(senior) in acting?' and so he answered, 'What really had helped me was how serious Kim HyunJoong looked when he was reading the script or practicing during his drama shooting, it really had left me with a deep impression and it seems like it have become a friendly competition between us' which garnered many attentions.

P/S: There might be mistranslation in the translation, feel free to correct me if spotted any. ^^

[News] Kim Hyun Joong helps out Heavenly Queens’ concert, ticket-booking by fans exceeds 1 million

Caption: Hallyu King Kim Hyun Joong is coming to Shenzhen to perform

By Shenzhen Commercial News reporter Yu Xue (original news in Chinese here)

Translated by: OnlyKHJtimes (

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[Photo] Kim Hyun Joong Posing with Lyle Beniga and Ellen Kim


[Video] ‘Flower Boys’ Kim Hyun Joong visits Kim Kyu Jong During His Musical “GOONG” Practice

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[Info] Kim Hyun Joong’s First Tour 2011 in Japan Schedule

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Kim Hyun Joong Cover on HANRYU PIA 10/31