Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Jumat, 23 September 2011

[Article] The Marketers' Darling - Kim Hyun Joong

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Once upon a time peddlers bring around wares on top of their heads or hanged them on a balance on the shoulder .They even bring their goods on your doorstep.That preceeded all door to door sales and deliveries. Now peddling has been upgraded and more accessible. Thanks to the wonders of internet technology that lets the buyer see the goods in their face (through the computer monitor). Or through television screens, giant billboard,walls of subways,sides of buses and magazines. Of course if the peddler goes by the name of Kim Hyun Joong … every buying must be a pleasant activity. Until you see your bills .

Every buy must be worth it if Hyun Joong, the marketer’s delight and darling endorses it .That is what CNN said was the result of their previous internal survey. It seemed his endorsement had spread over food, drinks, clothing outer and inner wear, shoes and accessories, beauty products, bags, credit cards, cellphone, camera, retailing, etc .Don’t forget he is also promoting his music album. Why, a few more and his endorsements can fill an entire department store.

But why him? Don’t just give me the obvious.Yes, he is very handsome,though he is photogenic,many say he is even more attractive personally.Did you also say he is a well known celebrity whose fans’ documentation of his activities puts to shame many stalkers combined not only in South Korea but in many countries as well? You’ve got it again! But there is more to that than meets the eye.

A celebrity is said to be an ideal human billboard. Ask marketers in India ,Taiwan and the United States whose celebrities keep their commerce humming and earning . Many times advertisements are by itself a form of entertainment -their concept, charming storylines , cute dialogues and the appearance of our beloved celebities pretty much round up why they are liked. Marketers choose celebrities who can clearly promise a dream, a lifestyle similar to theirs ,that seem attainable by using the products and services.

Celebrities are people of influence, they have abilities to start a trend,they have the reputation of being trustworthy in that what they are endorsing are what they really are. Do they like the products and actually use them ? It is hoped they do .

If you also notice celebrities are matched with the brand and the products. Kim Hyun Joong exudes the charm of the city man, they say. In his commercial he was able to project that persona looking chic, aloof and impersonal for Fall . All he needs to do is knit his brows, look solemn with a dark face. There you’ve got your man! You want your message that Spring is the season of buds blossoming and the atmosphere becoming bright and cheerful , no worries Kim Hyun Joong’s smile can thaw the remaining snow of Mt Halla. Winter? You already feel cuddly warm knowing it is the sweater or jacket that Hyun Joong wrapped his body with. Summer is funtime to travel.Go! Hyun Joong is waiting for you in Seoul. Lest I forget, his flawless skin makes women envious if not insecure. Well, facial products are within your reach and Hyun Joong’s standee is even there watching over you .

The psychology of it is, if you like him you must like what he is selling . This is clearly transfer of affection from the star to the product. Or put another way ,the star has the halo effect on the product.Eventually he and the product meld into one.Is he credible? They will not say he’s got the midas touch if his endorsement does not translate into more sales.Businessmen who are crunching numbers cannot be indifferent to that.

Arrrgh, the closest now I can get to my Hyun joong is a pack of noodles he endorsed before. Hmmm, a steaming bowl of noodles and Hyun Joong in my mind . I’m in heaven .


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