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Investigation of KHJ
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Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

[Report] Playful Kiss Premium Talk and Live in Tokyo Report Part 2

credit: Dina with Google translate

Original: Kaoru Tada "Kiss Itazura na"
port / Kaoru Tada M's pro ©
© Creative Leaders Group Eight
August 02 (Tuesday) at the Tokyo International Forum "" Kiss ~ Playful Kiss Itazura na "event» Earthquake Reconstruction Eastern premium Talk & Live in TOKYO «" ②'s report.
■ Questions from the fans gathered before the question.
Q1: When you eat hot food?
Hyun: when hot? When I was hot and what to eat? (From the moderator, "we take an hour" shake his head. Laughter is beside My Lai) in response to My Lai where Mr.! Somin: chocolate ice cream. Do it samgyetang. "Rules the heat with the heat" is. (Hyun thinks the meantime. Except the answer to My Lai

Hyun: we saw, and eat cold Toka Toka hot regardless. I have taken vitamins regularly, regardless of the weather, what is safe to eat. (Twisted stomach skin of the reporter. Free Talk Nantes),

Q2: What is good Baek Seung Jo or Junggo?
Somin: Baek Seung Jo (Hyun smiles and Somin too)
Q3: I do anything with the image of a smart Sunjo or worried when you can overcome what?
Hyun: It may be true images of Baek Seung Jo, especially I nor does it have a lot of good. even when making this album, you hit a wall sometimes and the song even if the choreography, it was really hard or tired. when it still is not all staff found a way to overcome. I do not think people can not. one day and if anything I Hang will be able, through the making of this album I felt. . (Applause large adult speech)
Chair: that stoic Mr. Hyun. It is not a long practice.
Hyun: Yeah, Minnanotameni (applause. I've been sleeping time? in question) N sale, I've been able to bear so. Chairperson: do that It's not. and even more fine beard. (LOL! this regard, in August 2010 "Flower Man" have something interesting events. ⇒ Click here to read the report , "Boys Over Flowers" Alumni Events Hyun: I prefer a light today. (laughs)
Q4: What is similar Somin and Hani? What I love the cool Sunjo of tsundere?
Somin: Hani girl that sense that brave child I think. we ran towards it without even frightened. I may not. will become timid thinking Yappari hurt. (my type aggressively go? question) but now I have no such experience, try playing the Hani now firmly tell will not regret it as you find loved ones who miss out, and it's also important that we consider this a bit to play a role changed. (from the philosophical to the young MC)
Q5: many of the NG is?
Hyun: out that a lot of NG is somebody I did not particularly.
Ms Lai: I shot a set of by coughing when it issued the NG. I was very cold. There is also a touch of cold that .... I'll cough is a physiological phenomenon is unavoidable Nde. is it safe to say me around the staff, the number Nde I thought increased sorry. but it was a set of house, I was very cold.
MC: I'll hand, sports scene was difficult. What I had temperatures near 40 degrees? Hyun: Yes. near 40 degrees there. Farahani around, Hani's friends, enjoy the setting of Jungu in athletic scenes, that just reading a book in the shade Pekusunjo, in which Mr. Hani and hard Jungu kun, your own water I feel sorry for drinking. (I might even run a scene under the hot sun) scenes that run from that scene, there was another problem. I dislike insects and butterflies, at that time, hordes of pigeons is damaged is. shades that I ran so scared pigeons, the director is said to run to突Tsu切Tsu inside the pigeon, it was hard. Moderator: That is not bad even small insects as well as pigeons. hyun: Yes, I have insects or birds

