Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

Kim Hyun Joong Forever: Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min Analysis Scene part 4


The MC requested them to pose with more closeness ~ but the two just laughed like silly

Still no action XDDDD

Continue to smile and laugh like silly, don’t know what to do XDDDDDDDD so cute are these two >/////////< even smiling silly also it’s alike

MC persistently continue to say – come on, please pose as a newly wed couple will do XDDDDD

HJ then said something to SM and she put her hand on his arm


Must be holding on too easily, after photo-taking while waiting for the production co management personnel, SM still didn’t let go her hand>/////<

Still hasn’t let go her hand ~ both of their dump expression are funny XDDDDDDD

I feel that HJ is actually very caring towards SM’s feelings, like when the directors shouted “cut” he then slowly move his hands from SM’s arms

When the shoot is over, both stood at the same spot (once again proves that both are unlike most actors would separate immediately when it’s over)

Although I don’t know how long both of them stood there, but the buttons on SM’s sweater are already buttoned up (wonder who buttoned up for her? If it’s SM herself, then I’d say she has very good skill XDDDD)

Although HJ is cold but he only put his hands in his pocket

Then for whatever reason the director walked towards them, HJ quickly remove SM’s sweater

SM refuse to remove it XDDDDD

Actually that scene is still not OK yet, because after HJ has taken the sweater and went away, SM is still standing at the same spot

HJ pretend to wear the SM’s jacket by mistake ~ tsk tsk ~ he really know how to make her happy XDDD

After the interview SM brought HJ’s sweater home (Big deal XDDD)

Wonder why was this little moment of the scene edited for audience to see = =

I know they are flirting XD but that’s not enough

Good thing there is fancam to fill in the missing part XDDDD

At first HJ sat on the wheel chair, crew helped him with somethings

Next SM came into view ~ probably to say ‘Hi”, HJ quickly turn his head to look at her

Then don’t know what both of them are chatting about

Next both of them push the wheel chair backwards, SM help HJ with this jacket, again both were chatting non-stop XD

Shooting was about to shart (SM has removed her jacket), she patiently let HJ deal with the drip tube on his hand(?)

After several rehearsals, SM found that the drip tube on HJ’s hand has fallen off(?)

So SM naturally help HJ fix it

Once again it was tied up, while HJ obediently let SM fix it XDDDD

As said, my main focus is on this scene XDDDD it seem like SM helping HJ with the drip tube had been N times, doesn’t look one bit unfamiliar XDDD actually from fixing his hair and blanket earlier I knew, this indicates that she must have already done all that many times for him till she is this familiar XDDDD

Now this

And this ~ both looked at each other and laughed so happily XDDD the big brother at the side is aware XD

SM once again helped HJ to adjust his clothes >/////< SM, you are so caring

Then both while waiting for the shoot start chatting again

Look at the crew at the side with no chance of joining in the chat XD

While reading lines, HJ again teased SM

SM said doubtingly : I have already put it down

HJ asked her to get off the car XDDDDD and SM co-operatively said: I am getting off

This conversation is really in good co-ordination XDDDDD

(Subtitle by the cameraman: This two trouble makers are really matching isn’t it so?) May I ask what other goodies does the cameraman have? Why is he always hinting that these two are so matching XDDDD That we already know

Shooting completed ~ SM lovingly prepared a cake to encourage the crew ~

To both who are lead actors for the first time, the wrap-up of final shootings should be sad right? ~ But both seem kind of glad XDDDD absolutely none of that “this will be the last time we will ever be seeing each other” sort of regrettable mood ~ what’s the reason for this??? I don’t have to explai

Finally ……….finish writing ~~~~~

Thank everyone for your patience in reading this series of articles, if in the process you have feelings of happiness and gladness, that definitely is not erroneous feelings, but it’s two waves of happy currents. This is my first Korean drama following that lasted this long, using words to record down shows the vast magnitude of couple love from HJ & SM. No matter how both their development will be, whether for now or in future, the feelings that they had is definitely genuine, the audience’s eyes are crystal clear XDDDD (this is the Chinese way of saying that the audience are able to see that they are really showing true feelings with no pretence and that is impossible to escape their eyes.)

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