Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong

Kim Hyun Joong
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Jumat, 04 November 2011

[Translation] [Message] Kim Hyun Joong left a message on his official webby ( (13th story…….) [11.11.04]

Translation: Wonderrrgirl @

In this winter with your boyfriend or lover or ……hmmm…. Husband^^;;;;;;;;;;;;

Is there anything you both want to do?????????????????????????????????????????

I have a present for those who can say something brilliant ^^

Even if it’s not something brilliant, it can also be something small and trivial. The period for this will be until tomorrow 9pm.

Oh yeah….Thank you for the Popularity awards today keke I’ll continue to work on many handsome performances to give your eyes something to feast on.

There’s about 3 days of activities left… Even though it’s a pity.. I want to have some follow up songs and activities but I only have one body… kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekkeke


After the recording, I’m back now to wash up and rub on lotion.

I have nothing much to say… keke the conclusion is thank you

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