MC: I'm no longer a wild or Wakan. Finally, "Kiss of mischief," the attractions. Hyun: "Itazura na Kiss" is no more complex in content, sense of drama is easy to relax in the cut. I have memories of first love and probably a high school junior and is also important from him. I can remember a time crush. ■ word association game to write a sketch book to hear the word association was there and Hyun Somin. ○ If you draw two answers. Otherwise, it has a penalty game. (Hyun receive attention and are able to see the answer Somin, Somin and face the opposite direction. The fans had eyes "long time" the word. Laughs) Q1: ... Speaking of sweets like Hyun: Suites? (Dessert) Yeah. Chair: heave-ho. Somin ⇒ "Ice Cream" Hyun ⇒ "leg of a bird" (which, lol venue)
"was Kiss Premium Talk & Live
Hyun: There are two types of taste the original taste and spicy, I like the hot taste. (Datte Suites so!) will Suites If you eat a meal? once went to Korea, in supermarkets or convenience stores. Q2: Speaking of wine ... Moderator: Mr. Somin is I'll drink the Nde and junior year. Mr. Hyun What is it? Hyun: : Kinou Roh tried crawling. Nomisugi (again, a melting pot of the hall laughing!) Joudandesu. Yopparatte ... Joudan, Joudan, Joudan. (Mr. Hyun Lost your problem?'s voice) favorite drink? (hey that question has changed. The laughs) Hyun: heave-ho. (ignore progress, their pace Akumademo) Japanese shochu liquor Somin Hyun ⇒ ⇒ Chair: It fit. Q3: Speaking of birthdays ... Somin: ( be asked to answer as fast) , but this happens浮Kabimashita fast, is usually indecisive. Somin Myokku ⇒ (seaweed soup) ⇒ cake Hyun MC: It's seaweed soup to make the mother. hyun: Nde and living alone ... Q4: Speaking of honeymoon ... Hyun: architecture, heave-ho. Somin ⇒ Jeju (Cheju) Jeju ⇒ Hyun MC: Shooting is like? spent it eating? Hyun: really fun and spent. Jeju Toka ate abalone soup simmered scabbard fish food and島Rashii. Q5: Speaking of ... Ohani Hyun: Ohani?? Ohani, Ohani? (forgotten No way! laughter. Yappari think of what, garbage paid or restlessness knee) Somin: the last work I'll age more often, as this


(The Kimunamugiru "Red and Black (Original title: Bad Man)"?)
 Somin ⇒ ⇒ Hyun Bae dull job Pekusunjo
Moderator: Great! Hyun: very thought. Pekusunjo? Pavo! (Silly I) Q6: Speaking Pekusunjo ... genius Somin Hyun ⇒: IQ200 Host: Well, let's correct. Question 3 of 6 questions correct. Osaka is in concert at all ... I let the game Ataranaku any punishment. Staff will bring a black box. I guess that is what put into your hands. Hyun challenge on behalf of the penalty game. The soba is piled on a plate in the paper. To scare, wear gloves when it passed the doctor's surgery. I have Bibitsu luck your not fit well. Hyun to give up and try to do without gloves, the moderator, "Well, I go with bare hands?" Word of. Hameyou gloves and a rush, that glove is dropped out of the finger to the poor in折Re込N. Is this almost comic figure opposite, so watch your control. Applause in the hall laughing and reach into the box but timidly, afraid to reach the difficult goal. The countdown is done and touched,端Kko of paper plates. Hyun: dish, dish! (Near-death fans laugh. No, that goal is on the plate!) bamboo shoots? Sprouts? Chapuje (vermicelli)? (Tummy hurts, again, how free!) . buckwheat! Chair: Correct, what I thought? Hyun: insects and Nde I thought that I do not like insects. ■ Ultra Quiz Challenge Quiz ○ × 5,000 venues across the organization. The 10 winners will present a clear set of file two sets of people signed. The answer is found in people's answers and video.
Q1: Line high school boys in uniforms on the sleeve of the Parent is green, the engine is under answer: ×
Q2: Episode 10 , slippered when I went to the apartment Sunjo first time? The answer: Q3: 14 story , the age of Sunjo when new development is the announcement of the game 21 years. The answer: ○ Q4: Hyung ate a beef bowl yesterday. Answer: × (tried to eat, to stay "beef bowl today? Trying to curry" and the押Shi切Ra) Q5: Somin slept more than six hours yesterday. Answer: × (too undergoes fast bad manager, for about three hours after all) (or have an answer for how much, Hyun grow on trees inspected seats that by pointing ○ × boards) Q6: Episode 11 , Location villa The game was not looking stamps 7 stamps. The answer: ○ (this scene is remembered Somin, Hyun will not remember) Q7: Episode 15 , when I went to mother's grave Hani reported marriage, mother and grandfather, "had a photo. Answer: × (Hyun remember now) Q8: Episode 12 , were held the 12th reunion of high school graduates Paran regeneration. Answer: × (regenerative 14) Q9: 16 story , to the nursing Hani The test used when the transfer is received the ball-point pen. answer: ○ (切Rezu 10 people squeezed in, and not only Nogent Hyun) Hyun: Shaishohagu, rock-pop climax remains large, people here Once you leave. Next> > report covering events] Back to

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