Investigation of KHJ

Investigation of KHJ
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Kim Hyun Joong
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Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

[Fancam+Trans] Kim Hyun Joong @ Taiwan Hi-5 Event by Nagootv [11.08.14]

Credit: nagootv + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit
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Note: HyunJoong's words are translated based on the translation by the chinese lady translator

Ken: Is it alright that you are soaking under the rain?
Fans: Yes
Ken: What to do, he is U:zoosin ah.
Ken: Right or not? Everytime when he come, it will rain
Ken: Ok. If you like him then support him, so try to adapt to this weather. Hi everybody, do you like Kim HyunJoong?
Ken: Although it is raining but I think everybody is very passionate and very happy today. Later, at the beginning of our Hi-5 fan meeting, will let our fan see how he feels looking at so many fans coming here to support him today.
Ken: So everybody, do not be fear of the rain, because Kim HyunJoong is here!
Ken: & HJL: Annyeonghasaeyo~
Ken: Wah! Everybody! You have seen Kim HyunJoong. Therefore, we want him to start off by greeting everybody here. Is it alright?
HJL: Long time no see! Hi everybody, I am Kim HyunJoong! [好久不见,大家好, 我是金贤重。]
Ken: Wah! Looked! Although it is raining today but there are a lot of people here.
Ken: There's even thunder! How do you feel?
HJL: I have not came to Taiwan for these 3 years. Didn't come here for so long but still see so many fans here, I feel very happy. Also, I am very happy that a lot of fans welcome me in the airport. Thank you everybody.
Ken: Today in the airport, 400 fans went to welcome him. And now I think there are around 2000 over fans here. So many come to support and meet him under such condition. Do say some sweet words to everybody. OK? Let everybody experience Kim HyunJoong's love. Ok? Let's hear what he wants to tell us. What do you want to tell us?
HJL: There's only one sentence. I love you!
[Scream for fans~~~~~~]
Ken: When Kim HyunJoong said 'I Love You' these 3 words, it started to thunder.
Ken: Because actually for about 2 years plus he didn't come to Taiwan. But during this period, what thing in Taiwan do you miss?
HJL: I wish to eat XiaoLongBao (Steam dumplings) which he previously ate in Taiwan.
Ken: Hope he can experience it during this trip in Taiwan. Because today from welcoming him in airport to here, we know there are many Taiwan fans supporting you. We also during the past periods we know a lot of Taiwan fans hope you can come here. Today when you are here, do you have anything to report to your Taiwan fans, in future our Taiwan fans has chance to see in Taiwan, something different from other places, a different Kim HyunJoong performance.
HJL: Oh! Once I started to talk, it started to thunder.
HJL: This time there are some activities so I am here to meet everybody. This year end or beginning of next year, there will be a concert, by then, hope everybody will definitely come to support. (Actually leader say something like hope everybody keep in anticipation)
Ken: Yeah! At last I helped you ask about this, that is in this year, Kim HyunJoong might come to Taiwan to hold his concert!
Ken: This kind of situation must have not seen quite often.
HJL: It is raining now, everybody is under the rain, must be very uncomfortable getting wet. Really thankful that everybody has waited for me so patiently. I will use my most sincere heart for this activity. Thank you everybody.
Ken: Ok. So we will immediately start today's activity and before the activity, there are a lot of media/press waiting to take photo

Posing for photograph by new media

Hi-5 Event

While they were arranging the table and chair for HyunJoong, HyunJoong stopped them and told them that they can start immediately. The originally Hi-5 also changed into hand shake.

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