Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Senin, 01 Agustus 2011

[Trans + Full Video] Kim Hyun Joong Guesting at Sukira’s Kiss The Radio Program (Hosted by SuJu’s LeeTeuk & Yesung)

Video uploaded by Oumae24 @YT on Jun 15, 2011

Introduction of KHJ as: What kind of man is a real man? Someone who helps out an old woman who is lost; someone who helps out a child who is bullied by at least giving a noogie to the perpetrators; a man who will not tolerate anybody that badmouth people he cares about. We have today the man among men, man who came out as a strong and tough man from his soft image of BOF. They say that so many people are leaving messages about KHJ who will be a guest for the entre one hour.

KHJ intro himself as KHJ who came back with solo album Break Down. There are people also waiting right outside the radio.

KHJ says that night time is his show time so he has energy.
KHJ says that both mc;s do not drink very well but he says that he has not drunk that much these days to prepare for the come back.
KHJ feels a bit uncomfortable being the only guest for the one hour unlike when he used to come out as a group before. But he will think of the program as being carried out as group of three—he and the 2 SUJU MC;s,

Does KHJ think of himself as 4D? KHJ feels that people think of his honesty as something comical. KHJ says that he does not really think too seriously about being referred to as 4D. KHJ talks about his cartoon character uzusin, He says he likes aliens and believes that there are aliens because we earthlings just cannot be the sole beings in the universe.

KHJ talks about his album: He worked with Steven Lee and other choreographers who woked with usher and other famous aritsts. He feels grateful to all these people.

KHJ had soft image but now he returned as strong man in Break Down. Why? KHJ says that he realized that he cannot have that white skin he used to have and his skin is not as it used to be and he also grown beard too fast so he said to himself it is best to go the road of becoming a man. He has 6 pack and everything now. His dance is referred to as tje 3-level gear dance or something that goes around and around. He is happry with the dance and is happy that other people are saying positive things about it too.

KHJ says that lots of people ask him to take off sunglasses while performing on stage. But he says he just cannot do it now. Sometimes perfoming is so hard that his eyes turn in exhaustion. So he wants to adjust to the perfomance more and then take it off one of these days.
KHJ says that when he was doing mv he did not wear sunglasses but realized his exhaustion while performing on stage.

KHJ syas that he does feel most comofortable in this radio program as they are all similar age and had been idols.

Suju gives him speed quiz that he has to answer yes or no only/
yes to feel a bit lonely as solo performer.
yes to my popularity is somewhat greater than my company’s president esp for those under 30.
no to feeling very excited at seeing younger and cuter girls groups even though my ideal female is Lee HyoRi.
yes to if I really like someone, I will definitely make her mine.
yes to KHJ feels that he sometimes lose even if he is very honest and does not present himself in grandiose manner.

Suju further ask about the popularity. KHJ says that he feels that he has more popularity among those under 30. But for the older,,,no. He thinks that it may take him 20 years or more to surpass the reputation and populatiy of Bae Yong Joon. Suju thinks that KHJ has loaylty.

KHJ says that all the girls group members are cute, pretty and sexy but he has never felt that he wanted to make them his girlfriend. He says that realistically he would think that these girl group members would not be able to hang our late at night and have a beer with him. Becayse his ideal female is someone he can be as comfortable as a firend. But he says that maybe in 5 years things can be different. He also says that those girl group members cannot eat whatever they want either as they have to stay in shape for their work.

Suju asked if there is any other person whom KHJ is interested. KHJ says that he actually met someone. It is someone in his own agency and asked Bae Yong joon to arrange a dinner as he is her fan. It is HongSehWon-sunbaenim(who is that??) He had dinner and couple of wines with her. Some fan asked KHJ if he ever had drinks/meals with Lee HyoRi. He says he did as they were once in the same agency together.

