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Investigation of KHJ
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Selasa, 01 November 2011

[KoreanUpdates Awards 2011] Nomination Period 1st – 19th November 2011!

Let's do it!!


KoreanUpdates Awards 2011 is back, this awards section going to be the permanent yearly activity will be doing to appreciate the hard work of our lovely idols. This awards is made for fans who going to nominate 1 idol per category and 10 idols/individuals with the most votes will be going for the voting period starting 21st November 2011 to 22nd December, and the winner will be announce on Christmas 25th December 2011.

So how you can nominate your favorite idols, solo singers, rookie groups, actors, actress, dramas, songs, ost, dances and fans club? Remember you have to nominate anything that appears, introduce and showed only in 2011.

Use the comment box below and answers this (copy and paste it):

Best Male Group (남자 그룹상)
Best Female Group (여자 그룹상)
Best Male Solo (남자 가수상)
Best Female Solo(여자 가수상)
Best New Male/Female Group (신인상 (남자/여자))
Song of the Year (올해의 노래상)
Album of the Year (올해의 앨범상)
Dance of the Year (올해의 댄스 상)
Drama of The Year (올해의 드라마 상)
Actor of The Year (올해의 배우 상)
Actress of The Year (올해의 여배우 상)
OST of The Year (올해의 OST 상) *new
Best Couple Award (베스트 커플 상) *new
Variety Show of The Year (올해의 버라이어티 쇼 상) *new
Best MC Award (베스트 MC 상) *new
We included 4 New Categories, OST of The Year, Best Couple Award, Variety Show Of The Year, and Best MC Award. Especially for Daesang (대상) which also new this year, we are going to choose from the most number of votes received by you at the end of voting session.

Please signed in using twitter/facebook, don’t use anonymous, because anonymous voters will not be counted. thanks.

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