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Investigation of KHJ
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Rabu, 03 Agustus 2011

[Report] Playful Kiss Premium Talk and Live in Tokyo Report Part 1

I'm no longer able to translate, there are a few unintelligible words at the end of this part and finally at the end of part, i use of the Google translate .. ^ ^

credit: and Google translate

Original: Kaoru Tada "Kiss Itazura na"
port / Kaoru Tada M's pro ©
© Creative Leaders Group Eight
About 10,000 people day and night together, kissing couples Chonsomin Tokimeita plate and Kim Hyung Joong! August 02 (Tuesday) at the Tokyo International Forum "" Kiss ~ Playful Kiss Itazura na "event» Earthquake Reconstruction Eastern premium Talk & Live in TOKYO «" was held. The event was abandoned because of the earthquake, followed by performances in Osaka, and realize that you want to show the will of the people held at the Tokyo experience. The venue is provided collection boxes, donations, the support group emergency throughout the project Smile DATV "CIVIC FORCE" and "Children Without Borders (KnK)" is donated to to the people devastated by this disaster used to support activities. In the interview performances Nabikon day since the report aims to recall 90% of the time. The following ※, the Japanese Katakana text comments. (Red) is in place and how, thoughts of journalists, and ambience. 1:30 pm, the hall thousands of women with an eye to the heart. Chick stage fairy tale. Well summer school uniforms for men and women of Paran, to poor winter uniforms for men and women. Central nestled like a landing stage and luxurious stairs. Yuka Miyamoto moderator DATV announcer, Rie Nemoto interpreters. [Live report]
■ Opening the stage screen "Itakisu" After the PV flows from above the stage well Hyun, Somin has appeared poor, down the stairs with a hug in the middle. Greetings from the first two.
Hyun: Konichiwa. Hyung Joong is approximately as Baek Seung Jo.
Somin: Konichiwa. Chosomindesu.
(Applause) from the Chair, and the memorial to the late Professor Kaoru Tada, authorship, describes the purpose of the event.
■ Special talk from here proceed to sit
Moderator: When did you shoot?
Hyun: The year becomes a month ago to be precise. ("Fine thank you" smile out your tongue and tongue to comment)
Chair: I feel what the fans in Tokyo before?
Itakisu day..
Hyun: What is the point in question? (Out -! Hyun in this world), this time is noon, Thank you for in full. Again, everyone Itakisu is thought that this time I do not have to. (Uke great venue. He said the fans who came to this much trouble is awesome Yappari)
Moderator: when Mr. Hyun told, but it is nice but what is said. Mr. Somin is it? Somin: I have experienced that once I am in Osaka, and nervous too. Please leniently even if I miss a bit.
(Cute) Chair: Mr. Somin, Yasemashita than in drama?
Somin: (to the subtle reaction of laughter venue. desperately Miyamoto, "it means Janaku strange ...) overlaid year, I think the meat of the cheek or fell. I often eat in public, but, Sometimes it's one, now this has become integrated. (born March 16, 1989. I'm not yet overlap. LOL)
Chair: Mr. Hyun was this story when it is your feel? What?
Hyun: "Itakisu" before the "Flower Man" did so, followed by the cartoons and also worried, these two work for women, men's "Dragon Ball" and "Slam Dunk" and similar work and listen, I thought that honor can work appeared in two of the cartoons.
(Big applause. I'll love your comics. The question) Yes, That's right. I do not have time to read comics for the others are reading Bakkari. Even when there is no time to read comics, manga cafe in Korea have Nde, read together about 10 hours there. Recently, "One Piece" I read the latest issue of translation in Korea and so I delayed for a month. You say you want a fast way writers write.
Moderator: Hani played a steadily impressive is it?
Somin: while I play Hani, i got used to feeling really positive light. I was hard shooting, I was thinking the role is now brighter light.
Chair: feats of physical education during high school I did it in Japanese.
Somin: Japanese since junior high school, I studied it on his own to watch movies and dramas, still .... (Speaks during Somin, Hyung interpreter's hand stare watch and take notes)
Moderator: The most of memorable scenes?