Another radio listener aksed KHJ’s help in getting the girl of his dreams. KHJ says the he believes that sincerity will be communicated. Instead of spenidng moneyy, he would encourage truthfulness and sincerity and belief and credibility. Suju asked KHJ to show in acting. All this time, not Lee Teuk but the other SUJU member keeps on saying that the way KHJ thinks and iseem are so similar to himself. Lee Teuk told him not to make that type of connections. ke

In acting out how to get the girl, Lee Teuk play the girl and says to KHJ that she is busy so make it fast. KHJ says I konw you are busy so I will say it quickly. I love you. I want to make you shine 10 times more than the brand name bag that you have next to you. In 10 years, I will try so hard that that brand name bag will increase 100 times. Lee Teuk also says he loves it. (For a guy who says that he hates saying I love you in SAngSangPlus show in Jan of 2009, it came out very easily…right??!!)
I like the way Lee Teuk translated what KHJ said,,,that he will work hard to be even more attractive than that brank name bag….is very moving proposal. )

The new song Kiss Kiss is played and KHJ hopes that Kiss The RAdio program edits it well and use it as the radio show tune. keke
KHJ talks about the song Kiss KIss and its dance and shows it–SUJU thinks the dance movies could be awkward as the song is so sweet and cute. But KHJ says that after BreakDwon song, there is more request for KissKiss song.
Another fan asks when was your last kiss? SUJU says that he can pass the question if he does not want to answer. KHJ says that it was 4 months ago.Lee Teuk asks KHJ is he considres himself the best looking among all the idels?? KHJ says no. For him, he thinks many people are good looking but what differentiates is how charismatic and sincere that person is…how that person give off the aura aropund him.

The other Suju member chines in to say that his father watched khj in Strong Heart and mentions that he saw KHJ at the TV station once and thingks that KHJ is the best looking among all the idols. So, Suju says that he did not even say goodnight to his father before going to bed.
Then a person calls the radio and he is called Park SeungBum and he plays soccer with KHJ in the celebrity soccer. Both play offense but he says that he is better than khj..that is he very fast but that if KHJ comes out on the field, it is hard to play the game as he has to sit out so he does not like it when KHJ cmes out. keke But, Park says that KHJ looks like he cannot do sports well…but SUJU both say he looks like he can really play well. Park does say that kHJ does really play very well. JUnsu and KHJ are kind of rivals in the game. Lee Teuk asks if KHJ or Junsu is better and Park says actually JUnsu is better. Doojin also called and said that KHJ and he also play soccer together but are not that close and KHJ also does not speak informally to him even though KHJ is older than he is. Doojin must be part of BEAST and he say that khj plays soccer well like Phillip Injaki whio is really good at position selections. (I don’t konw spoets.) KHJ says that hopes to get even closer to these two by having more meals after the games and he will try to talk more informally. He says he finds it har dot talk informally.

They then hear the song Please.
khj tells fan that he will be doing some fan signing events in areas that are not Seoul…like Daegoo, InCjuin and Biusan, et. He says he is so busy now that he cannot do it but he hopes to do it before June is over.
Somebody asked which idol KHJ is close to. KHJ says that he is close to SUJU members and JYJ members. The other mc says tjat KHJ is also close to Donghae. KHJ acknowledges it. Then he quickly says that he comes from same town with Siwon. He addresses Siwon very informaly. Siwon was very famous in school. Lee Teuk asks if Siwon or KHJ was famous during school days. KHJ says that Siwon went to school very deligently whereas he did not. So people did not know him at school. (Woah, KHJ and Siwon went to same junior high school!) The other Suju mc says that Siwon said that in Kangnam area, he and KHJ and Top were pretty famous…that everybody knew them. (Thenm I thnk KHJ said that they were not famous because of grades r anything…) Time ran out KHJ makes promotion for his album and ends. KHJ says that he will not be acting the rest of the year as he is busy preparing the next album. He had a really good time he says.

So, the highlight from the interview for me is that KHJ says his last kiss was 4 months ago, making it around Valentine’s Day. Also, he says that he had dinner with Hong SehYun the actress from the samw agency. I wonder if she is the one who came out in his MV?? I am curious about that. But the SUJU mc;s do not seem that interested in the information. Also, the other SuJu mc knows that KHJ is close to Donghae but KHJ kind of skimmed over the information as if he did not want to talk about that. hmmmm…It seems that being idols, they are respectful of privacy of each other.

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