Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Rabu, 17 Agustus 2011

TVBS News Measures Kim Hyun Joong’s Star Appeal

Translated by: OnlyKHJtimes (@onlykhjtimes on Twitter)
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This apparently aired today, 16 Aug, and the news station again wanted to examine HJ’s star-appeal – in monetary terms. We’ve translated this at the request of a friend – but we hope readers will take note that from the line of questioning by the reporters in the clip, it was obvious that they went there with a TOPIC in mind – that is, talk to people that can tell/indicate that they’ve spent a lot for KHJ, and to question them why they did such a thing.

While you view this news clip, do bear this in mind: This is what being a brand ambassador is about, i.e. PROMOTE the brand and its products. KHJ did not force any of his fans to buy – it is his fans who decide to buy to support him! And those who bought to see him, ALL said it was worth it.

News anchor-and-win to find one lucky female fan who would be able to experience HJ’s live demonstration of a marriage proposal with a bouquet of flowers.

But this seems to have resulted in her becoming the focus of everyone’s anger.

Eventually, this (originally) lucky female fan, today, not only was her mock-marriage proposal suddenly cancelled, the fan who was supposed to go on stage, was found finally found hiding in a corner, not daring to show her face; only until the end of the activity did she dare to show herself.

[Screen shows HJ going on stage and greeting: Hello, everybody, I am Kim Hyun Joong]

VO: Just as Korean Superstar Kim Hyun Joong appeared (on stage), fans started screaming continuously. The Xi Men Ding street was also crowded to the max.

Text on screen: Fearing Kim Hyun Joong’s fans would be jealous, the marriage-proposal gimmick cancelled.

[Screen shows a male (wow!) fan who had climbed onto a pole to take pic of HJ on stage]

VO: Risking danger to climb up a pole just to see Kim Hyun Joong (referring to the screen), even the shops around the area were crowded with fans (trying to catch a glimpse of him).

Seeing their idol, the fans on site were extremely excited and for safety’s sake, the organisers, which originally planned a session where Kim Hyun Joong would propose to a selected fan with flowers, were suddenly cancelled.

The fan who was selected from an online poll (translator’s note: this differs from what the News anchor woman said earlier, I think the VO is correct: the lucky fan girl was selected from an online poll, not the scarch-and-win. The latter was to choose those who can go for pic-taking and autograph], Wei Ling, can only stand in a corner somewhere, facing the wall, looking pitiful.

Reporter: Are you feeling very sad?

Wei Ling: I think so because I had actually prepared some words in Korean I wanted to say to him…

VO: (She) originally wanted to personally present a gift to KHJ but having lost the chance to do so. Wei Ling was selected from an online poll to be the female lead to get up close to KHJ, but there were fans who accused that the polling process was unfair.

Fan1: Isn’t she an artiste? I think she wanted to use (this opportunity with) KHJ to get famous.

Fan2: (I) Heard that the poll had been rigged (The original words used convey the meaning that someone had used some illegal means to get lots of votes). Because heard that it seems she has a management company and she asked her management company’s staffs to push the votes for her.

[Screen shows some fans carting a promotional board with HJ's photograph away]

[Background voice1: You even want to take home his board?!]

[Background voice2: (In response) This is given by someone!]

VO: Just after the event ended, KHJ’s extra-big photo-board were also carted away by fans! The main streets of Xi Men Ding were totally inundated, attracting traffic police to issue summonses. There were also litter all over the event area. The fan-meet ended in chaos.

[Ommitted line: Reporter's introduction of herself]

News anchor: This red hot Korean idol came to Taiwan for 4 days and there seems to be an activity (involving him) everyday. But there are so many fans that to get up close to him, (they) must first be willing to spend a certain amount of money – either to buy his album or buy the products he is endorsing.

We have done some calculations here for a young fan, she would probably need to use up to about NT$20,000 of their parent’s money to be able to see their beloved idol face-to-face. This has caused a lot of people to wonder if other Jap/Korean artistes are to visit Taiwan next and use the same method to attract fans to meet them, then those who want to pursue their ‘stars’ should have deep enough pockets.

VO: KHJ’s gentle smile (with) a pair of sneakers that KHJ had previously worn, caused fans who were watching below-stage to rush to bid for the shoes. Finally it was auctioned off for NT$120,000.

Reporter: To see him, how much have you spent?

The auction winner: This one, around the same amount that I’ve spent on this (sneakers) and a little bit more.

Reporter: Is it worth it?

The winner: Yes!

VO: The auction winner was smiling from ear to ear. Together with the money she had spent on KHJ previously, the total is about NT$13,000++, yet she feels it is absolutely worth it.

Even a six-year old child is into KHJ and the money she spent, are her parents’.

Reporter: Do you know how much your mother has to spend so that you can take photograph with him?

Child: Don’t know.

Reporter: Really? It’s NT$8,000 eh?

Child: (Silent)

Reporter: Do you feel very happy?

Child: Yes!

Reporter: Is the NT$8,000 your allowance?

Fan: Our aunt took us to shop together… about NT$10,000++…

VO: Those wish to have a photograph taken with KHJ must first spend NT$8,000 to buy the cosmetics products he endorses. Fans who spent only NT$5,000 can only get an autograph from him face-to-face. Looking at KHJ, for every single signature he gave out, he would look up and give a gentle smile; indeed he really is very good at ‘electrifying’ (fans).

Reporter: Don’t you think it’s very expensive?

Fan: Yes, very expensive. (But) For KHJ, it’s worth it.

Words on screen:

KHJ’s Charm

Album priced NT$479

Sold 12,000 copies

To shake hands

VO: To tally it up, KHJ’s visit to Taiwan this time for 4 days and 3 nights, (from his) album fan-meet, (where fans had to first) buy his album to get the code to SMS and enter a lucky draw, he sold off 12,000 copies. This would at least give him NT$5,700,000, the sales of cosmetics is NT$1,800,000, and adding to it the auction sale of his sneakers (earlier) for NT$120,000; the gross income totalled over NT$7,500,000: his appeal is really very shocking.

[Translator's note: The auction of the sneakers was for charity, the news station conveniently forgot to mention that.]

KHJ’s visit to Taiwan, every activity also has an entrance requirement (the original chinese words were replaced with the words to reflect actual meaning). It is feared that in the future, when Jap/Korean artists visit Taiwan also use this same method, then to pursue ‘stars’ in this day

and age, one would need to have deeper pockets.

[Last line ommitted is reporter signing off]

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