Hyun Joong: The kissing scene too. Especially in the rain scene. During very cold, but I could not cut and does not end there is no water in one sprinkler (The Chair "It's mouth is moving Temashita Hyun" site in response to words. Overlooking the venue your hand), who saw the drama! (Almost all hands go up)
Moderator: Mr. Somin is it?
Somin: Again, I kiss my Nde bad physical condition that day, I thought that I want done quickly. In Korea, there is always an issue of blood by a needle or the tip of the finger to feel physically sick when we got to do to better your sound. (Do not remember much of the moderator? To the question of) A-. Shedding stage followed by video screens, introduces the associated episodes. I have not seen the drama, please click on the number of each story. ① Video Episode 1 , scene and then returned with a love letter of Hani Sunjo corrected.
"Kiss Premium Ita Talk & Live
MC: What was it like playing the role of nasty bad?
Hyun: turning off this time has become Pekusunjo dont think women really have a bad head and I hate it. So, I hate slow-witted woman, and mind control (laughter venue. Do yourself ~ V? question Miyamoto) is also not a clever way I ( Ieie us to humility. lol site) either party is fine. I think that it never hurts to be the most good.
Moderator: Can you remember the part of Mr. Hani is it?
Somin: at that time, around You have a lot of people, and I thought that it alone What Sunjo from over. that's me all the people around, so I thought that was a horrible, look Sunjo solitary after shooting was a little thrilling.
② Video Episode 6 , the kiss scene was mean to avenge the Sunjo secret rose to everyone pictures. (very welcome if this mean? by cheers from the audience are kissing? soft boos? chan anyway Somin cute, but not much hostility from the audience) Moderator: "Zamamiro, Akanbe" It is said to want. (Laughter) It is the first kiss. Do you remember? Somin: (begin talking, laughing) I have been really funny in that scene. The scene is now imposing Pekusunjo "Zamamiro, Akanbe" What I'll say it leaves. This scene is OK. I came so that NG is Mr. Hyun before it fell. Nde was after, it was hard to remember that the previous bite. Hyun: That's right. "Zamamiro, Akanbe!" If you go away What to say, I had put a chair right there. I laugh from everyone's going to become so caught it fell. (Sheepish look down Hyun. But to see that scene!) I have left this scene. Nde I was there I find a collection of NG broadcast in Korea. (Navigation computer course staff can see here the scene ⇒ ♪ I searched this NG NG Shu Kiss Ita ) video ③ friendly Sunjo followed. Episode 9 , Hani Sunjo and unexpectedly decided to date. MC: It was also good in this scene. Love. Do I tell my feelings to Mr. Hyun honest? Hyun Joong: I? (Who else is? Laugh at their own pace every answer at all) is not who I say frankly. Aggressive and attack, but rather on how to approach, is how I keep hidden in the heart. Chair: The Osaka concert, what to do with her ​​bad cooking? In question, but answered quietly go out to eat it.連Re出Shi. (Big audience laughter) Hyun: Because now there are many good cook from the restaurant's chef is also the 21st century, I think such a thing should be used. You should be happy to live life then? (Finally, ran out to talk of the century!) and Ira has a lot more women here, and tells the truth, I would like to I'll cook you like a man. But I think you'll be fresh and hassle than a year, and that you also be happy if it's just talking, laughing Once your sympathy. (LOL, applause) ④ Video Episode 15 , his dream of runaway Hani is on the scene of the dream Sunjo MC: I prefer over-the-shoulder smile Sunjo. (That they were moving mouth kissing, Miyamoto maniac look!) Do you remember that scene? Hugging each other! Somin: the role, Nde never wear heels even once, it was hard to adjust the height so there is a difference anyway. (I believe such a thing) Chair: Ms. Hyun Do you remember? Hyun: Yeah, it Yoido Park? It Kke Ilsan Park? Yeouido Park ...? (Laugh. It is good anywhere Nantes location) and has embraced many times Hani already, from that throb so were many times kiss was acting a feeling that I came back Hani. ("Many" subtle chuckle in the audience), this time without any sleep time, as said before, quite embraced it (laughs) is no excitement. Next> > report covering events] Back to

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