Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

[Trans] Kim Hyun Joong Activities in Taiwan 110814


1) ETTV News at 6: KHJ spoke in Chinese to greet fans at Taipei High-Five fan-meet

Translated by OnlyKHJtimes (@onlykhjtimes on Twitter)
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TV Host: Now we're bringing you to see SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong, after going solo, he's come to Taiwan for a fan-meet. But a thunder storm in the afternoon caused the whole event to be delayed by 45 minutes.

HJ: "Long time (no) see...Hello everybody, I am Kim Hyun Joong."

TV Host: "Long time no see" - Kim Hyun Joong used Chinese to greet fans. The atmosphere at the event was very high. Originally the event was supposed to start at 3pm but the sudden thunder storm delayed it for up to 45 minutes.

The rain was really very heavy, together with lighting and thunder, but all these totally didn't dampen fan's warm enthusiasm.

Standing under their umbrellas under the heavy rain, the fans didn't mind it at all as they just wanted to catch a glimpse of their idol in person.


2) CTI News at 8: Kim Hyun Joong High Five Taipei Fan-meet

Translated by OnlyKHJtimes (@onlykhjtimes on Twitter)
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TV Host: His schedule was to meet with 500 fans at a hand-shake event but because of his incredible popularity, the event venue was crowded by more than 3,000 people, but Kim Hyun Joong was late by about 50 minutes – fans suffered a long wait and eventually also be totally drenched.
MC: Annyeonghaseyo…
HJ: “Long time (no) see…Hello everybody, I am Kim Hyun Joong.”
Voice-Over: Korean idol Kim Hyun Joong instantly greeted everyone in Chinese when he appeared on stage. The fans below screamed in response but couldn’t really see anything because a bout of thunderstorm caused the 3000-over fans at the event to put up their umbrellas.
Everyone was totally drenched and on top of it, the idol was late by 50 minutes so it was unavoidable that some had some complaints.
Fan1: It doesn’t feel so good really because he was very late and it rained very heavily.
Fan2: He’s very warm and friendly so it’s okay!

VO: Fans were still very enthusiastic but the bout of thunderstorm messed up the event’s original scheduled activities, causing the part where KHJ would dance Break Down as well as a photo-taking session to be cancelled; only the shake-hand session with the selected 500 lucky fans who had purchased his album earlier continued as normal.
VO: It’s just for this moment (referring to the screen where HJ was shaking hands with fans with a warm smile) that fans totally expended all their efforts.
Fan3: I came from Kaohsiung today and have used up about TWD 5000, including bus fare and some merchandise…
Fan 4: I came here at 10.30pm yesterday night to queue up and I was the first one here, there wasn’t anybody yet.
VO: To see their idol, no matter how much suffering they have to go through is also fine but coincidentally, when Kim Hyun Joong with the nick-name U:zoosin opened his mouth (to say a few words), thunder boomed.
HJ: …Just want to say one thing…I love you all, and thank you all.
VO: And it was just with this word “I love you”, the thunderstorm poured heavily right after. Originally scheduled to last for 1-hour, Kim Hyun Joong only appeared for 30 minutes but this didn’t dampen fan’s enthusiasm at all.
Fans shouting: Kim Hyun Joong, we love you!
[Final line ommitted was reporter telling her name, before signing off]


3) TVBS News2-Kim Hyun Joong arrives in Taiwan

Translated by OnlyKHJtimes (@onlykhjtimes on Twitter)
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VO: Just as Korean star Kim Hyun Joong came out from the plane, fans and the media immediately crowded in together and the situation turned chaotic.
Unable to wait (patiently) for KHJ to exit the immigration as fans were in hot pursuit to take his pictures, (so) immigration officers at the airport opened up a special lane for him to pass through, causing some tourists who were waited at the scene to express some dissatisfaction.

Tourist1: I think that's not very nice.

VO: Kim Hyun Joong took a 12pm plane to come to Taiwan and on arrival, dressed in all black, coupled with black sun-glasses, rushed through immigration with the help of the staffs.
A large group of fans who were waiting for him had completely crowded the airport and airport staffs had to link hands to erect a human barrier for fear of a total loss of control of the situation.
Kim Hyun Joong has specially come to Taiwan this time for a fan-meet and a poll was organised - the fan-girl who was selected No. 1 would get see Kim Hyun Joong go down on his knees with a bouquet of flowers to demonstrate a marriage proposal. But just as the lucky fan-girl was selected, other fans started leaving resentful comments on the Internet.

Fan-girl: That's just...nevermind. Never mind. (in response to the girl's selection)

[Screen-capture of computer screen reads: If you are free, please vote for me! Thank you [heart] - No. 4...]

VO: The dissatisfaction of fans were all posted online and some even left words that they would show their dissatisfaction to this lucky fan-girl.
[Screen-capture of computer screen reads: Be careful that on the event day you would be splashed with...(translator's note: can't see the rest clearly so won't translate all - suffice to say it sounds like a threat)]

VO: This caused the organisers to be anxious and so they even rehearsed an escape route in advance for the girl, to avoid any untoward incidents on the day of the event.
[Last line omitted from translation was just the reporter's name]

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