Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Kamis, 10 November 2011

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) Highlights from Osaka Press Conference (First Japan Tour 2011)

Here are some highlights of the presscon shared by @onlykhjtimes and @KHJ_yui501

Lift from jeablover

- HJ will be debuting as a solo singer in Japan under Universal Music Japan from January 25, 2012.

HJ said: “i’m very glad i can debut from the same company Lady Gaga belongs to. I’ll try to do better and try my best to be loved by all”.

- when asked what he’s looking forward to do in Japan…HJ said “i look forward to playing football with a new Universal Japan Team”.

- when asked if fans can go watch him play..HJ said: “sure, but we’ll do it privately so it’s gonna be hard to find us.”

- HJ said: “there are many Japanese fans who speak Korean well but also many who don’t. I want them to know my music also so I will sing in Japanese in my new album.”

- when asked if there was any Japanese artiste he wants to work with…HJ said: “there are so many. my music is varied, it will be fun to mix dance and band music.”

- when asked what his dream is now…HJ said: “i want to perform live in Budoukan, next would be Arena Tour, then Tokyo Dome”.

- when asked what he likes about Japanese fans.. HJ said: “They are passionate and the way they cheer me on. Korean fans’ voice is thicker, but Japanese fans cheer me with higher voice like ‘rida…!” (as in leader).

- when asked what his impression of Japan is….HJ said: “there are distinct characteristics in each place, and Osaka has its characteristics too. I learnt the word ‘maido’ (which seems to mean ‘always’ in the Osaka dialect).

- when asked what he likes in Japan…HJ said: “I like gyudon, ramen, okonomiyaki, wing tips.”

- when asked what he would like to show the Japanese fans…HJ said: “I’m a Seoul public ambassador, so i hope we can communicate with each other, spend precious time together with songs and present a nice stage to everyone.”

- when asked what Japanese word he has learned recently…HJ said: “Agepoyo? It means fun or something right? Kyou mo agepoyo…(trans: Let’s have agepoyo today!)”

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