Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

[Report] Playful Kiss Premium Talk and Live in Tokyo Report Part 3

credit: Dina with Google Translate

The next corner but the song ♪ ♪, the story of two people showed up to the analyst Miyamoto people are ready to be prepared. Page, August 02 (Tuesday) at the Tokyo International Forum "" Kiss ~ Playful Kiss Itazura na "event» Earthquake Reconstruction Eastern premium Talk & Live in TOKYO «" A report of ③. (Previous page, respectively, ① , ② In)
"was Kiss Premium Live Talk &
Music Corner ■ Chonsomin first appeared. Now a red dress out on the shoulder. ♪ ♪ I'll Give all my Love as song, "Lovers in Paris", "Madonna comeback," but Kim Jung Eun, the songs cover songs of rock-Jang. Jang, 1991 "always in my dreams," debuted in the female artist. Husky voice is a bit of charming candy Somin. The first half is pretty gentle singing, middle, and then transposed to the rock-burst is full of energy. After leaving Somin appeared Hyun Kim. Gray pants with a changeover to strike all gray and black. Track 1: Thank you ♪ (Komaputa) ♪ "We got married" from. Hyun's solo songs in 2008. Me singing songs for the fans always Hyun. Relaxed voice ever. Penn was invited to the green and blue lights, moving the stage and unwind. From the floor, "Lida -" "Hyung!" A shrill voice. Track 2: ♪ ♪ One More Time "Itazura na Kiss" from. I'll sing in front of Hyun moist eyes closed, everyone who Ohani 5000. Hyun: There Arigato Chair: It's decided on national tour. Hyun: In this showcase of Iranian who recently? (Over us, a lot of raised hands. Repos here I can read it!) Showcase did it go? This tour will be in seven places, I would like to show you power up more than a showcase. Everyone has kept you waiting long minutes, the good stuff. Please If you are expecting. I will show you the highest stage. Chair: The new album is also likely involved in producing your own was the most difficult? Hyun: was the hardest, because singing did not work well with Konasanai dance alone, and was hard physically. (I have no companions Mon SS501) , but as I said earlier, if efforts to accomplish something in the feeling that I have a purpose, I always thought the results. This album is made ​​with difficulty, was much loved by everyone. Thank you. As everyone can live up to their next album, I make an album. Thank you very much. Chair: dance lessons, etc. though: while sleeping, health management is it? Hyun: Nde always best condition and can not say that one person that I can go, but if you could send your encouragement, I will show you a great stage in 100% condition. The next song, "Kiss Itazura na" is a perfect song.
"Was kissing premium Talk & Live
Track 3: ♪ Kiss Kiss appeared dancers six well-known in the showcases. dancing choreography cute. dance with good stairs stage. and the choreography of Kiss throw to move the stage or will be Pakupaku hands with the microphone. same song popular Korean music show "Musicbank" K-ranked in the chart. Climax climax of the venue! Chair: (Suffice to press Hyun Hakeyou just finished singing badly) a good time would be too fast. A message from the last two. Somin: Thank you for coming to so many people. I appreciate there is no vacancy at about. We think everyone in Japan again next O目Nikakaritai. Also, I wish I could greet us with a drama and movies. ♪ Mattane Hyun: thank you very much for coming to a lot of people in hot weather. "Kiss Itazura na" Please love more and more to the future. Even Kimu_Hyonjun singer, as much loved by everyone in 2011, we'll luck. Prepare the hard tour in November. Thank you for your support today to a warm and passionate. How to meet that evening, also at the time. (LOL venue. Me laugh until the very end)) Moderator: Thank you very much today. It is it your last. I go! Everyone's "Kiss Itazura na" kiss thrown according to the slogan of the people. Fly toward the audience from the stage sparkling tape. Pekusunjo after the marriage and Ohani, to go back to Sweet Home, the stage stairs, stand on a landing two aligned. "Teka Kiwotsuke edge, please," the greeting of Hyung's, like, made ​​me feel like the people who visited the new house.    (- End -) takes longer than 2 "" Kiss ~ Playful Kiss Itazura na "event» Earthquake Reconstruction Eastern premium Talk & Live in TOKYO «" is just "Hyun World" did. We tried to interview the fans before the start of the show. Of replying to the Korean fans have become fascinated by Pe_Yonjun 2004're right nice wife and her husband also likes Dora Korea. Hyun Joong's fans became the "we got married," from. Hore込Nda to talk and that's unique sensibility and Hyun. I think quite recently as an adult. And so the growth of his lonely little rejoicing. Surely should have been happy to see Mr. Hyun today. At the end of performances, interviews with young women in the group. But was not interested at all in Korean, "Boys Over Flowers," a fan of Ms. Hyun on. I do not like it was kissed several times Chonsomin Actually, come today, fans were out in their cuteness. In addition, the boy was excited the first time in a long time four-dimensional. Voices were heard and so on. Mr. I, Mr. U, I thank you for your cooperation everyone other K.

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